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  1. M

    Tesla App is not showing any information

    First of all Hello, I am new in this forum. I have some problem with my Tesla App. I updated the Tesla App from App Store but after updated the informations disappeared like the screenshot. I reinstalled the app also I signed out and signed in back but nothing has changed anything. Tesla app...
  2. C

    Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display

    Selling one Pre-Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display. Requires Model S or X (sorry, these are the only models I work with) $2,000 for complete pre-configured plug-and-play CID LCD Screen in good working condition (no goo bubbles) LTE Cellular Module with SIM Root Password...
  3. D

    Multiple BTS and GTW errors.

    My 2016 early VIN Model X P90D just had its first major failure at 84K miles. Felt some rough rear motor driving and had a BTS error pop up stating that the vehicle may not restart. Decided to head back home instead of going into work and got the car into the garage where it promptly popped...
  4. Stevewaclo

    Seeking Roadster Enlightment

    Hello Forum Members! Steve the volunteer here from the National Automobile Museum in Reno where we have a bricked Roadster on dollys. In another thread, I posted a technique I found for bringing the electronics back to life, but we have yet to give it a try. Really want to unlock that parking...
  5. T

    Help! My Account Wont Let Me Input Info

    Hi everyone! I received my text message today to log on to my account and complete the delivery location, registration, trade-in and payment method, however, when I log in I can see the options but they won't drop down to add information to them... Anyone else have this problem? Tried calling...
  6. gnuarm

    Limited Context Sensitive Help

    I've only had my model X since Aug and was still getting used to the User Interface (UI) when it was significantly changed with the new software update. Ok, I can live with that. But now I'm starting over again and having to view all the controls many of which I had researched in the manual...
  7. B

    The hidden benefits of the autolock doors

    Many Tesla enthusiast gag about the assisted driving and parking abilities. however, one of the most underrated features which isnt highlighted in any circle is the Auto-Lock Doors. I've created a campaign to try and raise awareness for the amazing feature. Check out this link to watch a video...
  8. T

    Model S 60: Made a document to help me decide (could help you too)

    I am new to the forum but have been trying to read up as much as possible in the last 1-2 weeks (when I have time) to help me decide on my purchase decision (pulled trigger tonight and am in my 7 day grace period now). I decided to put all my thoughts onto paper (literally ppt slides), and I...
  9. Arnaud44

    Ouvertures de SuperCharger en France

    En parcourant les réseaux sociaux, on ne compte plus les TMS qui rejoindront dans les prochaines semaines la région nantaise. Jusqu'à fin septembre, un supercharger était annoncé à Nantes pour l'année 2015. Nul doute que les nombreux acheteurs de Loire-Atlantique, séduits par les essais qu'ils...