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long range

  1. R

    Better drive units in 2022+ Model S?

    I’m one of those “happy” model S owners with rear drive unit issues. The rear drive unit of my 2015 model S P85DL, which I bought second hand, was replaced under warranty in 2019 around 75.000km. At the time I think it was fluid in the unit as well. A few weeks ago the current drive unit, which...
  2. itechnology

    Expired FS OBO: 2018 AWD Black Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor | Acceleration Boost | Enhanced...

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS: Black AWD Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor | Acceleration Boost | Enhanced Autopilot | Full Tesla Used Warranty Coverage. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. S

    Charging Speed Changes Over Model Year?

    To set up the story, I own 2 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD. One is a 2019 and one is a 2022. I am aware that the battery sizes are a little different, so I want to first start off by saying I fully understand if the battery is larger is will take a tad longer to charge. Also, I use the Tesla Route...
  4. A

    Hello from Sarasota!

    Joined a while back but haven't posted yet. I have a model 3, and was lucky enough to snatch the long-range version that is 358 miles. Have had it for just over a year now and love it! Times flies quickly. It's an absolute joy to drive. I'm considering wrapping it to protect the paint, but...
  5. LORK

    2020 M3LR AWD MS/Black/19" wheels/Acc Boost 41k mi (NYC area) - $35,000

    With an infant, decided it was time to get a larger vehicle, selling my 2020 Model 3 LR AWD. Midnight Silver, basic autopilot, acceleration boost, 41,000 miles, 19' sport wheels. I absolutely love this car and, if I could, I would keep it, but my budget doesn't allow for 2 car payments at the...
  6. 3

    $65k for a PA 2021 Refresh Blue Model S LR with FSD only 12.5k miles

    Now asking $65k for a 2021 refresh Blue Tesla Model S LR with FSD and only 12.8k miles. Located in Pennsylvania in philadelphia area close to New Jersey, New York. This spec sells for $89,240 when buying new on Tesla’s website right now. The car has a clean title, like new, no issues. Options...
  7. W

    Available Eibach PRO-KIT Lowering Springs (Model Y)

    $265 OBO - Prefer local pickup in OC/LA area but can ship at buyer's expense Only had these on the car for <300 miles, wife did not like it so we went back to stock. Can provide original receipts if requested. Fits Model Y Long Range and Performance SKU: E10-87-002-01-22
  8. B

    Available Genuine OEM 2021-2023 Tesla Model S Refresh Long Range / Plaid 19” Tempest Wheels & Continental ProContact RX tires. Under 200 miles! San Diego, CA.

    Location: SoCal Up for sale is a set of genuine OEM Tesla Model S Refresh 19” Tempest wheels & Tesla specific Continental ProContact RX all season tires with less than 200 miles! These new take offs are so immaculate you can eat off them! No curb rash or damage of any kind. Tires measure 9/32”...
  9. V

    Available LEASE TAKEOVER - Model 3 LR - Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Area

    Hi everyone! I’ll be moving to NYC from Miami in July & am looking for someone to takeover my lease. It’s an M3LR with (as of 5/15) 26,039 miles. The lease allows up to 15,000 miles per year so it’s under that allowance. I have the black exterior with white seats and Autopilot (no FSD). I...
  10. H

    Constant Driving Speed of a BEV Versus its Range

    The most efficient freeway speed for a BEV varies depending on the model and the driving conditions. The general consensus is that the energy efficiency starts going down fast at higher speeds as the electric motor's power requirements keep going up. Where can we find a right balance of speed vs...
  11. A

    Model 3 long range Lease takeover

    Hello, I have a 2022 blue, long range model 3 and I’m looking for someone to takeover my lease which ends November 2023. $0 down payment. It has a very low mileage balance. The monthly is $750 but I’m willing to subsidize the monthly payment a bit or potentially pay a transfer fee to you to...
  12. R

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with FSD For Sale

    Up for sale is my immaculate 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with Full Self Driving! Below is the facebook marketplace listing. My Phone number is 248-974-9943 and my email is [email protected], feel free to reach out with any questions, offers, and trades...
  13. S

    Road Trip to Poland and Back

    Hi I'm about to order a new Tesla Model Y (LR) and wondered if anyone has experience on taking their EV's on long road trips across Europe. I'm planning a trip from - Dover to Hamburg - Hamburg to CPH - CPH to Karlshamn - Klaipeda to Krakow - Krakow to Smizany and the Bratislava - Then slowly...
  14. N

    Model All weather interior Floor liners $200 OEM

    New OEM Tesla Model S Interior Floor Liners all weather low wall. Asking $200
  15. N

    Model S All-Weather Interior and Cargo Liners includes front and rear wells $300

    https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-s-all-weather-interior-liners $250 MSRP https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-s-all-weather-rear-cargo-liner-set $200 MSRP https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-s-all-weather-front-trunk-liner 85$ MSRP Pretty new ones, used for less than 500 miles, asking $300
  16. N

    Superlight Titanium Lug Nuts Set for Tesla Vehicles $350

    https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/superlight-titanium-lug-nuts-set-tesla/ Burnt Titanium Finish, fits all Tesla models
  17. N

    Unplugged Model S Suspension Package ($6000) Includes Rear Sway bar

    https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/model-s-plaid-lr-suspension-package-1/ https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/2021-tesla-model-s-plaid-lr-rear-sway-bar-3-way-adjustable/ This package provides you ultimate alignment control over the camber, caster, and toe to allow you to set up the...
  18. N

    Unplugged Carbon Ceramic Breaks For Sale ($6500)

    https://unpluggedperformance.com/product/model-s-plaid-carbon-ceramic-brake-kit/ Selling Unplugged Carbon Ceramic front breaks: Ceramic coated Calipers BFB 6 Piston Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit/ Street and Track Breaks pads include stainless steel lines FOR 2021+ Model S Long...
  19. M

    Acceleratie boost MY LR niet meer mogelijk?

    Hallo allemaal, Ik sta op het punt om een Model Y te bestellen. Nu heb ik een proefrit gemaakt in de Performance. Het vermogen en de rijdynamiek bevielen mij zeer, echter rammelden de vullingen uit m’n kiezen toen ik door een dorp over een klinkerweg reed. Ik zou daarom toch de Long Range...
  20. C

    Long Range ‘23 EU “restyled”

    Picked up my brand new Tesla S Long Range just before NY at the Tesla center in Bruges, Belgium. Probably one of the very first Long Ranges in Euope. Already drove over 3.000 kms and as new-to-Tesla driver I absolutely love the car. It exceeded my expectations, build quality is top notch and...
  21. N

    Thinking to purchase a high mileage model 3

    Hi everyone, In the market for a new (to me) car! Have been keeping an eye on teslas as I know that is what I want my next car to be. I was originally looking to spend around 34k for one but I have found one that I am debating on due to its pricing. I have found a late 2018 build model 3 with...
  22. D

    2021 Refreshed Model S Midnight Silver Metallic, 27.4k miles, Oregon, $80k!

    Hello good people of the forum! I'm selling my 2021 Midnight Silver Metallic "Refreshed" Tesla Model S with factory basic vehicle warranty until 3 Aug 2025 / 50k miles, battery + drive unit warranty until 3 Aug 2029 / 150k miles! Premium connectivy until 5 Aug 2023. Tires are Michelin Sport...
  23. R

    Can I Upgrade to Matrix Headlights for 2023 LRMY After Delivery?

    I saw a thread here we were getting LRMY (not performance) 2022 late year with matrix headlights - likely due to supply chain constraints. That said, my question is, if I really want them, can I just pay to have Tesla upgrade them after I take delivery? Guess I should just ask the shop, but I...
  24. B

    VCFRONT_a180 Electrical system power reduced

    2022 Model 3 Long Range (less than 4,000 miles) got bricked last week after supercharging. It's currently at the service center, but they've been "diagnosing" for a week now and they can't figure out what's wrong. Here is my perspective leading up to the error, bricking, and eventual tow to...
  25. Koncealed

    FS: 2022 Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD - Low Miles

    For sale is my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD. Car has 5,600 miles Car is pictured with wheel covers off but I do still have them and will include them with sale Car comes with a Tesla Mobile Connector/Charger Car comes with all-weather floor mats included, as well as the original...
  26. Koncealed

    For Sale: 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

    For sale is my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor. Car has 5,600 miles Car is pictured with wheel covers off but I do still have them and will include them with sale Car does come with a Tesla Mobile Connector/Charger Car does have all-weather floor mats included Car has always been kept...
  27. N

    22 Model Y for sale with speed boost

    Hi I have a 2022 model Y long range for sale with 9300 miles on it. Excellent condition, babied and charged at home 95% of the time to 80%. I purchased the speed boost for 2k a few months ago. Also I ceramic coated the car. I’m buying a model 3 instead which is why I’m selling. I’m in Thousand...
  28. R

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Lease Takeover (RI/New England/Boston area)

    Hi all! Lurked here quite a bit and decided to join to post a lease transfer. My living situation has changed and I will no longer be needing my Model 3. Rhode Island/Boston area 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD (with Ryzen) Red 18” Aero Wheels ~2400 miles, 10k per year allowed Lease...
  29. T

    2021 Model S Long Range Refresh | Black/Black | FSD | 19" | Upgrades | 9.8k mi | Bay Area - $93k

    Up for sale is my 2021 Model S Refresh Long Range AWD for $93k. Phenomenal machine, really enjoyed everything about the car, but remote work resulted in me using this a lot less than I anticipated. It has mostly sat in my garage and I'm looking for an owner to enjoy it more than I can. Happy...
  30. Aloha_MYP2022

    FOR SALE: 2022 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD | 2,400 miles—Perfect Condition | Virginia ($56,800)

    Selling our 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. The vehicle is only 3-months old (Purchased August 2022) and is in absolutely perfect condition. Purchase Price: $61,835 | Asking Price: $56,800 (Amazing deal for a new Tesla) Vehicle Details: VIN: 5YJ3E1EBXNF318991 Vehicle Location...
  31. I

    For Sale Brand New Model Y Long Range, Irvine CA

    I would like to sell my brand new Model Y Long Range I took delivery last week. Current Mileage 600miles. My interest lies in getting a Model X. Specifications Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White Paint 19’’ Gemini Wheels Black and White Premium Interior Five Seat Interior...
  32. I

    Sell my new Model Y - Irvine CA

    I would like to sell my brand new Model Y Long Range I took delivery last week. Current Mileage 600miles. My interest lies in getting a Model X. Specifications Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White Paint 19’’ Gemini Wheels Black and White Premium Interior Five Seat...
  33. M

    2022 Model Y. 7 Seats. Blk/BLK. 24k miles.

    2022 Model Y. 7 Seats. Blk/BLK. 24k miles. $6999 obo.
  34. B

    2022 Model Y LR 7 Seat White on Black - Actual Car and Title in Hand DMV area or NJ/NY

    Up for sale is a 2022 Model Y Long Range Dual Motor. This one has the third row option, making it a 7 seater. 12.5K miles Clean title in hand and ready to go. One owner, no accidents, no issues. Autopilot All Black Premium Interior Pearl White Multi-Coat (PPSW) Premium Interior 19’’ Gemini...
  35. T

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD - 23.2K mileage - SF Bay Area

    Amazing condition Model 3 for sale! This is the All-Black Interior Long Range Dual Motor AWD trim with fewer than 23,200 miles on it at the time of this posting. Still drives like the first day I received it and still has 1+ year / 26K miles left of basic warranty, and 5 years / 95k miles left...
  36. 2

    2022 Model 3 Long Range Sep Build $63K

    2022 Model 3 Long Range September Build Midnight Silver Metallic Premium Black Interior Aero Wheels 465 miles Currently garage stored $63K Located in Southern California (Inland Empire) Decided to go with a Model Y purchase. Not planning on driving any further until sold. Will work with...
  37. Leojsayta

    2021 Model S LR, FSD, White, Cream - $94,500 - Excellent Cond., 8500 miles

    2021 Model S Long Range (Refreshed Palladium version), with FSD package included and in near perfect condition inside and out, for sale. Similar configuration currently sells for $121,990 at Tesla.com and does not include the many nice extras included with the purchase of this car. I need to...
  38. S

    Confused between rear wheel vs long range

    Hi everyone, I am currently in a dilemma. I am currently waiting for my 2022 model 3 rear wheel drive to arrive this week on Friday. Now I just saw some new model 3 long range models in the current inventory on the website for around $58-61k. I would have to pay at least 10k or more before taxes...
  39. C

    2022 Model X LR 6 Seater - Austin/San Antonio

    Model X LR September 2022 Build 200 Miles Black Exterior White Interior Swivel Screen Yoke 6 Seater 20'' Cyberstream Wheels $130,000 obo
  40. J

    Tesla Model X LR For Sale

    Hi TMC! This is my 2nd post about my 2021/2022 Tesla Long Range for sale. My reservation has been completed and the car is ready for pickup this Sunday in Stockton, CA (9/25/22). Configurations: Model X Long Range Solid Black 22" Turbine Wheels Cream Premium Interior with Walnut Decor Seven...
  41. F

    2019 Model S Long Range, 21" rims, 38,000 miles Boston Area - $69,000.

    Just finished a 3-year lease and purchased the car from Tesla. Ordered a new 2022 Model S which should be arriving shortly. 2019 Model S Long Range. Midnight Silver Metallic. White Premium Interior with dark ash wood decor. 38,300 miles. Zero mechanical issues. No accidents. Gargared all three...
  42. F

    2019 Model S Long Range, 21" rims, 38,000 miles Boston Area - $69,000.

    Just finished my 3-year lease of a 2019 Model S Long Range and purchased the car from Tesla. I ordered a 2022 Model S which is scheduled to arrive shortly. 38,300 miles. Zero mechanical issues. No accidents. Garaged. Excellent condition! Midnight Silver Metallic. Black and White Premium...
  43. S

    2022 Model 3 Long Range in Red, White Interior, ~3500 ODO, Acceleration Boost, Red Aero Covers, Interior LED Kit, and a couple extras. $65k

    Decided that I want to get the Model S Plaid instead. Everything on the car is in excellent shape. No mechanical issues. Only selling it because I want to upgrade. Delivered Jun 19 2022. Odometer is currently at 3,600. I purchased acceleration boost the day after taking ownership and I have no...
  44. xy4co

    2021 Tesla Model Y (Lease Transfer)

    Greetings, everyone! I'm looking for someone to take over my Model Y lease. I did lots of road-tripping in the last year and have no plans of doing more. Details below! - Located in Oregon. - Black exterior, black interior. - Lease ends May 2024. - Payment to Tesla is $480/month. - Current...
  45. H

    2022 Model 3 LR / Reservation / Delivery in September

    Hello, I have made a reservation for the 2022 Model 3 LR. I have decided that I can't comfortably afford the car atm so I am hoping to sell the reservation. The car is expected to get delivery in September - (VIN's have been assigned before but I asked the tesla agent to put my order on hold...
  46. P

    Ordering a Model S?

    Anyone ordering a Tesla Model S and really don’t want to wait the 5 to 6 months for a delivery? I currently have one on order with a delivery of September / October that I decided not to take delivery of. The price is $5,000 cheaper than ordering one currently, and I’m willing to transfer my RN...
  47. G

    Matrix Headlights on LR Y?

    Has anyone seen this article? Fremont Tesla Model Y Gets New Door Panels, Matrix Headlights on Long Range - TeslaNorth.com More importantly, can anyone confirm if this is accurate? I’m waiting on delivery of a MY LR and getting matrix headlights would be welcome news.
  48. W

    Model X Plaid reservation for 9/1 - 10/6 delivery (Pre hike price & $3000 credit 6 seats upgrade)

    Hello, Summary: looking to sell MX Plaid reservation best offer (registration info not entered yet). Details: - $123,490 base price/config (White exterior, black interior, 20" wheels) It was ordered as 7 seats and Tesla is going to give free upgrade since Plaid only comes with 6 seat now for...
  49. W

    Model X Plaid reservation for 9/1 - 10/6 delivery

  50. SpeedRacerM5

    2021 Model S Long Range - Grey / Black - 3.5k Miles - 21-inch Arachnids

    2021 Model S Long Range with the refreshed interior / exterior, yoke, and horizontal media control unit. I love this car and think the refresh was well worth it, but I'm selling to make room for an electric truck. Call or text: 8 five nine 545-17 thirty-nine (avoiding the bots) 2021 Tesla...