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Water ingress from passenger footwell

Build Oct 2021, MYLR - 7 seat. I have the same issue. First time in they said they noticed a seal that was not seated correctly. This did not solve the issue. They did a water test while car was stationary and had no leak. My issue has always been under moderate to full acceleration after snow and or rain. Seemed worse after snow and defrost and having snow melt more. Seems to be coming from HVAC system (in or around) or through the firewall as it seems to only come out passenger side foot-well under glove box. I have video showing the leaking happening. I also pulled the cowl under hood and took video on a day it was raining right after I recorded some video of it leaking. Being around cars for 25 years and working on them myself some my guest guess is a drain hose or hole is plugged, not properly opened or a seal is not seated properly to prevent overflow during acceleration into the cabin.

Side note: I also have a water issue under the rear hatch where water passes either over the seal or through it somehow and have standing water after rain or snow melt in the inside of the seal and the two notches where the hatch rubber stops meet the plastic well. This seams to be a rear hatch seal issue or it created a gap at the seal when they fixed panel gap on the hatch after arrival. Both issues speak to build quality and possibly the quality of materials used. Funny enough i noticed salt build-up here during winter and the SA told me to wipe my seals for a better fit....I laughed, and he was serious. In all my life I've never wiped a seal for proper fitment to prevent water from crossing a seal on the many vehicles I've owned to this point. Either way, technician training could be why some of these issues are not figured out sooner.

TL:DR - same issue. I have video of it happening. Have a second visit scheduled next week. Any fix known yet?

I have the same water went pass the seal at the tail hatch issue too. Pretty badly built vehicle.

Hoping someone in here have a more reliable fix to those leaky problems.
+1 scheduled Tesla Service:
During rainy weather water dripps all over front passenger foot location while accelerating!!!

Vent makes squicky noise on kick downs, kind a scares you while accelerating. This noise can start on for a hour, than can disappear for a week after some car movements.

I’m very worried for my Dec 2023 MYLR
That water in that area will cause a bigger problems in a long run