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  1. nfs060

    New drilled rotors

    New 2 piece rotors and caliper upgrade I finally got a weekend to install these rotors and covers. Had them in the garage all summer. I really love the look of the wheels with the brakes now. I find they complement each other. I think they are some of the best looking caliper covers you can...
  2. Tagar

    Model Y Caliper Covers

    Is there a Model Y Caliper Covers that you can recommend? I see most of the ones sold on Amazon has a consistently not-so-great great rating of 3.8 or so. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Model+Y+Caliper+Covers There are a lot of options and none of them receive great feedback for whatever reason...
  3. J

    Purple or blue Colored calipers?

    Anyone have recommendations on ones to purchase for 2016 Model X or a caliper paint they trust in blue or preferably purple. Thanks in advance!
  4. P

    Break caliper covers on 20 inch

    I received my new SR+ a few weeks ago, and I really want to get the red caliper covers. I see loads of them on Amazon, but they are all for 18 and 19 inch. I have purchased and installer new 245/35-20 with 20 inch rims. Have anyone tried, or found any caliper covers that fits a 20 inch rim?
  5. J

    Brake Caliper Paint?

    I've been doing some research and have decided to paint my own brake calipers. Although it seems like a simple undertaking, the color that I'm trying to achieve is challenging (photobelow). I want to paint my brake calipers a super bright neon yellow and have only found it available in regular...
  6. T

    Question about aftermarket Volks wheels

    Hi all, Quick question: will 18" Volks CE28 wheels by Rays Engineering clear the calipers on a Model 3 Performance? I have a set of these wheels from my last car (Subaru STi), and I'll be getting a M3P in January! I would REALLY love to use these wheels (as winters) since they are super light...
  7. Socalautoart

    Tesla art

    instagram and facebook: socalautoart
  8. Socalautoart

    Tesla Art

    instagram and facebook: socalautoart
  9. R

    Chicago Land Brake Caliper Painting

    Does anyone have any good cheap place recommendation for caliper painting? Chicago Suburbs preferred?
  10. beastmode13

    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Two of the weakest link of P3 are the brakes and suspension. Tesla walked a fine line between performance and comfort, for most of the customers, it might be perfect. However, I like my brake a lot more aggressive and suspension a lot more controlled and tight. When Mountain Pass Performance...
  11. E

    Tesla rear brake caliper

    I have a rear break caliper from a Tesla Model S. If interested let me know. Price is $150 plus shipping Eric
  12. ninjarice

    Bay Area Chrome Delete, Tint, PPF, Wrap- NL WRAPS

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to post this in the appropriate forum this time. I wanted to share my experience with NL wraps in Santa Clara/San Jose. Jorge the owner gave me very affordable pricing - I won't post it here in case his pricing changes. His attention to detail is amazing too. He's able to...
  13. monarck

    Model 3 wrapped In 3M Satin Dark Gray + chrome delete

    Got some work done recently and thought I'd share for anyone else considering the same. Summary of work below: 3M Satin Dark Gray wrap Chrome Delete Calipers painted red 30% ceramic window tint Shout out to Wrap Bully's in LA for great service all around!
  14. KBurbridge14

    Rust on brake rotors and discolored calipers

    I've had my X for 17+ months and I noticed something today which is a new problem. Suddenly, all four (4) brake rotors are covered with rust. in addition, the screws/bolts attaching the calipers are also rusted. And, all of the calipers are discolored. See picture. Anybody experiencing this? I...