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  1. M

    Tesla Y Clunk Noise over the bumps | 2023 RWD

    Hi guys, I am writing to you from Italy about a problem that I read often on this forum, but so far no solution. When approaching uneven road or potholes, you can hear a CLUNK from the front end as if there is something loose, not tightened properly. The noise comes from both sides, but with...
  2. B

    Clunking / Knocking sound from front passenger area - bonus: brown mystery fluid under the same area.

    Greetings helpful internet folks, I've been googling my ass off about my new-to-me 2018 M3 LR RWD at 85k, and am admittedly stumped. There is a strange clunking or knocking sound emitted from the front passenger area that increases with more acceleration, i.e. undetected under calm/casual...
  3. G

    Clicking/clunking from the rear of the vehicle

    My Jan 2021 MY LR has been at the Tesla service center since Thursday as they try to diagnose a noise from the rear end. Under acceleration, braking, and cornering (so pretty much any time it’s not standing still) there is a loud clicking sound that emanates from the rear end. The first...
  4. D

    Weak Windshield Fluid & Clunking Sound

    I just got the 21 LR back in July and since day 1 or 2, the windshield wiper fluid barely came out. I pretty much topped it off and tried again with no change whatsoever. Is it normal for the fluid to not shoot out like it does in virtually every single car out there? It looks like a little...
  5. markinsf

    Subtle clunk noise when flooring it or slamming on the brakes - any ideas?

    Hi All, Late 2018 MX here. For at least a year now I occasionally hear a clunk noise when I mash the accelerator pedal. Likewise, the same noise if I slam on the brakes. Took the car to the service center and I couldn't reproduce the problem. Seems to happen more going up a hill or if I...
  6. K

    Sway Bar Links - Best $100 Spent

    Still new-to-me, late 2014 AP1 with about 107k miles now. I was experiencing clunking at low speeds (not related to turning) and did some research and figured replacing the Front Swap Bar Links would be good investment. It definitely appears to be and honestly, I think it probably should...
  7. J

    Clunking form submission please help

    I know everyone is tired of the thud/clunk noise discussion. A service center in North Carolina believes they have a solution to the problem. So far I have hundreds of submissions on my Google form from only people that are experiencing the thud/clunking noise during supercharging and/or...
  8. T

    Banging/clunking sound when driving over mountains in cold weather

    Greetings! Brand new M3 Dual Motor Extended Range owner. Overall I'm thrilled with the car! But having one issue that I've seen posted on Tesla forums, but not here. I've searched on this forum and don't see any threads about same issue. When driving over mountain pass in cold weather...
  9. Colby Boles

    Model X front air suspension failure

    Background: For more than half of the Summer days, we live up in the Sierras near Donner Pass in California. The last 2.5 miles of road to our property is a dirt / rock road that is graded every year by the utility (PG&E) that also manages a lake up there. Most of the road is relatively smooth...
  10. Caloncho

    'clunk' sound when descelerating

    Hi all, Since last week I have a clunky (imagine throwing a heavy bolt into a metal paperbasket lined with paper towel) sound when the gas pedal is released and regen engages. There also may be a slight clunk when regen is switched back to accelerating. Not loud but noticeable. Opinions...
  11. Erleichda

    Clunks, Drones and Milling sounds: Just had a drive unit fail

    Our 2013 P85 with 31k miles just had the drive unit fail. We had experienced the "clunk" when lifting off acceleration before regen started; our SC was contacted and a 'fix' employed that took care of it. We were not informed of what the fix was. The "droning" at speed >60 began to get more...