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Warranty or wear & tear? Sway bar and control arm bushings

Brought our X in for service and was told that the suspension noise is due to worn out bushings in the control arm and sway bar. They say this is a wear and tear item and was told would not be covered under warranty.

Is this right? In my decades of driving various sedans and other large SUVs, some for over 100k miles, this is the very first I’ve had a bushing go bad (and we’re only at about 30k miles).

Any advice would be appreciated.
Update: the service center called again and said it is just (one) sway bar bushing. Don’t need to replace control arm bushing as was mentioned earlier. But, the cost to replace one sway bar bushing (drivers side) will be $1250 + tax (???)
control arm i would expect to cost more. sway bar bushing seems..expensive. you can try to add some lube to your bushing, I use anti-seize. just work some in a little bit at a time. it won't fix worn bushings, but it can quiet them down.