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  1. srs5694

    Blink Tesla compatibility -- vaporware claim?

    I recently noticed a few new Blink Level 2 EVSEs pop up in my area on PlugShare (one actually replaced a ChargePoint station that had been reported as unreliable, but another is so new that the soil around the stations had clearly been recently disturbed by the installation). Previously, I'd...
  2. gnuarm

    Blink Network Website Down

    I'm trying to plan charging for a trip tomorrow and one of the locations we are stopping at has a Blink J1772 connector. It is not clear if I need to pay and/or if I need an account so I tried to reach the Blink web site only to find it down. Anyone know how the Blink network operates? Are...
  3. A

    Avoid Blink Charging Stations

    Immediately below is my reply to Blink's response to my November (!) visit further down. Note there is no empathy, admission, or apology for the experience, let alone the overcharging, to which the agent admits. CEO, cc'd on my reply, has yet to respond. Promoting their own at-home charger...
  4. reddy

    Blink residential chargers downgraded to 24 amps without warning

    I've had a Blink in my garage since March 2011 when my Leaf arrived. Outside of it needing a new SD Card once to boot from, it's been reliable. After we added the Tesla, I didn't mind so much that it could only deliver 30 amps when the MS can handle 40 amps. I was surprised the last 3 -4...
  5. Vger

    Car Charging (Owners of Blink Network) intends to Integrate Tesla Motors Technology

    First concrete dividend from the open-sourcing of Tesla's patents? CarCharging Intends to Integrate Tesla Motors' Electric Vehicle Charging Technology into its Blink Network - Yahoo Finance
  6. P

    New Blink charging stations along PA Turnpike

    Good news for those traveling along the PA Turnpike. These are Level II charging stations. EV Charging Now Available at Two Turnpike Service Plazas - Around Town - Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood, PA Patch
  7. James Anders

    PA Turnpike Announcement on Blink Stations

    The following was provided by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission: In observance of Earth Day, the Pa. Turnpike Commission (PTC) announced that electric-vehicle charging stations are installed and ready for customers to use at two turnpike service plazas. Bowmansville Service Plaza in...
  8. T

    Question about Blink chargers - billed after done charging?

    Quick question about blink charging with the model S. I'm out in Sam Diego this weekend and looking for places to charge. - if my car finishes charging will blink keep billing me? If so, can I stop charging on the mobile app to stop the billing but still be connected?
  9. bonnie

    Some Blink charging stations overheating

    Honda Fit EV Overheats When Used with Blink Chargers | PluginCars.com
  10. Wattson

    Blink J1772 Connector (REMA Brand) overheating?

    I started a new thread for this conversation because I was really surprised to learn the info linked about the Blink EVSE inside the Has anyone received a HPWC yet? thread. I have a Volt right now and am participating in the EV Project. Therefore, I have a Blink EVSE in my garage. I had...