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  1. S

    Evannex Model S Center Console For Sale

    Hey everyone, I have an Evannex Model S center console for sale. Tan leather with matte obeche wood. It's in excellent condition-not a scratch on it. Purchased for a 2016 Model S but I believe it will fit 2012-early 2016 models. Would like to get $250 plus shipping. Located in GA. Venmo or Paypal.
  2. M

    EVANNEX Model Y brake covers for sale $40

    Selling EVANNEX Model Y brake covers for $40. These should fit any Model Y except the performance model. They are essentially new, and have never been installed. A few of the fake (non-functional) Alan screws have popped off after I manually checked each one, but have been glued back in same as...
  3. jobiggs24

    Black/Gray Evannex Console

    Bought in Dec 2018. Gray leather with Piano Black. Asking $275 plus shipping from NY 12159.
  4. Perscitus

    FS: NY NJ CT Evannex Frunk Cooler (New)

    Selling the Evannex frunk cooler I received as a gift. Its brand new, never used. My frunk is filled with luggage bags and tools so I have no need for the cooler. Original vendor price $69 Current vendor sale price $49 My asking price $40. *Local pickup, too bulky to ship at any reasonable...
  5. sargeom

    Evannex Model S Car Cover

    Ordered a M3 so selling my Evannex MS car cover. Includes carrying case. Selling for $100 plus shipping. Retail is $200. If in the Los Angeles area, I can meet you.
  6. sargeom

    Evannex Center Console Insert - Obeche Wood Gloss Trim w Black Leather

    Ordered a M3 so selling my Evannex CCI - obeche wood gloss trim with black leather. Had it for less than a year, excellent condition. No scratches whatsoever. Evannex is no longer selling this trim and some are on eBay for $800. Selling for $400 plus shipping. If in the Los Angeles area, I can...
  7. W

    Tesla Model S Center Console OEM

    $1200 obo This is an original Tesla Model S OEM center console that is no longer sold. It’s in excellent condition and includes all original installation hardware, cup holders and USB Apple cable. The flip panel is Matte Black Obeche wood but what you see in the pics is a carbon fiber decal...
  8. Bridor

    Used Evannex Obeche Wood Center Console - $300

    I just shelled out $1,250 to have the OEM center console installed and no longer need this item. It is a drop in item that looks pretty good and is in great condition. Save 50% versus a new one. Meticulously cleaned with a toothbrush. http://www.xanderstudios.com/Media/CenterConsole01.jpg...
  9. mbhforum

    Evannex Center Console Insert - Obeche Wood Trim with Black Leather

    I am selling a Evannex CCI with Obeche Wood Trim on Black Leather with a removable second cup holder. It was purchased a little over a year ago and is in pretty good condition with the exception of one small scratch that can only be seen in certain lights. (see picture) Evannex no longer sells...
  10. Naonak

    Naonaks 3D Printed Tesla Accessories

    I've had several people contact me with regards to some of my designs for Tesla accessories. I am releasing all of them under the CCL. Feel free to use them as you see fit. If you want to sell them for some reason, please contact me before hand and we can work something out. Tesla MS Jack Pad...
  11. HabitualUser

    Evannex Rim Protection

    Can anyone provide feedback on the Wheel Bands Kit from Evannex, specifically on the 22" wheels? Are you happy with the level of protection, visual looks, etc. Thanks.
  12. MTBHXC

    Evannex HeatSheild Complete Sunshade Kit

    Barely used, covers every window in Model S including Pano glass. Asking $160 shipped. Sunshades: Tesla Model S
  13. MTBHXC

    Evannex Center Console Insert (Tan Leather /Matte Obeche Wood)

    Selling for a friend, gently used Evannex CCI in tan leather and matte obeche wood trim with cubby drawer. Paid over $750 new, asking $570 shipped.
  14. E

    Read threads but still have seat cover installation inquiry......

    Hello! I'm new to the Tesla Family and this forum. Taking delivery of my Model S at the end of September. I purchased seat covers for the front and rear from Evannex. I finally opened the box today and see that the covers are by Wet Okole. I have them, now what? I am located in MD and want...
  15. KBurbridge14

    EVannex Cubby Compartment--POOR fit

    I read some reviews about the EVannex Cubby Compartment (CCOMP-MB) for the Tesla X that were generally favorable. However, after receiving my X last Thursday, i slid the Cubby Compartment into place--only to be surprised, and disappointed, that the lower left corner does not fit snugly or...
  16. 3PHASE

    Rick Hesel's (artsci) Lighted T on Dee Snider's Model S - it's rockin cool!

    Funny, my brother who is into cars, saw this on TV.
  17. mjcostajr

    Tesla owners who Crossfit (or sweat profusely)

    Now that it's starting to warm up in the southeast again, Crossfit workouts have been leaving me drenched. Our gym has no air conditioner and is a traditional "box" - just a couple of big fans to blow the hot air around. I typically carry a towel around in my car to cover my seat, but I was...
  18. MikeMayhem

    Lighted T (aftermarlet)

    Hi, Kinda like that Lighted T and was considering getting it...... Until I saw the price $239 for about $10 in material...... Too bad too, Really like how it looks. Still kinda want it. Anyone here get it? How did install go? I was expecting a price of around $100.00 and I would have paid...