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  1. MarkS22

    8.0 Firmware (2.40.21) Just Downgraded To 7.1 (2.36.31)

    So, today, the car was in the Service Center. While there, they upgraded it to 8.0 (2.40.21) from 8.0 (2.36.108). Earlier tonight, I got a notification that an upgrade was available. So, I set it to upgrade... ...and now it's on 7.1 (2.36.31)! Has anyone heard of anything like this happening...
  2. Y

    Autopilot 7.0 or 7.1

    I am still on 7.0 because it just feels so good and powerful not having to put your hands on the wheel while driving! I am willing to bet a whole dollar that if Elon is on 7.1 he must have a hacked version that does not nag him because Elon wants hands-free autopilot and that is the only...
  3. MarkS22

    Video: New Summon Features 7.1 (2.12.22) In Action

    Hi all, I just added a video demoing the new Summon Features in 7.1 (2.12.22). My favorite new feature is the ability to double-click the park button and simply get out of the car to automatically park the car in your garage. No keyfob or app required. I also demonstrate how you can adjust the...
  4. benjiejr

    Autopilot 7.1

    Some improvements of autopilot 7.1 as seen via three cameras: view of dash, view behind driver, and view through the windshield
  5. J

    Summon in and out of garage on an angle with 7.1

    Proof it works: https://youtu.be/tHpTkEsVN70 Sent same link to Tesla for them to see. Just be sure car is aligned to the same angle in the driveway that you want it in the garage. Just as if you were parking it manually.
  6. tanner

    v7.1 Feature MISSING?!

    Okay, so v7.1 adds homelink auto open/close for all Model S cars, right? Well, Tesla also updated their iOS app on the 10th and it states "use the app to... open/close a homelink-controlled garage door (for U.S. vehicles only)" as being one of the changes. I simply can't figure out how to...
  7. R

    Version 7.1 AP Hand on Wheel Sensing

    I started a new thread specifically about the AP's sensing of hands on the wheel since there's starting to be some FUD thrown. Before this devolves into a total flame war, I decided to do some actual testing and now I think I know what's happening. My experiment was to drive on a 3 lane...
  8. Miousic

    7.1 no summon and no spotify

    Received 7.1 this morning but no summon feature nor Spotify, I live in Canada, maybe there is something about the laws here that can explain this. Tesla should always take some times to explain those situations to us.
  9. E

    Tesla has built the real life K.I.T.T - 7.1 Summons - Knight Rider Style

    Great video showing Tesla Model S as the real life KITT using the 7.1 Summoning release/update: David Hasselhoff would be happy!
  10. MarkS22

    7.1 Perpendicular Parking Video and Comments

    All, I saw some people wanted to see 7.1's Perpendicular Parking in action, so I made a video: Tesla Model S P85D 7.1 Perpendicular Parking Demo - YouTube It works pretty well and it's very similar to the parallel parking function. It works most of the time, but it does take longer than I...
  11. S

    Elon Requesting 7.1 Suggestions

    Elon Musk on Twitter: So this bothers me for several reasons. The first, is that it's nonchalant, as if they can just whip out really good enhancements with no prep time. When history has show that Tesla is virtually unable to do anything meaningful software-wise, quickly. The second, is that...