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inventory discounts

  1. I

    Paint chip on new inventory MX

    Hi Folks, I picked up a new inventory MX 75 last weekend with only 12 miles on it. I noticed some defects with the trim and seal along with a few paint chips and one chip on the wheel. One paint chip exposed the metal underneath. The delivery people agreed to fix trim and seal but was adamant...
  2. S

    Help - Prices Paid Data - Let's Share how much you paid?

    I couldn't find a reliable source for both Model 3 deal and prices paid. As this forum is the most active, I'm hoping many would be inclined to share the recent deals they got or even the Order Advisor info to help. I will share all the data on a Google Sheet once I get a reliable sample size...
  3. I

    Expectations for inventory MX pickup

    Hi, I'm scheduled to pick up an inventory 2018 MX 75 with 50 listed miles soon. With the low miles, I'm hoping that this will be a showroom model rather than a loaner or test drive car. I have a checklist of items to inspect, but I'm unsure about what to expect with regards to wear-and-tear on...
  4. I

    Anyone buy a new inventory MX?

    Hi Folks, I'm leaning towards a new inventory/showroom 2018 MX 75d, 7 seater with 50 miles and wonder if anyone else here has bought a inventory/showroom MX? I'm concerned about some wear and tear to the seats, doors, etc... and wanted to see if you've experienced that on your MX. Since a new...
  5. I

    Inventory vs brand new MX?

    I was taking my time to decide between an inventory MX vs a brand new one, but with the pending price increase (3%) on March 18th, I'll have to figure it out this week. Would you get the 2018 inventory model or a brand new one??? Inventory model 2018 MX 75d multi-pattern black base seats...
  6. Ormond

    Inventory of Model 3 available to Tesla staff

    I stopped at a Tesla Store (mall) and today is the first time I spoke with an employee with access to the Model 3 inventory across the country. I think the inventory access was just released to more employees. I don't know if a last minute rush to pick up an inventory car is right for me, but...
  7. P100D Inventory Discount

    P100D Inventory Discount

    Inventory cars are one of the best ways to obtain a deal. This is an example of a 17k discount with loan to lease data.
  8. P

    Inventory X75D - $85k

    I'm transferring my deposit to another inventory car and am about to release a great X75D for $85k (and still eligible for the $75k tax credit). Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll connect you to my OA. It will probably go within minutes of being released. It has an $18k adjustment on...
  9. P

    Just purchased a 75D Model X for $18k off

    I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a deep blue 75D X fully loaded. It's a 5 seat interior with black premium interior. There are still good deals to be had if you know where to look. Mine had an $18k price adjustment and was only $85k before delivery, tax and title, and the EV tax...
  10. Mikeyro

    Belated Greetings!

    Hey All, this is my introduction I guess. I've been hanging around for a while now and had my first Model S (100D) delivered in March (picture below). We fell in love with Tesla and my wife is having her CPO S75D delivered in a about a month... we hope. Anyway, the whole CPO process got us...
  11. aikisteve

    Weer een prijsstijging op komst (24/4)

    Ik lees op verschillende fora dat er op 24 april een volgende prijsstijging van $5000 zou komen voor de P100D. Dit is intussen bevestigd door Tesla zelf. Bij ons vertaalt dat zich waarschijnlijk naar iets rond de €8000, als ik naar de prijsverschillen tussen US en EU kijk. Ook de 100D zou gaan...
  12. Bet TSLA

    No P100D for me -- won't remove Ludicrous

    I'm looking to upgrade my P85 Model S with AP 1.0. What I really want is a 100D, but that isn't available yet. So I was hoping I could get a P100D out of inventory with Ludicrous deleted, as the full thing busts my budget. I found one with everything I wanted (there's lots of P100D inventory...
  13. P

    Tesla Model X New Inventory Additions

    hi everyone - I'm looking to buy a Tesla in the next few weeks and it looks like there are some good options that are "new inventory". Does anyone if there is any pattern to how Tesla adds new inventory to the site? I've been checking EV-CPO, but are there certain times where they dump a bunch...
  14. C

    Have some of us been cheated by the Tesla sales experience?

    When I was looking to purchase my Model S in September 2016, I had a feeling a hardware update to Autopilot was coming. Since Autopilot is important to me due to my long highway commute to work every day, I asked the sales representatives if I should delay my purchase and wait for the new...
  15. G

    Will Tesla have fewer inventory discounts this quarter?

    When I took my Model X test drive, the overall experience was fantastic but trying the Autopilot features was the most memorable and pushed us over the cliff to confirm our order. Now with AP2 hardware rolling out and EAP software not being available at least until December (Tesla Time!), I am...