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ac charging

  1. W

    Loss of Supercharging capabilities

    Just wanted to let everyone know that it is possible to lose DC charging capabilities and still have AC charging. This happened on a holiday this year ... DC stopped charging ... but when we tried AC we were able to charge. Of course it took a few hours and stops to figure it out and try the AC...
  2. T

    AC charging issues, always limit 16A

    Hello Everyone, I have one TESLA Model3 RWA, and I got the AC charging issue which the charge current always limit to 16A while the warning message "(PCS_a090) Charging slowed - Some AC phases not powered Check power source and charging equipment" alway pop out , I was try to use different...
  3. R

    Model Y Power Conversion System (PCS) failure from start

    I’ve seen other posts on this subject, but my experience is a little different. Because I plug my car in at home and walk away, I hadn’t noticed that it was charging at only 32 amps on my 60 amp wall connector. I happened to be sitting in my car when I finally saw the error message indicating...
  4. yessuz

    CP_a151 - AC Converter fail and my experience with Service (Possible life hack?)

    So here's the story. Maybe to much, but maybe it will be useful for some. TLDR: CP_a151 error even shows that AC charging is not possible - UMC still works! It also makes car off-road - meaning that tesla deems it cannot be used... In such case call for roadside assistance and deem car off...
  5. rjcampeau

    Model S60 AC Intermittent and Making Noise

    Last summer during a really hot day (40+C), my AC just stopped working, which was quite scary because we had to get our 5 week old baby home asap before the car got too hot. According to the teslafi log, it got up to 36C inside. Later that day I hopped in my car and it worked just fine and we...
  6. CeSinge

    Model S charging to 16 or 32 KVA in AC?

    Hello all, I'm moving to Portugal, to an appartment building that is being finalized. I'm told by the electrician of the building that they can easily provide 16KVA in my garage box there, or 32KVA if pulling a wire (current wire is 6mm2). This is single phase 240V - 3 phase is not allowed in...
  7. refjamie

    [UMC] Handle Temperature High error

    Woke up this morning to a half-charged car and a 'Handle Temperature High' warning and the charge rate restricted to 5amp. There is no debris in the charge port, but looks like one of the pins is damaged. I've scheduled the earliest service I could, but that's not until 28th Jan. As I'm...
  8. emir-t

    Model 3 On-board AC Charger, do you mind?

    I think the answer for this will vary largely depending on where it's coming from hence the options. (EU vs US) I'm one to believe that a car's on-board AC charger makes a lot of difference. It doesn't matter if long distance driving is DC fast charging (it is), AC charging makes a big...