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jack pad

  1. D

    Jack pads for the new model 3 and Y from Berlin factory

    Hi Hope one of you guys can help me. A few years ago, i've made a jack pad for Tesla models. But i can see the new models from Berlin Germany - Model Y (Haven't seen it on model 3 yet). That they changed the lifting points from Ø25mm to Ø19mm and the lifting point isn't that deep as before. But...
  2. C

    Are the original Reverse Logic Model 3 jack pads compatible with Model Y?

    I have a set of jack pads I purchased back when I first got my 2018 Model 3, and debating whether to sell them with my 3 or keep them for the Y. After hearing how LFP models may be different, I was inspired to check my 2023 Fremont-built Y. I noticed that despite pushing the jack pad in all...
  3. RNHurt

    Can I re-use my old MY jack pucks on a MX?

    I'm thinking about replacing my 2020 MY with a 2020 MX and would like to know if the jack pucks are the same. I have a set of jack pucks for the MY that have come in really handy when changing tires, etc. I would like to re-use them for the MX but I don't know if they are compatible. I looked...
  4. O

    How much jack height to lift both wheels?

    Getting a floor jack, trying to find the lowest price and size that will do the job well. I want to lift high enough at one jack point so I can put a (low) jack stand under the other point, jack pad included. Options range from 20" / 510 mm lift (big, pricey) to 14" / 360 mm (cheaper, smaller...
  5. SeasonedTech

    Safe Jack - Jack Stands - Tesla S, 3, X, Y

    These are the racing red Safe Jacks brand, customized to work with Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y. You don't need the Tesla style jack pad; it comes with them! Purchased from Teslarati, normally they go for $545 shipped from Teslarati, yours for $500. Local pickup only (Bay Area, California) All 4 are...
  6. ctn531

    WARNING!!! Screws holding jack pad to frame are ALL loose - jack pad may fall off car

    I created this thread on the MX forum, but I assume it would apply to MS as well. Might be worth a few minutes of your time to check these bolts using a 13mm socket wrench. WARNING!!! Screws holding jack pad to frame are ALL loose - jack pad may fall off car
  7. ctn531

    WARNING!!! Screws holding jack pad to frame are ALL loose - jack pad may fall off car

    This evening I was feeling obsessive and compulsive and bored - I jacked up my car for the first time to remove each wheel so that I could perform a thorough cleaning to the inner wheel barrel (wipe off all dirt, grime & brake dust). My intention was to use my jack pad adapters (which I...
  8. A

    DIY Model 3 Jack Pads

    Didn't want to pay $25/jackpad when I could make 4 of them under that. I documented the process and here it is. You maybe able to do it for cheaper than $20 if you get your hockey pucks from Dick's A&R Practice Hockey Puck
  9. Murphy’s Law

    Vendor Jack pad adapters

    July Sale $40 each every model Order 2 save $10 Order 3 save $15 Order 4 save $25 Buy 2 or more and get free upgrade to priority shipping in the U.S. Model S Tesla Model S Jack Pad Adapter Lift Point Pad For Tire Service Tire Change Tool | eBay Model X Tesla Model X Jack Pad Adapter Lift...