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  1. Fair Verona

    New notice on screen

    Today when I jumped in my car there was a fairly long notice on the screen but I accidentally closed it before I read it and I have no idea what it said. Can anyone fill me in on what it was? It wasn’t the software updates notice.
  2. Fair Verona

    Charge port cover not flush?

    Back in May I was asked to schedule a mobile service appointment for hood latch inspection as apparently they needed to check something. At the appointment I think I recall he also did something with my charge port but it was a while ago so I could be wrong. Washing my car the other day I only...
  3. Fair Verona

    Got Model 3 (SR+) Towed, would there be any damage?

    Did no one here actually read this? Multiple times, it states that the car should not be towed with any wheels on the ground. Specifically, it states in big bold caps letters: Warning: TOWING MODEL 3 WITH THE TIRES CONTACTING THE GROUND CAN CAUSE OVERHEATING AND DAMAGE TO THE REAR MOTOR. If...
  4. Fair Verona

    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    I have a LR RWD and also got this email. Unless you were one of the ones that got it as a perk, I think it is going to apply to all configurations. I got my car September 2018 so I've gotten well over 12 months of free Premium Connectivity. Been waiting for them to figure this out and knew it...
  5. Fair Verona

    Anyone tint the windshield 50%?

    Yes and I don't regret it.
  6. Fair Verona

    AP lane change confusion

    It might help if you elaborated. Does this happen all the time or only sometimes? Does it happen only on one particular area or road or on all roads? Are you trying to do this on freeways or on smaller streets?
  7. Fair Verona

    Autopilot understeer/oversteer

    Yes I actually tested the same bit of freeway on AP at 60 and it stays in the lane much better. It leads me to believe that it doesn't compensate for the extra centrifugal (?) force at higher speeds. It didn't appear that not being able to see far enough ahead was an issue, it was identifying...
  8. Fair Verona

    Autopilot understeer/oversteer

    I'll have to look next time whether it does this more when it's approaching a curve where visibility of the road up ahead is limited. However, I feel like its a compromise in safety to hug an outside line just to possibly improve visibility. It also wouldn't explain why it overcorrects when...
  9. Fair Verona

    Autopilot understeer/oversteer

    Has anyone else noticed their 3 understeering then over-correcting on sharper freeway turns at higher speeds? On certain parts of the 101 freeway in Los Angeles, the curves in the road are fairly windy (for lack of better word). If I have autopilot on with speed set at 70, I find that my Model...
  10. Fair Verona

    Is the model 3 too common now?

    I'm in LA and yes, they're pretty common in some areas. I got mine last year before they became too common so had the novelty of feeling 'special' for a little while. Now, I don't let it worry me. I have a wrap and window tint which makes it feel a little unique and at the end of the day, I love...
  11. Fair Verona

    Cut throat safety belt

    I'm 5'2 and have no issues. As the above poster suggested, raising the seat might help, which I have done anyway, so I have better visibility.
  12. Fair Verona

    Autopilot $3000 :(

    I think they mean on their current account for a car already purchased without AP and FSD. Not a new purchase.
  13. Fair Verona

    Anyone get a receipt of order/purchase for AP or FSD upgrade from last month's sale?

    No, I got both AP and FSD and got no 'receipt' sent, but I have it in my car so it doesn't really bother me.
  14. Fair Verona

    Tired of having the goal post changed. BS

    LR RWD can still be ordered off menu. Please read this: An Update to Our Vehicle Lineup
  15. Fair Verona

    Steering wheel lock while in park

    I've notice sometimes in Park, the steering wheel moves freely, and other times, it's really hard to move (locked). I couldn't work out why it would do it sometimes and not other times. The only reason I noticed was because I was trying to play Pole Position with the steering wheel and sometimes...

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