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dog mode

  1. tbwnm

    Is the Model Y the best choice if you have a dog?

    Our 2019 Model 3 SR+ was recently totalled and now looking to order a replacement Tesla. We are a family of 3 and have a medium sized dog (50lbs) and even though I personally like the style as well as the way the Model 3 drives, we are thinking of switching to the Y to make it easier to bring...
  2. R

    There are two improvements to the Cybertruck that can easily make it a lot better.

    The first improvement would be to make their tailgate sealed. Most tailgates let water, dust and even insects through the clearances into the back of the bed. Unfortunately some users use the cargo box area to transport dogs and stuff that might want to be clean. Take the truck on the dusty road...
  3. firerock

    Tesla Model Y Dog Mode...Almost Killed My Dog

    Long story short, my car has been in body shop for the last 2 weeks due to various issues. Today, I took my wife and dog for a quick drive. Currently, there's a heat wave in Los Angeles and I left my dog in the car with Dog Mode on. While I was in the super market, the app notified me that...
  4. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Owner Cleared of Criminal Charges After Explaining ‘Dog Mode’

    A Tesla owner in Ireland, Ross Hunt, was cleared of breaking animal welfare laws after a judge accepted that the owner’s beloved poodle was actually safe inside the climate-controlled electric vehicle. A concerned passer-by saw the poodle, Loki, sitting inside the Tesla Model S on a hot day...
  5. jamesspice

    Lady Called Police on Dog in Car with Dog Mode Running!

    Oddly the videos stopped recording while the police were there. Has anybody else had run in with the popo and dog mode? The lady was taking pictures of the license plate. Should we be worried? We showed the police what dog mode does... They were laughing and taking pictures too.
  6. Reekdog


    DOG MODE ALERT – STATIC CLING CAR WINDOW STICKER Recently, my wife took our "little buddy" with her to the store and tried out the new "Dog Mode". Everything worked fine and our dog was resting comfortable inside when she returned. But, all the while she was away from her ca, she was worried...
  7. mbp11

    problems with Dog Mode locking up the MCU

    I am using the Dog mode in my MX a lot the past few days and about half of the time, when I get back to the car, the Dog Mode does not turn off- the AC is on, the temperature is wrong (78 degrees F, not 68 where I want it) and the MCU screen is frozen. The only way to get out of it is to do the...
  8. Penfold

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    20 or so on TeslaFi already including S and X for a change. Details on Model 3 forum 2019.12 - Updated browser, software on demand, new games and more
  9. D

    Keeping music on when M3 is parked with family in car

    I've only had my Model 3 for a month, so bear with me here. Situation: My wife is in the backseat with newborn and I need to go inside a store. How do I keep the music on when I leave the car? I know "Dog Mode" for AC, but I can't figure out how to keep the music on too. For other M3...
  10. T

    19.8.3 Received

    I checked and have not seen 19.8.3 in a Model X thread. Just received 19.8.3 on my 2017 X w/ 2.0 AP. Maybe we'll see a wider rollout after quite a dry spell. Curiously, different that the Teslarati story about Dynamic Brake Lights feature, I did not see that in my release notes...
  11. docdeb27

    Dog/Sentry mode rolling out next week says Elon.

    Rolling out next week as per tweet by Elon this am.