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Wrong speed limit in FSD/Navigation

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I communte to work on Interstate freeways. The speed limits are 65 MPH. However, my Tesla Model Y shows a limit of 55 MPH in several sections of the freeways. I watch carefully, and I don't find any sign of 55 MPH. I think it's from the map data. However, how come it's so wrong. About 40% of th distance I travel shows a wrong speed limit.

I try to give this feed back to Tesla on its App. However, I can not find such an option on the App.
Other people have reported incorrect speed limits in recent updates. Unfortunately, Tesla doesn’t really provide any mechanism to provide feedback, other than calling Support on the phone, which frankly would be a waste of your time in this case. Just wait for Tesla to fix the issue in a future update.
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Almost got a ticket for this. CHP doesn’t care up to 80mph but 85 sure will get you a ticket. That’s 405N in California. Probably looking at 65MPH.
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I have similar speed limit issues (my cars report incorrect speed limits on nearly all county highway roads in Minnesota). Tesla has made it next to impossible to resolve or report these speed limit issues. Due to this issue, I have given up on FSD and I now solely use AP and revert to TACC when on a road with incorrect speed limits.
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