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    Vendor Lasfit Windshield Snow Cover Winners Revealed!

    Hi Tesla enthusiasts, Thank you all for your interest and participation in Lasfit's new windshield snow cover activity! Based on the timing and active engagement, we're excited to announce the following winners: TesLEEZ WhyElAre PH-y rolling green CapsEngineer SpoonMXP TesLEEZ Congratulations...
  2. tmatsusa

    Vendor Hi! Nice to meet you! We're TeslaMatsUSA!

    Hello, My name is Fii and we are TeslaMatsUSA! A little bit about me, I'm originally from Washington, DC but have relocated down south. I work in healthcare and love all things Tesla! We just launched a few weeks ago and are excited to be a helpful resource for all your Model 3 and Model Y...
  3. Tesery

    Vendor Best 5 Ways to Transform Your Teslas Interior

    If you’ve been on the road lately, you probably notice there are now more teslas than ever seen regularly, particularly the model 3 and Y. With tesla only offering 5 paint choices and 2 interior color options, it's hard to stand out from the crowd. Well in this two-part series, we going to...
  4. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS Prime Day Deal

    Hey folks We're doing 15% off during Prime Day (today & tomorrow). Use code PRIMEDAY during checkout. You can browse all of our original Model Y accessories here: https://twraps.com/collections/tesla-model-y Here are the most popular ones: Tempered Glass Screen Protectors...
  5. andrewsjra

    Like New Jeda Products for Sale

    I’m selling 2 Jeda Model 3 USB hubs. I have the 1st and 2nd generation hubs with the dual USB A connectors. The 2nd gen one was literally used for a couple days. The 1st gen was used for about a year. I also have the Jeda SSD and the charging tray that were also used for just 2 days. I had these...
  6. 19 20 Wheel Brake Caliper Cover Suitable For Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 (6).jpg

    19 20 Wheel Brake Caliper Cover Suitable For Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 (6).jpg

    Tesla Model Y Caliper Covers are a great choice if you want to protect your tire calipers from rust or just want to upgrade your Tesla exterior . They’re easy to install and you’ll love the high-quality material. Tesery caliper covers will increase the luxury sense.
  7. Tesla Model 3  Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit  (2).jpg

    Tesla Model 3 Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit (2).jpg

    Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, but finding it hard to see or reach the right side of the center screen? Do you wish you could rotate the screen so the passengers can easily navigate or watch movies while charging?
  8. Bomely

    Vendor Black Friday - Up to 20% Off - Best Deal

    🎈Black Friday 🎈 *Up to 20% Off* Bomely & Kingna Happy Shopping!!!
  9. R

    Would you buy this?

    Hey all! First off, thanks for taking a minute to click and read on :) I designed and made a sample of this Tesla desk featuring the “Tesla Masterplan” && wanted some feedback and/or nods if you’d buy it (before I put them into mass production) Thank you ❤️
  10. V

    Model 3/Y Console Accessory Trays Stock

    These have been out of stock for some time now. Any idea when these will be back? If ever? https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/model-3_y-console-accessory-trays
  11. TEMAI

    Vendor TEMAI Model 3 accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products! [2021]

    It's another year! We are so excited to run another free giveaway to appreciate your support! FREE TEMAI Model 3/Y Dynamic Power Hub giveaway every 20 replies on the thread for TMC members Yes, this year we will do free giveaways for our latest Model 3/Y Dynamic Power Hub. We will pick lucky...
  12. TEMAI

    Vendor TEMAI Model Y accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products!

    It's another year! We are so excited to run another free giveaway to appreciate your support! FREE TEMAI Model 3/Y Dynamic Power Hub giveaway every week the thread for TMC members Yes, this year we will do free giveaways for our latest Model 3/Y Dynamic Power Hub. We will pick lucky winners...
  13. R

    For Sale: Brand new Jeda USE HUB for Model 3 2018-2020 with two USB A Ports

    Hello Everyone, I have (1) Brand new Jeda USB HUB, newest version they carry. I originally purchased two of them, but my wife upgraded her Lexus to a Model Y. This item was never used, comes with the original box and all accessories. Local pick up in Phoenix, AZ will be $65 or shipping out of...
  14. D

    Solutions for Auto Frunk 12V Battery Drain

    Hi everyone - long post but hoping for some guidance on troubleshooting "12v battery needs service" issues I'm experiencing with my auto frunk system. I'm using the Hansshow kit, I believe it's version 2, in a 2018 Model 3D. I've done a ton of research both through Google and this forum but...
  15. R

    2021 accessories confusión

    I’m trying to buy “compartments” for the center console storage areas. I keep ordering things that the description says will fit on the 2021 M3 ... but when they arrive, they don’t fit. Ditto frunk mats. Does anyone know where I can get reliable and accurate accessories for the 2021 revised Model 3?
  16. loanchau2k

    Plastic ABS center console with fiber pattern vs Real Carbon Fiber

    Of course, carbon fiber looks better. But is it worth the cost? like at least 4 times more. The dashboard also is very expensive, $500. Honest input would be very appreciated, thx guys.
  17. loanchau2k

    M3 Center Console vs MY, M3 dashboard vs MY

    Hi, I wonder center console of Model 3 is exactly the same of the center console of MY. Same for dashboard, are they exactly the same? Does this mean accessories of M3 will fit to MY? Thx
  18. iamec

    FS: Model 3 Accessories

    Selling a few Model 3 accessories as I will be getting a Model Y. I am based in the Seattle area and would prefer pick-up. Although, some items can be shipped. PM me to figure out the logistics and request images of items. Thanks! Tesla Model 3 all-weather front and rear mats Originally paid...
  19. 3


    Eind september loopt mijn lease op zijn einde en zal ik een de Tesla familie vervoegen met een model 3 Omdat ik op verschillende plaatsen kon lezen dat de levering van accessoires wel een tijdje kan duren dus ik wil er graag op tijd aan beginnen zodat alles binnen is tegen dat mijn model 3...
  20. Jomak

    Aftermarket accessories list

    Does anyone have a list of sites for aftermarket M3 parts? Looking for: Body kits Spoilers Interior accessories
  21. D

    Performance pedal covers

    Is there really a difference between 3rd party pedal covers (e.g. Performance Pedal Covers for Tesla Owners) and the official Tesla ones (Model S/X Performance Pedal Set)?
  22. 4DXP

    Tesla Tuning items. (anders dan lampjes en vloermatten)

    Gisteravond heel laat mijn puberdochter af moeten halen in een boerengehucht. Flinke beat erop en met de perfecte verlaagde tuning low stand over verlaten wegen kartend met shuddervrije achtbaanacceleraties heb ik toch weer een week lang een smile op mijn gezicht. Het strakke bochtenwerk was van...
  23. B

    Roadster Carbon Fiber Hardtop with Bag $8500 obo

    Selling In perfect shape, Carbon fiber hardtop with Tesla bag. This was purchased with a Roadster Sport 2.0 with the Carbon package. I am selling a Roadster Sport and wanted to include the hardtop with the sale of the car but I keep feeling like value of of the options are not being...
  24. P

    Recommendation on all-weather mats for Model X?

    Hi all, I just picked up my Model X today! My wife wants me to get some floor mats so that they are easier to clean and the actual carpet is more protected. Any recommendations on what to get? I have the 5-seat configuration. Thanks!
  25. B

    What accessories are people buying?

    Right now I am considering the all weather mats and panoramic roof sunshade. Any recommendations from people on what they found useful and not useful? What about where you bought it? I see Amazon has some off brand alternatives to the weather and the sun shade.
  26. gelden

    Tesla accessoires/diensten in NL/BE

    Het leek me handig om eens een lijstje te maken van bedrijven in Nederland en België die zich bezig houden met verkoop van Tesla gerelateerde producten en diensten (in Nederland en Belgie). Een eerste aanzet van wat me zo te binnen schiet: Bedrijfsnaam URL Forumlid...