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12 volt battery

  1. L

    12V battery

    I am seeing different dimensions for AGM 12V battery replacements.. I'l like to know what dimensions of AGM ( only ) batteries people are using for their Model X. and... Does the battery fit nicely, or, is one dimension too much and could be reduced a little.
  2. mbp11

    My New Hobby- Resuscitating Discharged and Dead Teslas!

    I have recently found that I have a new hobby- showing local Tesla owners how to resuscitate their dead Teslas if they let the main battery (and subsequent 12 volt battery) discharge completely. Have helped several people on the Tesla Forum and even one of my associates who thought he could...
  3. H

    Model 3 12v Battery issues, monitoring, Aftermarket replacement

    I didn’t see this service bulletin. Took my car to service at Tesla Dedham Ma. They replaced my 12 volt battery at 1700 miles on my 3. I’m curious as to what the issue was with the original battery. They didn’t replace it with a lithium ion battery. I was hoping. Anyone else seen this. Thanks.
  4. PRLM3

    12 Volt battery Issues - Varied, Urgent

    Surprised at how little info on 12V battery there is out there - so sharing my recent experience. Just another day until went out to the M3 (12/18 delivery) and heard loud noise from frunk, didn't think much about as have heard similar when charging, but on entry to the car the windows barely...
  5. D

    eMMC issue? Only the eMMC or more? And can 12volt battery cause issues?

    Hi all, first, I apologize if I failed to search existing threads and find all this info already. I did go pretty deep in the eMMC wiki sticky, which was very helpful. But it didn’t answer all my questions. I have a 2013 Model S 60kwh with about 54,000 miles on it. I did not have the eMMC...
  6. E

    MCU/FSD Upgrade, 12V Battery Dying Repeatedly in 2017 Model X

    I've been scanning Google generally and TMC in particular to see whether or not I'm the only one encountering this issue. I had my MCU (AP 2.0) upgraded when I brought my MX in for the FSD computer upgrade in the middle of June. Everything went fine, my settings were even largely preserved...
  7. Seth2020

    Here’s a view of your model 3 you don’t see everyday

    Frunkless:) snapped this during HomeLink install 20200324_191143276_iOS by Seth2020 posted Apr 3, 2020 at 9:17 AM
  8. H

    12V battery issue, service wants to replace DC-DC converter

    2013 Model S 60 So yesterday I got into the car and saw a 12V battery low warning and thought, ok I am going to have to call service and schedule an appointment to replace the 12V battery after I get to work..... But turns out the battery is too discharged to even get the car moving. The main...
  9. T

    12 Volt Battery - what does cutting power from it do?

    I'm trying to understand something about how power flows through Teslas: In the accident I recently had, the firefighters cut the 12V battery cable as per instructions. Although power to the console and Instrument Panel was gone, we were still able to activate the doors and the trunk. Some hours...
  10. Matias

    Does Tesla change 12V batteries in annual service?

    Does Tesla change 12V batteries in annual service or only before imminent failure? Does car give you warning about imminent failure?
  11. xkwizit

    12v Battery Needs Service

    Just past 9months and 13.5k miles, I guess a combination of cold weather, seat warmers, steering warmer, short trips, dash cam and the mifi was enough to kill the 12v battery :confused::eek:
  12. Mknac

    Auto-open doesn't work after 1 week

    Ok so the auto open stopped working after 1 week. I have to either use the fob or touch the door handles. What gives? Can the 12 volt batter really be that depleted after 1 week with a new car? I've tried using both fobs - holding them by the the key ring next to the door handle, door and...
  13. navguy12

    Vampire drains, 12 volt batteries, parking over 14 days....

    Newbie here. Based on some things I've read about the Model S, some questions for discussion: I've read that a number of Model S owners are going thru 12 volt batteries once a year. Not sure why, but one assumes that there is an issue with the existing architecture of the battery bus system...
  14. C

    12volt battery terminals on a 90D

    I was able to locate the negative terminal (I believe) inside the nose cone, but did not see the positive terminal. I haven;t opened the plastic panel inside the frunk.. Any suggestions?
  15. Blathering1

    12 Volt Battery Failure

    About 5 weeks into the cars life, I experienced the '12 volt battery too low to start your vehicle'. Routine, around town driving. Charged the night prior. I thought we were past the 12 volt battery challenges on relatively new batteries. Are folks still seeing this issue pop up? I haven't had...