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all season tires

  1. M

    In 2023, who's making the best all-weather, all-season tires for the Tesla Model 3?

    Hey all, I am looking to get rid of two sets of 20-inch wheels I have (one with dedicated summer tires and the other with dedicated winter tires) and go all-in on some lightweight 18-inch wheels with all-season, all-weather tires. I know, I know: It'd be best to have separate winter and summer...
  2. C

    Model S Plaid - 19" vs 21" - All Season vs Summer Tires - Ride Quality/Performance/Tire Wear - Thoughts?

    I recently purchased a 2021 Model S Plaid w/3k miles - it has the (OEM) 21" Arachnid wheels w/Michelin P4S Summer tires. What initially started as an unsuccessful search for 21" all-season tires has led me down the path of considering 19" wheels and all-season tires. Option 1: Buy Winter...
  3. N

    Sold FS: SF Bay Area - 18" Aero Wheels + Continental DWS06+ 245/45/18

    For Sale -- Set of 4 18" Tesla Aero wheels (B- condition) -- Set of 4 18" Aero wheel covers (B- to C+ condition) -- Set of 4 Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus: 245/45/18 (Nov 2021 DOT) -- Additional 18" Aero wheel with no tire Tires were used for approximately ~1000 miles. Purchased...
  4. XHokie

    Model S Plaid All Season 19" Tire Options/Questions

    I'll soon be taking delivery of a Model S Plaid and had a question about all-season tires I'm hoping someone can advise/answer... My MS Plaid will have 19" Tempest Wheels w/ summer tires (staggered configuration) 255/45 front and 285/40 in the rear. I want to swap the summer tires out for...
  5. loomis130

    Sold For Sale: 18" Model 3 Aero Rims + All Season Tires + TPMS (Wisconsin, USA)

    In excellent condition! No rim rash or any other cosmetic damage. Taken off of my Feb 2022 LR-AWD Model 3 at 1034 miles. Selling because I bought a set of 19" Gemini wheels instead. Includes: 4x 18" Aero Rims 4x Michelin Primacy All Season Tires (1034 miles, 8/32" tread remaining) 4x TMPS...
  6. N

    Preselling 2022 MYP Uberturbines Boston, MA

    Hi, I’m removing immediately after pickup 21” Tesla Model Y Performance Uberturbine Wheels with Michelin Pilot All Season Tires and TPMS included. Pickup scheduled for 2/19/22. Wheels will have less than 50 miles. Price: $3,000 Located outside of Boston. Prefer local pickup but I will ship...
  7. C

    New Model Y TSportline TST 20" All Season Wheel and Tire Package (Satin Black)

    $3,500 OBO Ordered new tires for my MYP in anticipation they would be delivered with the Pirelli PZeros, but they were delivered with Michelin All Seasons instead. Tires are brand new and still in the packaging they were shipped in. Link to the website with all specs is here. Wheels are TST -...
  8. G

    Sold 20" Charcoal Gray Model X Slipstream Wheels + Michelin All-Season Tires (for Model S Fitment)

    I purchased these wheels/tires in March 2021 as all-season alternatives for my Model S P100D. The tires I bought new and have only about 2k miles on them. The wheels were powder coated by the previous owner with beautiful satin charcoal gray color and are in near perfect condition (one very...
  9. E

    Model Y Performance being delivered with A/S tires not summer tires!

    So I live in Minnesota where we get the occasional snow, ice and other crappy road conditions that summer performance tires don’t really like. I ordered my MYP back in late October and was reminded that they come with summer performance tires. Needless to say I went out and purchased some new...
  10. R

    Y Performance - how to minimize tire costs?

    Which option would be the most economical in the long run (requiring less maintenance, replacement, lower tire cost, etc)? (A) Keep the 21", and get Michelin Pilot Sport AS4 (I save the cost of changing wheels & buying TPMS sensors) (B) Change to 19" for the benefits of square setup, more tire...
  11. C

    Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 Supplemental Warranty

    Hey All! First Post but I think you all should read this! Nokian has a Supplemental Warranty on the eNTYRE 2.0 tires that could get you a free set of tires!! I picked up my Model 3 AWD in late April 2019. I believe the OEM tires were the Michelin Primacy MXM4. They lasted 14,536 miles and...
  12. Leeon

    Vossen HF3 wheels and tire set Model 3 $3000

    Staggered setup of Vossen HF3 Gloss Black 20x9 +32 20x10.5 +45 on Michelin A/S 3+ 245/35F 285/30R They have about 90% tread. Will fit any model 3. Original price $2900 for wheels and $1100 for tires. Total $4k. No curb rash or scratches on wheels. $3000 OBO. Willing to ship. Will include TPMS...
  13. gundarx

    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    These were just installed today to replace the original Pirelli P Zero 4 (ELECT) summer tires. The PZ tires were great and were impressively grippy in the rain, even heavy rain on hard acceleration, until recently when temperatures dropped below 50 degrees when they sometimes feel scary at...
  14. F

    Model 3 AWD with all season tires to Whistler in February

    Have a ski trip coming up next week, would love to drive my model 3 to Whistler from Seattle since it's a long drive and drive model 3 will have much less fatigue. worried about not having winter tires. Should I do it? I do have snow chains. or I should drive my other ICE AWD SUV? thanks.
  15. MrBoylan

    Model 3 Tires for Winter: UHP All-Season vs. Dedicated Winter Tires - Opinions?

    Hey, folks, I was driving my Model 3 Performance (P-) this weekend, hit a black ice patch on a corner (very slowly) and fishtailed out a bit. It was a little unsettling as this is just a hint of what real winter weather will be like. So now I'm on the fence between getting an Ultra High...
  16. Penfold

    All Season Tyres for 19" Model S (sorry)

    Hi All, apologies in advance for yet another tyre thread but I seem to be struggling to find All Season Tyres for the 19" (245/45/19) wheels for the Model S. Found these Goodyear Eagle Touring. Only 234.30 £ but I really want to know what other options are available for All Season as where I...
  17. dhanson865

    The case against the Pilot Sport 4S on 18" rims (retail vs OEM Tesla)

    Regarding tires for the Model 3. People assume the same brand, same style tire behave the same no matter the size. Manufacturers can make widely different products under the same name. They can even make OEM and retail versions or multiple OEM and/or multiple retail versions of the same size...
  18. fallen888

    All-Season Tires for Model S

    What are some of the best rated, highly recommended all-season tires for a Model S with the basic 19" rims? I'm not looking to race, but I'd like quiet tires with good traction which can handle Philly winters. I've searched around and see a lot of content on winter, summer tires, but not...
  19. E

    All Season Wheels & Tyres 19" - used about 20k miles

    Wheels:19X8.5 RIAL LUGANO OE CAP BRIGHT SIL Tires: P245/45R-19 GOODYEAR EAGLE RS-A2 including TPMS good condition, some curb rashes: Pictures New: $ 1,729 Asking: $ 950 OBO
  20. TSportline

    Vendor TMC Famous "Tesla the Hun" at the 2014 SEMA SHOW

    T Sportline teamed up with Yokohama Tire’s 2014 SEMA SHOW track day and brought out one of the world’s most famous Tesla Model S’, “Tesla the Hun.” To complement its already amazing exterior look, The Hun was wearing a set of T Sportline 19×8.5″ TST’s in matte black finish along with the new...