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  1. D

    Adding a 911 emergency call on airbag deployment feature to Teslas in the U.S.

    I am wondering if Tesla will be adding an SOS feature to the Teslas in the US. It seems strange that this hasnt been done already considering many other cars have had it for years even in lower price point cars. I know they added this feature to the European models since it is mandatory there...
  2. M

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    This is kind of long, but I am trying to add every detail - any sort of help would really be greatly appreciated. I was coming back home with my family from a semi-long road trip on my 2013 Tesla Model S 85 that I've owned for about 6 months without any sort of mechanical or range issues. We...
  3. HeyEph

    How do you manually release the doors of the Model Y?

    How do you manually release the doors?
  4. U

    Falcon wing door refuses to open

    Hi everyone, I’m new to these forums so please forgive if this has already been answered. We have had our 2017 MX100D since December 1, 2020 and have loved it! But the passenger side rear door has now decided it doesn‘t want to open - not with the fob, outside handle, inside button or center...
  5. Rshephorse

    Where to hide or stash a key card on the outside of the vehicle.

    So I have stashed a card on the outside of my vehicle for emergencies. I'm wondering whether anyone else does this or how or where they stash the card. Doing things like skiing, swimming, kayaking, several day hiking trips especially if you've done a car shuttle, Or just going to a beach where...
  6. D

    Emergency charging

    I have seen many discussions about using portable solar panels to charge an EV while camping or on a road trip. As has been often pointed out, trying to charge the car's batteries a significant amount just isn't practical. However, suppose you simply need to charge your EV just enough to drive...
  7. T

    Manual door release - OK to use? How to avoid?

    My passengers always seem to use the manual door release, although I have pointed out the correct button. Is there a problem with using the manual release, and if so how to direct them to the correct button?
  8. E

    Roadside Emergency Kit?

    I’m looking for the perfect roadside emergency kit for my new 2020 MS LR. Nearly all the kits I’ve seen have useless (for a Tesla) stuff like jumper cables, which I don’t want to pay for. I’ve seen the Tesla kit, but it’s mostly just first aid stuff. ‘My ideal kit would include Warning...
  9. S

    HELP! Model S Won’t Charge at Supercharger

    Hey guys, I’m in sort of a pickle here. Was driving back to Birmingham from Atlanta after a football game and planned on using the supercharger in Oxford, AL instead of using one in ATL for a few minutes after the game. Anyway, I pulled in with 10 miles range. When I plug in, it says “starting...
  10. T

    12 Volt Battery - what does cutting power from it do?

    I'm trying to understand something about how power flows through Teslas: In the accident I recently had, the firefighters cut the 12V battery cable as per instructions. Although power to the console and Instrument Panel was gone, we were still able to activate the doors and the trunk. Some hours...
  11. ThisIsTrue

    What's the Number for 911?!

    Driving a rural but high-traffic highway (US 6 from Price to SLC), I saw someone going the other direction flash their high beams. It took me a second to parse, so I looked in my mirror -- "Was that another red Tesla?" But as soon as I got around the curve, I saw what the problem was: debris all...