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Why no one pedal driving? - regen stops at 8mph!

One real surprise I had when first driving my 2019 100D is there's not even an option for one pedal driving (regen bringing the car to a complete stop). The regen is just about strong enough when decellerating from moderate speed, but it seems to cut out at 8mph, whereupon the car appears to coast, with brake application needed to bring it to a stop. Why???? - why can't the regen continue and bring the car to a stop, like all good EVs (heck, even the Nissan Leaf does this, and it's a *terrible* ev!). has anyone had an explanation from Tesla as to why this glaring omission?
They want you to step up to a refresh model 2022 or 2023.

You know you do have HOLD on the 2019 but you have to push the brake pedal to have it HOLD after it stops.

I guess things like going to the moon and Mars got in the way when they were coding that and they never got back to it.

BTW the new firmware upgrade on the X from 2 nights ago was fantastic. It provided some sought after findings of the left scroll wheel as well as FSD Beta for HW4. I thought Enhanced Auto Pilot was great on my 2019 MX but this is leaps ahead in smooth subscription on the highways. Smith Lane changes, smart land changes for exit ramps. Over all GREAT on the highway. Local streets not so hot. More work needed.

If your thinking on upgrading wait for end of quarter promotions or step up to a gently used X from 2022 or we 2023.
Induction motor vs permanent magnet motor.

Leaf has a permanent motor and the Ariya has induction motors. So the Ariya actually doesn’t have one pedal driving either.
The car stops just fine by itself when on autopilot and always has, motor type independent. It wouldn't be hard to have the same friction brake blend available as an option for cars so the behavior is the same as the newer cars. There's no logical mechanical or software reason this can't happen or the cars wouldn't be able to bring themselves to a full stop when Autopilot is enabled, which they do all of the time. The simplest explanation is noted above: Tesla wants you to spend more money.