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  1. K

    Model X 2023 whompy wheels

    Hello TMC community, I am writing to share a rather disconcerting experience I've had with my Model X, which I've only had for about a month and a half. While I was initially thrilled with my purchase, a recent incident has left me feeling very unsettled. After noticing some instability and...
  2. A

    SC not honouring 12 year Body Rust Limited Warranty for spoiler

    2017 MX underside fixed spoiler panel paint is bubbling. It is an uncommon but known issue on the forum I see. After initially quoting £0 repair estimate and agreeing “I’m sure the spoiler is covered under the paint warranty” SC is now refusing to honour the 12 year Body Rust Limited Warranty...
  3. P

    Poor Experience buying a Tesla Model 3

    I am posting my story wondering if anyone will read it or frankly care. The statement bellow was originally intended for Tesla, at least whichever department handles complaints (if there even is one) but my post purchase survey gave me little room to deliver my account of my experience and my...
  4. d.c.palmer

    Tesla Service Getting Worse - Need a senior contact for UK please

    Tesla service is plumbing new depths - and I wondered if anyone had any senior contact details they could share to try and sort things out please? (No, I don't use social media, so I can't Tweet Elon!). At the heart of all of this is Tesla's decision to ditch its key assets - people - in favour...
  5. K

    File a complaint against the service facility at Santa Clara

    Hi, I wanted to file a complaint against a service facility at Santa Clara and Tesla really have poor customer service. If they don't want to talk about it, they will just ignoring you and never get back to you. Dec 2018 Model X have 4500 miles and spent 40% of its life in Tesla service...
  6. D

    Help Needed, How to file a complaint to Tesla

    Hello All, I recently purchased a new Model 3, and during the new car delivery inspection, I found a few issues, some are serious issues and some are less. I can now understand why there are alot of complaints about the cheap quality against Model 3 online. I have already scheduled an service...
  7. R

    Very disappointing first week with Model X

    Hope all is well. We have been awaiting the arrival of our Model X for about the last 3 months since we ordered it. We purchased this car for my father who has been an avid Lexus fan for the last two decades given the quality and reliability of their cars. I am starting to regret not purchasing...
  8. fallen888

    Autopilot v8.0.. what's the problem?

    I've observed a lot of people on here who have expressed their disappointment in the updated AP since 8.0 rolled out. Some even to the point where they no longer want the AP or the car. Many of these complaints are associated with the increased nagging to hold the wheel. I just don't...
  9. PaulusdB

    Janken over tekortkomingen

    Ik ga woensdag 13/11 mijn MSP+ ophalen en ben dus toe aan het volgende hoofdstuk in de Tesla Model S Experience; de tekortkomingen bij aflevering. In de internationale fora zijn er al checklists om de bekende zorgpunten langs te lopen bij aflevering, hier in de B&NL sectie verschijnen ook de...