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what happened? ABPR Blog - Supercharging Updates - silence since 2019

ABRP used to have an awesome series on different Tesla Battery Pack charging curves, last update 2019, posted on their Blog.

The Blog is dead and therefor no more Supercharging updates as well,
- any ideas as to why?
- and anyone know a site that does those charge curve comparissons over time to spot changes?

My guess is that it's because they grew from what was basically a Tesla-centric app to a generalized EV app that included use for many EV makes/models. And it went from a small hobby project to a paying service. As a result their focus has broadened and shifted and they are spending their time on other things. But if you want a real answer, you should ask on their forum: A Better Route Planner
It was indeed great to get actual, real world charging curves, although they would sometimes be affected by things like temperature. Instead of this, Tesla should publish their target charging profiles. I sincerely don't understand why they don't. I know they can change them at will with software updates... but if they publish them, they can update their online published graphics at the same time.