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What triggers a Sentry Mode event?

Is there a list of exactly what triggers a Sentry Mode event (pop-up on the display when you get back in the car) and causes the video to be saved? I’ve found that pulling the door handle without a key causes it but am not sure what else would cause it. Will it pop up and save the video if some body just gets close to any of the cameras? I’m wondering if I need to inspect the car to look for dings or scratches so I know to manually save the video or if it would catch it anytime somebody even gets close.
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Here's my list: everything.

But I think mostly it's people walking by. If I park in a busy lot and go shopping, I may come back to 38 Sentry events. A glance around shows folks moving between all the parked cars on their way to and from the store. Those will set it off.

Rather than examining 8000 videos, I instead look at the car to see whether there's any damage, and thus a reason to invest the time.