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  1. mainecoon

    San Francisco Bay Area - SFTesla Club Meet Up - Sat, November 2nd (Year-End Event)

    Hi All, I have returned from the Tesla Global Leadership Summit in Los Angeles recently and have some good stuff to unpack. We will have our year end meet up this Saturday, November 2nd @9AM - 1PM-ish for a meet up, drive & lunch. The holidays will be upon us soon enough so we are heading...
  2. L

    Any information about starting a TMC club?

    Hi Everybody, I'm trying to start up a local TMC club, but am running up against difficulties. I found the page giving info on it, at: About - Tesla Motors Club On that page, it says: How to create/become a TMC Partner Club? It’s free and simple! Becoming and staying a Partner Club requires...
  3. L

    Starting a Tesla Owners club in Riley County, Kansas

    Hi! There are an increasing number of Tesla owners in and around Manhattan, Kansas. It would be great to get know one another and have EV and Tesla events locally. To get that started, two long-time owners, Phil and Sally, hosted a Tesla party at their house last Sunday (June 2, 2019), and...
  4. W

    New club

    Hey everyone. I picked up my Model 3 Dual Motor LR a couple weeks ago and am loving it so far (the pickup experience was pretty awful though). Anyway, it's such a nice and unique car that it made me think of my teenage years when I would see Corvette motor clubs cruising down the highway and I'd...
  5. jordanthompson

    Need a Roadster for a LGBQ parade in Melbourne, Florida this weekend

    Hi all, we are out of town (so our Roadster is out) and our EV club is looking for an convertible EV for a LGBQ parade this weekend in the Melbourne Florida area. They are looking for a convertible so a political candidate can ride in it; you may guess the party :-) If anyone is willing to join...
  6. HyperionMark

    North and South Dakota Tesla Club

    I couldn't find a thread with either state having a Tesla Club yet. Will be moving to SD next year and hoping to get involved with a local group. Let me know if you live in ND or SD and are interested.
  7. mainecoon

    San Francisco Tesla Club Meet #2 - Saturday, June 16 - Pebble Beach - 17 Mile Drive

    Hi Friends, :) fellow Tesla owners, the San Francisco Tesla Club will have a meet & drive down the coast to the scenic 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach on Saturday, June 16th. Anyone with a Tesla is welcome to join us and please sign up here with your username and post "x" under Saturday, June 16th...
  8. khalilamar

    Tesla Club Morocco, Club Tesla Maroc

    Hello, I am Khalil Amar, I am asking Tesla owners in Morocco to contact me so we can gather and get to know each other. I am already in contact with the first three owners of Model S in Casablanca, Morocco Model S P85+ ( 2013 ) Model S 60 ( 2014 ) Model S 90D ( 2015 or 2016 ) user: YCMS on TMC...
  9. satheesh.net

    Norway club is visiting Fremont!

    Hi all, So we are a big group of 30 people from Tesla Owners Club Norway (TOCN) to visit the factory in Fremont on friday the 6th. of May. (We have over a 1000 members and over 6000 followers and are recognized as the biggest club world wide by Tesla.) Most of us are staying in San Francisco...
  10. B

    Bethesda Maryland Tesla Owners "Club" I know you're out there

    Hi Based on the number of Teslas I see in my town, there are dozens of owners in this area. If anyone is interested in having an informal get together on a Saturday morning, please let me know. I'll try to put something together in the next 30 days.
  11. M

    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    The Meet-Up between Phoenix enthusiasts and the great people from Tucson went incredibly well in Casa Grande with about 50 people and 25 cars, but now what's next. John P (huzz1970) will be suggesting a variety of trips and meet-ups soon, but I wanted to get some feedback on a variety of other...
  12. bollar

    Shannon Brewing Company Tour, Keller, TX, Saturday, February 28 @ Noon

    Join Jay Squyres, other Tesla owners and me at Shannon Brewing Company for a tour, samples, live music and food trucks. If the weather is nice, the picnic area is a welcome place to hang out and kids & well-behaved dogs are welcome! If you're drinking (not at all a requirement), the cost is $10...
  13. M

    Casa Grande Meet-Up, January 31 at SCS

    Andy (ahm) in Tucson has suggested a meet-up at about 2pm at the SCS in Casa Grande on January 31 for Arizona owners. I'm supportive of the idea, but would encourage some discussion about what we might do together beyond a quick charge and a burger at Culvers. Is there an interest in a...
  14. M

    Prescott, AZ October 25, Meet-Up / Road Trip

    The idea of a short trip to Prescott for lunch has been around for about a year and came up again at Saturday's meet-up. I'm suggesting Saturday, October 25th and Thranx (who lives in Prescott) suggested Murphy's, as the lunch venue. Murphy's is housed in the former Gardner's General Store...
  15. M

    Arizona - Get Connected; Join the Arizona Club

    At 104 members, the Arizona Tesla Motors Club is one of the largest in the U.S., but that number represents only a fraction of the estimated 500 Teslas in Arizona. We've sponsored a few meet-ups and day trips, but we've got a lot more potential for fun, socializing, road tripping, networking...
  16. T

    Club Tesla Motors France

    Salut à tous, Petit rappel : Un Club Tesla Motors France existe et a pour but de rassembler un maximum de propriétaires pour des événements et pour promouvoir le véhicule électrique et plus spécifiquement TESLA en France. Il est également prévu une implémentation de bornes dans les zones...
  17. blownb310

    [NY] Albany/Capital District EV Drivers Group

    I would like to extend an invitation to all Tesla drivers in the Albany, NY Capital District area. I am seeking local EV drivers for social and driving EV events and gatherings. I have started a new FaceBook group called the Albany Capital District EV Drivers. Mission statement: To assemble...
  18. Jgdixon

    GTA Tesla Model S Club?

    Hi Guys I sent PMs to a lot of you to gauge interest. The consensus was overwhelmingly positive. The first step should be to get together and discuss meeting frequency, format, suggested topics etc. Things like sharing tips, organizing a rally, appearances at car shows, arrange for guest...