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Waht do we want/wish for Tesla in 2017?

Discussion in 'Tesla, Inc.' started by Sunlight, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight Member

    May 7, 2014
    South Africa
    As an EV follower; (small) investor in Tesla and an almost daily lurker on this forum for nearly 4 years I have been through the 'agony and ecstasy' during this time. From DU failures/replacements; late X release; AP arguments; crashes and fires; FWD dramas; QA issues and so on.

    Some of these problems have been financially driven; some by an 'immature' company; lots by hubris etc. 2015/16 seemed bumpier than expected (or desire) and it takes nerve to stay a positive supporter! Sadly I even see die-hard Koolaid drinkers wavering - although I feel lots of the gripes verge on petulant....

    Anyway 2017 has the potential to be 'fantastic' and a Tesla tipping point (if things go smoothly) - here is a short list of things I'd like to be fixed or sorted out:-

    FWDs - so that the complaints evaporate (like the DU issues seem to have)

    Smooth and amazing roll-out of AP2 - without any crises to derail it

    Vast QA improvements, especially for the M3 - so that the cars leaving the factory need minimal follow-up by the SCs

    Increased SCs (or improved QA...!) so that the waits and delays drop to an acceptable level

    Improved quality perception of the cars (helped by the Volvo/Audi recruits)

    And, of course, a timely and smooth roll-out of the M3 before year end

    Resolution of the 'Limited Launch Control' uses permitted issue as this matter seems so 'corrosive' to Tesla even if only a few vociferous owners are actually affected.

    What other (on-going?) Tesla issues are bugging you and need sorting out during 2017?

    (Typical - the one typo I see is in the title and can't be changed - damn...)
  2. haleakala

    haleakala Member

    Oct 14, 2016
    I imagine the biggest thing will be creating a bundle of Tesla Motors + Tesla Energy (nee SolarCity) that proves that the cost of BEV transportation is lower than ICE or HEV/PHEV. Right now with CA electric rates (PG&E) and pretty low gasoline cost, and the push by Tesla to "charge at home, not at Superchargers" - it costs more to fuel the BEV than the PHEV.

    Solar only has about 5% residential penetration in CA so there is opportunity there to sell a solar system along with the car for nearly all buyers.

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