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error messages

  1. 6

    Salvaged 2022 Doesn't go to drive

    Tesla after small crash doesn't allow to put it in D car giving errors VCFRONT_a447 VCFRONT_a192 VCFRONT_a191 RCM2_a161 RCM2_083 seatbelts are blown up , airbags are ok . Any suggestion ?Car show up state of charge . Thank you
  2. S

    Problems with my MS 2015 P85D, need as much info as possible

    Hi! Im a relative new member and have browsed the forum a bit, and today on some errands my Model S 2015 P85D threw some errors at me (see added images) and a couple of hours later (with stops where the car entered sleep) regenerative braking stopped working. Have this happend to anyone else...
  3. thetravelingdr

    VCFRONT_a192, VCFRONT_a180, BMS_a063, BMS_a167 electrical/battery/charging/charge port error codes & issues after UMC_a017 Wall Plug Temperature alert

    So I may have an answer from Tesla Service Center appointment on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the following scenario/scary error messages: UMC_a017: Charge Rate Reduced - Wall Plug Temperature high BMS_a167: Unable to charge - Charge port door must be closed to...
  4. C

    2nd Tesla - model X delivery DISASTER

    NEW MODEL X- 3 hrs after pickup, ERROR on everything!, CANNOT PARK, KIDS waiting for wife to pick them up in the rain! Tesla bull here and so excited about getting my 2nd Tesla after buying model 3 P in 2018. This is after waiting in line for one in 4/2016. So after making gobs of money...
  5. Mash

    Major system failure after car wash

    I don't know if anyone had this thing: UPDATE: It was damaged speed sensor cable. So I installed summer wheels with new tpms, adjusted somewhat wheel sensor cable to not touch the rim, actively washed a car and 10 minutes later after acceleration on a highway suddenly got all that. I don't...
  6. singleview

    "Unable to start update. Try again later"

    Have anyone experienced this error message? I have an alert to update to 2019.36.2.1, and have been trying to do this for days. But every attempt fails, and I get an error message that simply reads: "Unable to start update. Try again later". I am currently on 2019.32.12.7. Any suggestions??
  7. CMc1

    UK Model 3 gone tits

    Extended steering wheel using left scroll wheel and it continued to extend to max, with no input. Had to use driver profile switch to make it retract in. Scroll wheel became unresponsive. Followed by these error messages appearing when selecting drive. Tesla support rebooted car remotely...
  8. B_havens0914

    Model 3 Message on screen

    Here is a picture I found of a model 3 long range AWD for auction. The car looks to be in perfect condition, except a possible dent near the bottom of the driver side door. I am trying to figure out what the screen says. To me, It looks like some kind of an error screen, but I am unable to read...
  9. RedModel3

    Possible cause of traction loss warnings

    I've seen a lot of you have problems with loss of traction control warnings, along with loss of EAP, loss of regen, and loss of emergency braking. I've had it happen to me several times myself, and it always goes away after parking the car and letting it sit awhile. I've determined WHEN it...