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  1. VBruce

    Supercharger - Menlo Park, CA (LIVE 21 Nov 2019, 18 urban stalls)

    Went by earlier today ( Wed. Aug. 20 ). Transformer is in as Dag has pointed out. Still not charging.
  2. VBruce

    Sentry Keeper- free Windows software to manage your Sentry videos

    Thanks! Will give it a try and review.
  3. VBruce

    Model 3 Software Updates

    Have RWD TM3 received in mid February, VIN 1044 all opts but FSD. On SW release 36.2. Still eagerly awaiting V9.
  4. VBruce

    Your thoughts on Screen Protectors

    I have the Abstract Ocean screen protector too. The matte version reduces glare and it works flawlessly. I was worried about scratching the screen, but it is the reduction of fingerprints that I really like. Well worth the cost. I’ve had it since late February. I suspect that you will find...
  5. VBruce

    Software update - 2018.26.1

    Got notification about 11AM of software update. Went out to car and started it up from the announcement screen. 50 minutes later update completed. It was 26-1. Signed on to home WIFI. Scanned screeens for previously reported features. Turned on lock sound. Summon there but not tried yet...
  6. VBruce

    Supercharger - Wheatland, WY

    Stayed here overnight and charged up for trip to Independence Rock. Came in from Scottsbluff, following old Oregon Trail for as much as possible, charging stations permitting. Hotel modern, clean and comfortable. Ate at Windy Peak Brewary and Grill in downtown Wheatland. Food was excellent...
  7. VBruce

    Supercharger - Wheatland, WY

    Thanks coloradochris, Planning a trip up that way in a couple of weeks and wheatland definitely makes trip easier!
  8. VBruce

    Supercharger - Wheatland, WY

    I too am hoping Bighorn is right. Plan on being in Wheatland, hoping not to have to detour up to Lusk to charge.
  9. VBruce

    Supercharger - Wheatland, WY

    Does the tesla cohort muster at the Custer cluster?
  10. VBruce

    Owners - Thoughts on the design of the screen?

    I’ve had my TM3 for just over 2 months now. Screen placement has become natural. Expansive forward view really adds to perception of control. Looking forward to continued refinement of UI; especially moving Turn by turn Nav instructions closer to Driver or increase font size for better reading.
  11. VBruce

    First impressions in wet conditions

    I drove from the SF Bay Area to the Medford Oregon area under very rainy conditions. My TM3 performed exceedingly well under hammering rain and the occasional snowy conditions ( over Mt. Ashland and near Mt. Shasta). I never felt remote concern about tracking or steering. Both TACC and AP...
  12. VBruce

    San Francisco-Bay Area Tesla Meet Up in San Francisco

    I’d be interested to depending on date. First reasonably long drive in my new M3 was from Menlo Park down to Monterey. We went over 17 to Monterey on the way down and then back up 1 to San Gregorio then over the hill via La Honda to home. It was a blast to get experience with the handling of...
  13. VBruce

    Charging restarts early after scheduled charging finishes

    Robert774, Given your experience, I plugged in the TM3 at 11 PM. And left it plugged in. I got only one “charging completed” message during the night and at about 8 AM I used my cell phones Tesla app to check on the charge. The Tesla app said “Waking up car” and after a short wait reported the...
  14. VBruce

    Charging restarts early after scheduled charging finishes

    Thanks for your comment. I wish I had some good advice but I’m waiting for answers too.
  15. VBruce

    Charging restarts early after scheduled charging finishes

    I too have the intermittent charging problem on my M3. I ltook advantage of the local power company time tiered rates between 11:00 PM and 6 AM and set the TM3 to start charging at 11:30 PM. It worked fine from delivery on Valentines day up until I took it on its first trip up to Oregon and...