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Which M3 shape would you buy when it is released?

Which M3 shape would you buy when it is released?

  • Liftback sedan (MS style)

    Votes: 82 56.2%
  • Liftback CUV/SUV (MX style) + 3-4" height

    Votes: 24 16.4%
  • Estate wagon (similar to Volvo V40/Audi Avant/etc)

    Votes: 26 17.8%
  • I want something different..!

    Votes: 14 9.6%

  • Total voters
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For 3 cars to be released at the same time, they would have to be different in function, since the drive trains would be pretty much the same.

So you would really need to make 3 very different cars.

A Hatch back and a lift back sedan like the MS might be too similar.

We would need a crossover 7 seater like the MX, a Hatch or lift back like the MS, and maybe a 2 door sports variant like the roadster, all on the Model 3 platform.
ElecFeel - true but the amount of 'antagonism' towards a taller car seems to show that a 'low-line' lift back (sporty BMW-chaser)/a taller sedate and practical vehicle split makes the two poles apart.....different customers.

But it is true that there may only need to be one lift back shape - somewhere between a boxy wagon and an MS styled car. Would that appeal to both camps or alienate both?! I personally like the Volvo V40 shape - a non-square wagon.

I feel that coupes and sports cars (even based on the same chassis) are too costly to develop for the sales potential. Also if you then go for a shorter wheelbase you may reduce battery capacity/range and BEVs don't need that issue now!
But if they all used the same base platform i dont see how it would be extra cost to tesla. What they would be doing is offering buyers customization to get what they want or need.
Thats what the model 3 should be all about, customization. And not just for things like power, range, wheel drive.

If you dont need a 5 seater but want a model 3, just get a 2 door.
Need a compact family hatch? get that.
Need more seats? get the 7 seater. They can design a BMW competitor too.

What they cant do is just offer that and nothing else. For me personally I dont think I would buy a straight sedan. I would end up getting a Leaf 2 if that were the case.
I voted for Wagon, would love a sport wagon similar to the BMW 3 series that we had for years. Currently own a BMW 335D, couldn't pass up the diesel engine but the ultimate ICE would be the 335D in the 3 series wagon which they don't offer for who knows what reason. I'm assuming it will be a sedan and/or CUV since those will sell in the numbers Tesla needs. I don't mind the Evoke size CUV, give me 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and 280 mile range and i'll buy one of each. I will pass if it's a city car like our current i3 or a leaf, no thanks. The i3 is miserable to drive at anything above 40 mph.
Hmmm - so far an interesting observation - the wagon option trumps the SUV option....

As the wagon could be so easily adapted from the standard liftback with minimal bodywork changes and most of the interior etc remaining the same (which would not be the case for a SUV where nearly all the bodywork and lots of the interior needs revising), maybe Tesla should roll out the sedan and wagon options initially and then bring out the SUV as and when the pent up demand justifies it.

Or would this NOT work in the US of A where wagons seem to have a 'bad image'? of course, on the contrary, it would help sales in Europe and broaden the appeal in an important market....