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2020 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus Front Rattle

We have a 2020 Model X Long Range Plus with 62000 miles. Today, we had a loud rattle to begin while driving. It sounds like some kind of bracket or stabilizer bars that are loose or a suspension issue. Only rattles when we hit small bumps in the road or on gravel driveway. Any advice or anyone to experience this? I am new to the forum. We like our car when it works properly. Just have never owned a car we had to take in this many times in the past two years.

We have had this car in SC 8 times.
First for shudder noise from front drivetrain, they replaced with new components.
Second time for noise from control arms in front. They replaced them.
Third time for steering controls making squeaking sound and was replaced with a whole new steering assembly.
Fourth time for uneven tire wear in back and was told I had to keep car in standard height mode to prevent this. I was also told to keep car in low mode to prevent wear on drive shafts I just replaced at 20,000. I learned of intuitive camber arms and had them installed on the back of the car at a local non Tesla service center, tires have worn evenly for the last 15,000 miles and 2/3 of the tread is still good.
Fifth time for rattle under driver seat. A component for the safety restraint system was loose and corrected.
Sixth time for rattle of from the front door speaker cover grills
Seventh time for clicking sound while driving slowly and turning either direction. Still not resolved.
Eighth time for back seats coming apart on the back when folded down.
I have not included the SC visits for alignment of tires.

Ben Owen III
Seagrove, NC
Thanks for asking web crawler. We had to tow the car to Tesla and the sway bar had bolts sheered out for some reason. I drive the car normal and have not taken it off road or drive aggressively. They also had to replace the front drive shafts as they were the source of noise when turning left or right at slow speed. $2200 to repair. I have never heard of any car having drive shafts replaced and this often. The replaced set lasted 40,000 miles. We keep the car in low suspension mode and have the n2itive camber arms installed to keep the tires level. My only major compliant about a model x. Hope someone can create a drive shaft that will last longer!
My 2017 P100D with all options had a similar issue, covered by extended warranty. Thousands of dollars of issues covered by warranty. Suspension and ball joints and bushings and more that all required attention

Rattles=abnormal=requires service

Now drives like a brand new unit.

I also have 60,000 miles. I had 22” but 20,000 miles ago I changed to T-Sportline 19”. Handling is less crisp but potholes and such are much better tolerated, and mileage is better by 10-15%. In 20,000 miles I’ll probably go to Runflats but lose some mileage.

I’m considering looking for spare front and rear P100D motors so as to keep spares.
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