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clear bra

  1. apcautospa

    Vendor Black Friday 2022 is here Early!

    To our friends and customers in the great Pacific Northwest. Enjoy early access to our biggest sale of the year! 30% off Full-front protection a KAVACA paint protection film (snag deal here) OR Free Ceramic Pro Interior protection package with a Ceramic Pro Gold package (up to a $400 value!)...
  2. iyordanov

    Vendor Pre-cut PPF, tints and wraps - 10% off

    Hey folks I am Iliya and I am the founder of TWRAPS. We're a small family ran business operating from the Bay Area (Northern California). I started TWRAPS last August when I got my Refresh Model S delivered (my wife drives the 3 and waiting for a Y), and since then we've expanded our products...
  3. K

    Tint & PPF issues

    So I got my windshield and windows tinted as well as full front end ppf by a highly rated shop according to Yelp. It was xpel xr prime tint and xpel ppf, costed me $3000. It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm seeing debris/dust under both the tint and ppf. The ppf also has bubbles and doesn't lay...
  4. TotalDetailing

    Vendor Tesla Paint Protection - Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings - Which Is Best? West Chester, Malvern, Allentown, Bethlehem, Collegeville, Wayne

    The number one question I get asked - Which should I get for my Tesla - Paint Protection Film aka Clear Bra or Ceramic Coating? This article is going to help you understand what each of these protective options do and what is best suited for you. Tesla Paint Protection - do you need it? Yes...
  5. PPF Guys

    Vendor Vancouver PPF GUYS Paint Protection Film Specialists - Xpel Ultimate Plus/Fusion - Stealth - Ceramic Coating

    Hello TMC Tesla owners, PPF Guys specialize in Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra installations and all Tesla models. We are locally owned and operated and have been helping car owners throughout Greater Vancouver to protect their vehicles from chips, scratches, scuffs, swirl marks, bird...
  6. TotalDetailing

    Vendor [BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS] Ceramic Pro Pottstown / Total Detailing - PA's Best Tesla Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film & Window Tint Installers

    Total Detailing is now Ceramic Pro Pottstown. We recognized that Ceramic Pro is the #1 Protection product provider in the world and we wanted to work with the company that has its finger on the pulse of the game. Ceramic Pro Pottstown prides itself on top-tier customer service and impeccable...
  7. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Vancouver ClearBra

    As always, hello fellow Tesla Vancouverites... Wanted to make a post about our Xpel STEALTH satin matte clear bra paint protection film PPF service offering through Vancouver ClearBra at 336 West 7th Ave Vancouver BC Canada. Xpel STEALTH is a translucent clear bra that will keep your Tesla the...
  8. Seattle ClearBra

    Xpel Clear Bra Paint Protection Film PPF - Tint - Ceramic Coating - Seattle ClearBra

    Hello TMC Forum Tesla owners, We would like to say hi to you all and offer our Xpel clear bra PPF paint protection film, windshield protection, ceramic coating, tinting and other vehicle protection services to the Greater Seattle TMC forum members. Seattle ClearBra offers high quality Xpel...
  9. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Plaid Review by a Detailer

    Ceramic Pro San Diego has been applying Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings to Tesla Model S’s since 2014 and my how things have changed! We recently had the privilege of working on 2 of the first Model S Plaid’s delivered in San Diego County. One of our customers was gracious enough to allow us to...
  10. Diamond Hills

    Matte Clear Bra VS Gloss Clear Bra...What do you prefer?

    Which one do you guys prefer? A clean look or a stealth look?
  11. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra *New Website*

    Wanted to update y'all on our new website Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra where we've just designed a brand new website to help educate / share our stories with our Tesla clients through updates, pictures and videos of our Tesla vehicle protection services for you amazing Tesla clients in the...
  12. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor 5 Point Auto Spa is now Ceramic Pro San Diego

    5 Point Auto Spa is so thankful to our Tesla Customers in San Diego County! We want to ensure all of you that our change is in name only. 5 Point has sought to satisfy the car community in the San Diego region since 2003, and no car "club" has more of an impact or been as much fun to be a part...
  13. D

    PLS READ BEFORE DOING PPF, CERAMIC etc. Honest Review:Xtreme Edge Detail.

    Hi everyone, I felt this needed it's own Post/Thread. There was a group buy on this forum for Xtreme Edge Professional Auto Detail in So Cal (Garden Grove area). I saw the price and thought that it was a really incredible price compared to what is charged in cheaper neighboring states and even...
  14. ATD Detailing

    Vendor Raleigh PPF/Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating Facility for Tesla

    We are honored to be a part of the Tesla community and look forward to serving you in the future, for those of you who are just getting to know us. We've served the Raleigh, NC area for more than 10 years from our facility in Garner. Paint correction, paint protection film, ceramic coating and...
  15. apcautospa

    Vendor APC Auto Spa - 2020 Black Friday Specials!

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS FINALLY HERE! Save 20% on all Ceramic Pro, Stek, or Kavaca packages booked this weekend as well as 20% off our entire online store of products! Use the code BLACKFRIDAY (upper case) Put your deposit down via our online store to take advantage of this once a year sale...
  16. Premiertint

    Vendor WRAP your car! More color options than ever before!

    With the limited paint colors options Tesla offers, it's easy to understand the need to personalize your Tesla! CALL for pricing and to schedule a consultation! 916-358-3850
  17. 5pointconroe

    Vendor Matte Clear Bra And Ceramic Coating - 1 Year Review

    Here is a 1 year review of the owner driving his own Tesla Model X with services provided by his own company. 5 Point / Ceramic Pro Woodlands has a location in Woodlands, TX and work on Tesla's Daily! Installing matte clear bra on your vehicle makes you stand out from the crowd and gives your...
  18. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Matte Clear Bra And Ceramic Coating - 1 Year Review

    Here is a 1 year review of the owner driving his own Tesla Model X with services provided by his own company. 5 Point Auto Spa / Ceramic Pro San Diego has locations in Carlsbad and San Diego and work on Tesla's Daily. Installing matte clear bra on your vehicle makes you stand out from the crowd...
  19. E

    Tint/PPF for Model 3 - Phoenix, AZ

    TLDR at bottom I recently purchased a 2020 Model 3 Performance and, just like a lot of owners in the Phoenix area, I wanted to get my new car protected with some paint protection film and window tint. I want to share my experience with other Tesla owners in hopes that I can help them pick the...
  20. apcautospa

    Vendor New Vehicle Delivery - White Glove Service at APC Auto Spa!

    New Tesla owners can now identify APC Auto Spa as the delivery destination to take delivery with confidence. Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of having a professional detailer with you when your new Tesla gets delivered. We will meet you at the dealer in either Bellevue or Seattle...
  21. Premiertint

    Vendor Learn from others' mistakes...

    We receive around 25-50 emails every day asking for pricing about our services. Back in June, a prospective client requested a quote for his new 2020 Model 3 to be tinted. We sent our standard response letter and quote. This weekend we received another email from him... 8/2/2020, 6:50 PM Henry...
  22. N

    DIY PPF for Model 3/Y?

    Just finished DIY PPF for my M3, full hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors, rockers. Settled on Suntek Ultra and got mine through ServoPPF with a 10yr warranty. Used Xpel gel and dishsoap water together. Really happy with the results, sure it's not perfect but turned out way better than I...
  23. 8

    Matte PPF/Window Tint/Chrome Delete in Utah

    Hey guys! I'm thankful for the Tesla Motor Club and everyone who participates and shares thier experiences. I bought my Model 3 a few weeks ago here in Salt Lake City, a beautiful white performance. I'm incredibly picky and this being my first Tesla, of course that went to a new higher level...
  24. MoeMistry

    Vendor GP PPP Loan Promotion

  25. appearancesolutions

    Vendor New Tesla Model Y @ Appearance Solutions in Sacramento, CA

    Hello TMC Members! Appearance Solutions is excited to share the first 2020 Tesla Model Y (Pearl White Multi-Coat) project to grace our shop! We currently have another Y (Red Multi-Coat) in the shop for a full XPEL wrap. At the beginning of the year we received a call from our previous client...
  26. appearancesolutions

    Vendor New Tesla Model Y @ Appearance Solutions -Paint Protection (XPEL & Opti-Coat) & Ceramic Window Film

    Hello TMC Members! Appearance Solutions is excited to share the first 2020 Tesla Model Y (Pearl White Multi-Coat) project to grace our shop! We currently have another Y (Red Multi-Coat) in the shop for a full XPEL wrap. At the beginning of the year we received a call from our previous client...
  27. T

    Vendor Tesla Model Y - Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating

    2 Tesla Model Ys XPEL Prime XR Plus high performance window tint treatment We are Florida's leading Tesla appearance enhancement and protection specialists. •Clear Bra •Window Tint •Ceramic Coating •Paint Correction •Chrome Delete •Suspension •Powder Coating Conveniently located less...
  28. apcautospa

    Vendor Look no further for Paint Protection and a Super Deal in the PNW!

    APC Auto Spa is closed until April 9th as we observe the call for non-essential businesses to shut the door, allowing our valued employees to stay home safe with their families. Your support during this time is needed more than ever! Our goal is to fill the schedule upon return, thus we have 3...
  29. SETautocare

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings | Paint Protection Film | Window Tinting

    Hello TMC ! SET Auto Care is a fully insured company that specializes in automotive Window Tinting and Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film Based In Vaughan Ontario Through the use of the most cutting edge products and techniques, we strives to achieve results that push the envelope of...
  30. 5pointconroe

    Vendor Model Y Woodlands: Correction + Protection + Tint

    5 Point Auto Spa is The Woodlands's Premier Tesla Auto Spa! 5 Point specializes in the highest quality, at reasonable pricing, and fast turn around times. Simply put you will not find more experienced Tesla technicians in Montgomery County Save 15% on Tesla Model Y Services until April 30...
  31. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Model Y San Diego Paint Protection, Tint, Vinyl & More

    5 Point Auto Spa is San Diego's Premier Tesla Auto Spa having serviced 1,000's of Teslas in San Diego County Our two locations are extremely convenient 5 Point Carlsbad - is located 4.1 miles from Tesla Carlsbad 5 Point San Diego - Kearny Mesa is 7.6 Miles from Tesla UTC and 5.7 Miles from Tesla...
  32. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Ceramic Coating - Tint - Chrome Delete

    Hey all Tesla owners, After an absence from the TMC forum we've returned to offer our quality clear bra paint protection films, ceramic coating, tinting, vinyl wraps and chrome delete services by sponsoring this amazing forum for the most advanced vehicles on the planet. We'll be updating this...
  33. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor New Car Delivery Inspections

    Did you know that we perform a free new car delivery inspection for our clients? Here is a blog that I wrote, I hope it's helpful for everyone: New Car Delivery Inspection! Regards, John Kleven Metropolitan Detail 425.233.6068
  34. apcautospa

    Vendor Ceramic Pro - Paint Protection Film - KAVACA

    Hey folks! I wanted to pass along a new product that is available for your Tesla's paint protection that was launched at the 2019 SEMA conference. Many of you know about Ceramic Pro as a ceramic coating company, but did you know they launched their first product in the PPF a.k.a clear bra...
  35. Premiertint

    Vendor Don't let this happen to your PAINT! PPF (Clear Bra gone WRONG)

    I just posted these pics in another thread and thought they might be a great thing for everyone else to see as well. The owner of this Porsche purchased it "used" and one of it's selling points was that it already had clear bra on it. We removed the old clear bra, looked at it, and realized...
  36. OCTintSolution


    CONGRATS to everyone receiving their Model 3 & S this December/January , we have put together a special deal for TMC Club Members only! Please find Pricing Below ! NO GROUP BUY needed ! WATCH US TINT A MODEL 3 THE RIGHT WAY : Call 949-502-1978 (Jason, Shop Owner) for more information or...
  37. Premiertint

    Vendor Premier Auto Tint

    We recently finished up this full color change wrap on this Model 3 Performance. We also did Satin Black Chrome Delete and XPEL XR Prime Plus window tint!!!
  38. Premiertint

    Vendor New Year Limited Time 1/2 price Tint* and other specials

    *1/2 Price on full car tint packages with the purchase of any PPF/Clear Bra package or full color change wraps OR $250 off any PPF/Clear Bra Package Or $100 off Satin Black Chrome delete We are Premier Auto Tint, located in El Dorado Hills, CA, on the eastern edge of the Sacramento area...
  39. apcautospa

    Vendor Black Friday Specials - Ceramic Pro and STEK Clear Bra @ APC Auto Spa in Woodinville, Wa

    We love opportunities to offer our customers extra value whenever we can. We have been hearing your questions and decided to do an early reveal this year. Here it is! Details for securing your special are included in the link, next make a deposit online, then enjoy your friends & family time...
  40. D

    Dropping off for PPF (1st time handing over the card) - Pin to Drive

    I'm dropping off my M3 for some paint protection (I'd sit and wait/watch, but they tell me it'll be 3-4 hours). I'm going to do the Hood, Front Fenders, Mirrors & Rocker Panels (those pics of rocker panel paint sand blasting are ugly). I'm in Denver. They mostly stay away from using sand and...
  41. AusDetail

    Vendor XPEL PPF (paint protection film)

    Hello Tesla owners, It's time to get protected. We are Sydney's leading XPEL PPF applicator and we ecstatic to announce our partnership with the Tesla Motors Club as the first Australian Vendor. Some of you may know what XPEL PPF is, but if you don't, PPF otherwise known as Paint Protection...
  42. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Simple Explanation (video): Model 3 Preparation, Enhancement and Protection

    I've been sitting on this video content since the first Model 3's were being delivered but I just didn't have the time to piece it together and do the voice over. Finally, I made the time to put a brief 13 minute video together explaining certain aspects of our process and also dispelling some...
  43. protekchicago

    Vendor Chicago and Suburbs Clear Bra-Paint Protection Film

    We are proud to serve Chicago and Suburbs Tesla owners. Service we offer paint protection film Xpel , window tint ,detailing and coating ,headlights tint, vinyl wrap , chrome delete. DEALER. Tesla Model 3 XPEL PRIME XR PLUS high performance window tint treatment for outstanding heat...
  44. XPEL

    Vendor How To Clean Clear Bra

    One of the most common questions we get is, "What do I use to maintain my clear bra and what should I stay away from?" We got this question so much that we decided to make the answer easier than ever by offering our own line of aftercare products for not just our paint protection film (PPF), but...
  45. Sun Control of MN

    Vendor Tesla Model X Paint Protection Film Install (Clear Bra)

    Things get ugly out there. But 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series helps preserve the quality of your vehicle's finish and keeps your vehicle looking newer longer. It's piece of mind for paint. Anywhere your vehicle is exposed to damaging elements -- That's the ideal place to install...
  46. Sun Control of MN

    Vendor 3M Clear Bra Matte Satin -- NEW!

    Why choose 3M Satin matte? More realistic, less chalky satin matte finish matching most factory matte paints or transforming glossy vehicle paint to satin matte finish Personalizes and protects vulnerable painted areas of the vehicle from scratches, chips and stains Superior stain and yellowing...
  47. T

    Vendor Clear bra installation gone wrong

    This new Tesla Model 3 Performance was taken to another shop to have the paint protective film aka clear bra installed on the full front end of the vehicle. The biggest issues found on this job were misalignment of the clear bra and cuts into the paint when they tried to trim it. We can not...
  48. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra Blog

    Whether it’s a partial front end, full front end, or the entire vehicle, headlights or taillights, adding an XPEL paint protection film allows you to protect the integrity of your vehicle. At the Vehicle Enhancement Studio we install four Paint Protection Films & Clear Bras per week. Stay...
  49. E

    Model 3 Performance full XPEL Ultimate wrap and Gtechniq HALO

    After owning my Model 3 Performance for a week I took it to get washed and waxed by a place I used to take my previous car. Upon picking it up I noticed all sorts of swirls and micro scratches. I couldn't handle this amazing new car having these imperfections so I started looking into paint...
  50. SSCustoms

    Vendor Ideal Model X Enhancements

    What did we do to this Model X? Our work can usually be summed up in three words: Design. Protect. Perform. Specs: XPEL Stealth Clear Bra Satin Black Chrome Delete with Red Accents Satin Black Side Mirrors This particular project was less involved with the performance side of vehicle...

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