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long range

  1. R

    Should I keep, delay, or cancel my long range reservation?

    I no longer need the M3LR, but my brother might be interested in one next year. Ordered it on 10/28 and EDD is 12/9-12/31. I have 3 options: Cancel Keep and sell Delay Not sure whether the price will be lower next year because of the potential ev tax credit. And CA sales tax is high, so not...
  2. M

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spots Wheels (Rims Only)

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spots Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually or all 4 for $1000 Pulled off a 2021 Model 3 Long-Range, 3 months old! 2 Rims are immaculate $500 each 1 Rim Has a Visible scratch along the side $250 1 Rim has a chunk missing from the edge (Ran over...
  3. T

    Buying decision used LR (2019) or refreshed SR+ (2021)

    Hi guys I want to get a Model 3 soon, but i'm having a hard time deciding between a new 2021 SR+ or a used LR. A new SR+ would cost me around 42k. A used LR would cost me roughly the same, with 35k-50k km (21000 - 31000 miles) and EAP (all currently in stock seem to have it). Most of these are...
  4. S

    Tire and rim warranty?

    I purchased my model y in august and upgraded my wheels to the induction wheels. Today I slightly grazed a curb and have a little bit of curb rash. Is this covered under any type of new vehicle warranty? Not sure if wheel/tire and rims have any warranty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. R

    Is LR worth an extra 6k?

    Just placed an order for Standard Range Plus. But with the recent price increase of SR+, Long Range costs only 6K more, instead of 8K. Should I cancel it and order LR instead?
  6. L

    Selling 2021 Tesla model S Long Range Yoke - White/Black 19’ Wheels FSD - I’m taking delivery in a week…

    Hello, I’m taking delivery in Ft Lauderdale of a New model S Long Range in a week. Anyone want to purchase it? I have another order for an X that is not too far out… (was expecting it to take much longer) DM me. Thanks!
  7. W

    2021 Model Y Long Range AWD, $65K - Columbus, OH

    5435 miles on it currently (will continue to slowly go up until sold) - 5 seater, FSD until October 22nd. Premium connectivity for the next year, 20" Induction wheels. Fun vehicle, price is firm especially with the new 1K increase on MSRP. Located in Columbus, OH - also interested in trade +...
  8. S

    2021 Model S LR Reservation Transfer

    Looking to transfer and split the price hike difference for the reservation. The order is white on black interior with 19" rims and tires (you will probably have to get the 21" since they're only shipping with those to my knowledge). I'm located in so-cal 90731 and would prefer to do a local...
  9. 1.21GW

    Technical deep dive: Plaid Torque curve

    I created a video that goes into depth about the Plaid torque curve and shows how it compares to the Dodge Demon and C8 Corvette
  10. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  11. S

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD FSD

    Car located in Phoenix + Blue LR AWD + Premium White Interior + Full Self-Driving + Unlimited Premium Connectivity + Acceleration boost + 18" Aeros w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All-Seasons (mid July 2021) + Full front PPF + Ceramic coating + Ceramic tint (front, sides, back) + Floor liners +...
  12. R

    New Model Y. Range questions

    My wife and I just received our model Y that we ordered back in April. The car is awesome to drive I'm hoping someone can help and answer a question. Yesterday we took it on a trip from NC to VA. When we left the car have "312 miles" and when we arrived it has "82" left. The trip was 148 actual...
  13. S

    Model X 2020 model - 10900 miles for Sale $90K

    Model X Long Range Pearl White Multi-Coat 20" Silver Wheels Black and White Premium Interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor Full Self-Driving Capability Free Unlimited Supercharging Looks almost new. I have a very good offer from CarMax(Aug 9th expiry), wanted to get few $$ more.
  14. M

    2018 Tesla Silver/White Model 3 AWD+EAP+20” Vossen, 18K miles - $49.5K

    I am the original owner with pink slip in hand. Took delivery Sept 2018, and have taken excellent care of it from day 1.. The exterior is ceramic coated as washed often. White Interior is clean and still has some new car smell. There are no door dings, and other than some minor normal wear, the...
  15. Ravire

    Model 3 LR AWD EAP for sale

    I’m selling my 2020 Model 3 LR AWD with enhanced autopilot and a lot of MPP parts. It has 40k miles on it. Nothings wrong with it I just need a bigger car probably a model x. Asking for $52k willing to negotiate Mods: Wrapped in Inozetek Midnight Purple All interior gloss black pieces wrapped...
  16. G

    Aug. 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 15850 miles, FSD with HW3, Excellent Condition, San Diego CA

    Aug. 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, pearl white multi-coat exterior with premium black interior mileage: 15850 FSD and EAP. HW3 installed. Condition: Excellent. Parked in garage at home and at work. Added ceramic coating at Adonis Detail shortly after purchase. Tires rotated/balanced every 5000 miles...
  17. Glenn T

    2018 Model 3 - Wife says must go!

    The LR3 is too low for my wife, so it must go. Pictures attached. No accidents, just daily wear. Replaced the tires just before the Pandemic and have only driven a few hundred miles since the Pandemic because I don’t drive for work anymore. I live in Southern California. Please contact me a...
  18. E

    How to know if my June 2021 LR model is the new one with 614 km range?

    I just got a VIN for the TM3LR that I'm picking up in 10 days. When I ordered the car in march, Tesla stated a range of 580 km (which was increased from the 560 of the 2020 model, mainly due to heat pump etc). But In the end of april, Tesla started showing 614 km as the WLTP range of the TM3LR...
  19. Leeon

    Refresh Model S spotted in San Diego...

    Seen a 2021 Refresh Model S in San Diego. White on White... and I can confirm it had the Yolk steering wheel. Didn't have a rear badge so I’m assuming it was the long range. Looking forward to an update on my order.
  20. limmerguy

    Road trip with the Thule Cargo Hitch Box (Transporter Combi)

    Hi All, I wanted to document a recent 2,200 mile road trip with my Thule hitch-mounted cargo box for anyone who is interested. Notes: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with 18" Aero wheels. 5.8% battery degredation. Roughly 70 kWh usable at 100% SoC. Stealth Hitches hitch with trailer package...
  21. ssuyog

    Tesla Model X 2020 - For Sale

    Tesla Model X 2020 Model X Long Range Pearl White Multi-Coat 20" Silver Wheels All Black Premium Interior with Figured Ash Wood Décor Autopilot Full Self-Driving Capability 7 seater Milage: 16xxx No accidents, excellent condition. VIN 5YJXCAE29LF233189 Garage parked
  22. N

    MY LR New Features

    Took delivery of MY LR today. Confirmed features: Heated Steering Wheel New Center Console Could not confirm New Headlights? I guess not? (See pic) 82 kWH battery - How do I confirm?
  23. A

    2021 Standard Range Plus Real-World Experience

    Currently have a 2021 Model X Long Range (pre-refresh) and we're looking to replace our last ICE with a SR+ Model 3. I know that there's a significant price difference between the MX LR+ and the M3 SR+ but we're split between ordering a SR+ or a LR M3. What are the differences between the...
  24. P

    2021 Model 3 LR broke down and wouldn’t drive

    Hi guys, I took delivery of my 2021 model 3 long range 4 days ago. Long story short, 450 miles in I pull up to a super charger for the second time ever and start charging. 5-10 mins in it stops charging and reports the following three errors BMS_a035, BMS_a151 and VCFRONT_a192. The car wouldn’t...
  25. J

    Hypothetical Long Range RWD Model Y Buyer Questions

    As the Standard Range RWD Model Y is only available off the menu, at least for now, would you consider purchasing a Long Range RWD Model Y should Tesla decide to build this variation? Price - How much would you expect to pay for a Long Range RWD Model Y given that the current price of the Long...
  26. joeyjackson

    19" Gemini vs 20" Induction?

    Hoping to purchase a LR AWD Model Y once the new center consoles start becoming a little more prevalent. I test drove a LR Y recently and it had the 19" Gemini Wheels. Although I loved how smooth the ride quality was I personally think they're hideous. I would probably go for the 20" Induction...
  27. joeyjackson

    Model Y Tail Light/Brake Light Issue?

    I recently test drove a 2021 Model Y, no new headlights or center console however it did have newer features like the metal scroll wheel buttons and the drive in the glovebox. After I got home I was looking at some of the pictures I took from the day and noticed that something seemed off about...
  28. B

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range for Sale

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range 4 door sedan with 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. Midnight Silver Metallic color with 19" sport wheels. Comes with autopilot, and you can upgrade to full self driving at any time. Under warranty through 2028 or after 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, with...
  29. mikey_bs

    2021 Model 3 Long Range - Black / Black

    Looking to possibly sell my 2021 Tesla Model 3 LR - Black / Black My vehicle has 365 miles on it. Not a single blemish or ding anywhere. Model 3 might be a bit too small for me and looking to upgrade to a Model Y. Will only sell for the right price. Black on Black Long Range Model 3 after all...
  30. K

    connecting Arduino to CAN bus?

    anyone able to get Arduino to communicate with Tesla's CAN bus? thinking if this is possible, you can use the Arduino to create custom car lighting in the Tesla that communicates with/is controlled by the car, anyone have any experience with this/Tesla does not give much info about this stuff?
  31. B

    Model 3 Efficiency

    I asked this in another part of the forums but I was advised to ask here for more specific answers. Hi, I'm planning on buying a model 3 LR in the next 2-3 years, my question to you is that I stay in Scotland and I want to know what kind of range/efficiency I'll be getting. On average we get...
  32. B

    Model 3 Efficiency

    Hi, I'm planning on buying a model 3 LR in the next 2-3 years once I have saved a big enough deposit. My question to you is that I stay in Scotland and I want to know what kind of range/efficiency I'll be getting. On average we get temperatures of around 11°c annually, winter it is on average of...
  33. E

    2018 LR or 2021 SR+

    I need recommendations on what to do- I can either buy a cheaper 2018 LR with 55k miles that’s out of the basic warranty and has some cosmetic fit and finish issues OR go with a 2021 SR+. I’d prefer LR but am concerned it’s out of warranty with fit and finished issues. What’s the best choice?
  34. mikey_bs

    Value Model 3 Performance vs Long Range

    I couldn't find much information on this specific topic so I apologize if this is repeated. I am curious as to which trim holds more value percentage wise between a 2021 refreshed Performance Model 3 and a Long range Model 3. Realistically, I would probably only keep the model 3 for three years...
  35. N

    Indiana Waiting Room

    Ordered my Model Y AWD LR on 9/28. White with stock wheels, no tow hitch.. Got a VIN on 10/18. Now waiting on Delivery date. Hard to be patient. Any one else in Indiana waiting?
  36. H

    Autostrada del Sole - From Munich to southern Italy, 1,036 km in a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    A travel report for Tesla drivers
  37. BM3B

    Model X horsepower and 0-60 sec discussion

    I am a new Model X owner LR+ 20" with -H battery built 9/2020. I have been looking for LR (non-performance) horsepower and 0-60 information and have not found much in the forum especially for power. I will post my findings to this thread and ask anyone else with info to chime in as well. Thanks...
  38. T

    Delivery Lead Times - M3 LR

    I'm looking to order a Model3 Long Range later this month and was wondering if there was an inside scoop on estimated delivery dates (outside of what the website says). I thought I remembered seeing that the Freemont facility has a build schedule based on where the car will be delivered. For...
  39. MrTemple

    Model Y Long Range has 990 Rear Motor (Performance has 980)

    My Dual Motor Long Range Y, built August 15, 2020 (VIN: 36000, 8th character E) definitely has the 990 rear motor. The Performance has the 980. The original batch of LRs had the 980. They also had the Performance VIN (8th character is F while in my LR the 8th character is E). Details on the...
  40. J

    Tesla Model 3 LR RWD with FSD. 2018 - California. Asking $39k OBO

    List of options purchased: - Full Self-Driving Capability - Enhanced Autopilot - Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive RWD - Black Premium Interior - Deep Blue Metallic - 19" Sport Wheels - Rear Heated Seats Sticker was $63k Clean Title. No accidents. No damage of any kind. VIN ***109006 Want to sell...
  41. K

    WTB Tesla model 3 red long range AWD - Chicagoland area

    Looking to buy red model 3. Preferably less than 25,000 miles. Thanks, Kevin
  42. antchobees

    Delivery 26XXX - 8 Issues - Made 07/20

    Ordered Early July. Original Delivery Date: 07/18. Delayed Delivery Date: 07/30. Car manufactured in 07/2020 Here are my problems with this delivery. 1. Frunk gap isn’t align correctly. 2. Both front driver and passenger seats looks like someone ran a knife through the back of it. Very...
  43. V

    2018 Tesla Model 3 * Long range * Dual motor * EAP * 3589 miles

    Hello I'm selling my Tesla Model 3; 2018 Model 3 Long range Dual Motor AWD, blue metallic, premium black interior, I purchased it new in Nov 2018 and didn't start driving until Jan 2019. Date of manufacture 11/2018. I purchased the enhanced auto pilot. I did not purchase the FSD. The car has...
  44. B

    Max range for EU (NL & BE) MS LR 2020 raven

    I recently got my 2020 Model s long range and I have a doubt over the displayed range when the display settings for the car is in Distance (kms) rather than in Energy %. If I move the slider all the way to the right it shows a range of 580 kms. However as per the advertised WLTP range on...
  45. chrisgrogan2

    Finally got VIN and Delivery date !! MX Long Range to Europe

    Ordered a 2020 Model X long Range back in mid-April. Finally got a delivery date of 13th of July in Frankfurt. Super pumped, but now down to brass tax of getting money and paperwork in line.
  46. M

    Newbie switching from ICE to EV

    Hi everyone, I hope you guys take it easy on me but I’m looking for real world information on a M3. I had a M3P ordered but changed it to the LR AWD. What are the real upsides/downsides between the 2 versions i.e. range, comfort, resale value, etc. I won’t be going to any track days but the...
  47. K

    2019 model 3 - 6k miles - $45990

    Very lightly used Premium Surround sound Premium Interior Autopilot 2 18" Aero Wheels Pearl White Paint Black and White Premium Interior Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range All-Wheel Drive priced to sell. email [email protected]
  48. ClarkJoeKent

    GEORGIA: Red Model 3 Long Range RWD w/ EAP & Lifetime Connectivity

    Our family is growing and we made the tough decision to let go of our beloved Model 3. This vehicle is unique in that Tesla no longer produces this configuration: long range rear wheel drive. It is one of the most efficient models in their lineup at 325 miles of range on a single charge. Mileage...
  49. T

    Selling: 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 19" Sport Wheels, Black Matte Wrap, $39k OBO

    Hi all! I'm selling this beauty due to Model Y purchase. Car is located in Tampa, FL. Details: - 2018 Long Range - $39,000 but happy to take serious offers - 42,000 miles - RWD - Excellent mechanical condition - Deep Matte Black wrap and Chrome delete - Wheels are powder coated (minor curbing...
  50. K

    used model 3 LR or a new SR+

    3 LR: - 54,000 km - May 2018 build what I’m worried about is the out of warranty cost after I get to 80,000 km on it ? also May was 5-7 months after they started making model 3s I wonder what the build quality is like

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