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    MCU replaced 1 month ago; replacement now dead

    Thanks for the tip, GSP. I'll see if I can talk them into the new fix.
  2. CAF

    MCU replaced 1 month ago; replacement now dead

    MCU went out in our 5-17 build Model S and was replaced at our Tesla service center about a month ago with a "reconditioned" unit. Almost immediately had problems with increasing random reboots, then MCU failed much as before, less than a month later. So again, no center screen, no turn...
  3. CAF

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    Haven't driven yet, but I hope to soon. I have a long Porsche history, on the road and on the track, and currently have a 911 Targa as well as my Model S (and a Cayenne too, but that still doesn't count much with Porsche purists). I don't doubt that the driving experience will be superb...
  4. CAF

    Range creeping up while plugged in and not charging.

    I also had a problem with my car charging to 100% and I noticed it on the app after I left town for a 10 day vacation. Fortunately, I happened to see what happened early in the week, though I was confused as to how it occurred. Ran the HVAC for numerous 4 hour intervals to get the charge level...
  5. CAF

    "Unable to Charge" Errors Appearing Mysteriously. Is Software to Blame?

    Pretty bas Pretty basic, but have you thoroughly cleaned all the contact points on the car and the connector with q tips and isopropyl alcohol? I've had similar issues if contacts are dirty.
  6. CAF

    Model 3's Reluctance Motor to appear in the Model S?

    Induction motors are probably more robust long term. Cooling is very important for the magnets in the reluctance motors. If the magnets get too hot, they're toast.
  7. CAF

    wifi connection issues

    I always struggled to get decent wifi in our garage. Our house is on three levels and spread out on an "L" with the garage on the far end of the "L" from the cable modem, which was in the basement. I've been contemplating doing one of the new mesh systems, pioneered by Eero and others...
  8. CAF

    Blog Falcon Heavy Launch a Success, Musk’s Roadster Sent Into Orbit

    Ceramic paint coating. One thin layer of the stuff protects against solar radiation, meteorites, almost everything, and lasts for years, even in space.;)
  9. CAF

    Supercharger - Fishers, IN

    Thanks for the updates. This location does have excellent access to nearby restaurants, as well as one of the few coffee shops on the northside of Indianapolis that this coffee snob finds acceptable: The Well Coffeehouse.
  10. CAF

    Change from alcantara to cloth on PUP???

    The picture I took was AFTER wiping it off. I guess if it was a dark color it might not show. Regardless, despite what the marketing people would have you believe, alcantara is NOT a premium product in my book; it's just one of many synthetics out there.
  11. CAF

    Change from alcantara to cloth on PUP???

    I've always thought alcantara was overrated. It's basically a synthetic cloth engineered to sort of resemble suede. It is NOT easier to clean than most other materials; especially in lighter colors it's harder to clean. I put this on electec also, but coincidentally I've noticed that the...
  12. CAF

    Model 3 Delivery - Trading Current Car In

    At least in the past (May of 2017 for me), Tesla would match a bonafide CarMax quote. So get Tesla's offer before your delivery day, then when you get close (Carmax's offer is only good for limited time--a week or two, as I recall) get a Carmax offer. Email your Tesla owner advisor and see...
  13. CAF

    2017.50.3.f3425a1 is out!

    Opposite experience for me. I've never find ANY manufacturer's rain sensing wipers to work to my satisfaction, including our previous A6 and A5 which we got rid of when we got the Model S. Though I'd often start in rain sensing mode, I would usually end up manually adjusting wiper speed based...
  14. CAF

    Might be contentious, but I think I prefer the coils to air...

    I agree with The Duke: the ride height is probably the most important advantage to the air suspension for many people. Fortunately not an issue for me so I probably discount its importance. My car is a May 2017 delivery S75D with coils. I'm currently in a 2017 S100D loaner, and also had a...
  15. CAF

    Might be contentious, but I think I prefer the coils to air...

    If the coils were an option I'd pay extra for them over the air suspension. Maybe it was the very cold temps last night, but our 100D loaner ride was pretty bad. Very jittery and in my view completely inferior to the coils. The air suspension is also more complex and prone to failure (all...

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