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long range

  1. T

    2021 Model S Long Range Refresh | Black/Black | FSD | 19" | Upgrades | 9.8k mi | Bay Area - $93k

    Up for sale is my 2021 Model S Refresh Long Range AWD for $93k. Phenomenal machine, really enjoyed everything about the car, but remote work resulted in me using this a lot less than I anticipated. It has mostly sat in my garage and I'm looking for an owner to enjoy it more than I can. Happy...
  2. Aloha_MYP2022

    FOR SALE: 2022 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD | 2,400 miles—Perfect Condition | Virginia ($56,800)

    Selling our 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. The vehicle is only 3-months old (Purchased August 2022) and is in absolutely perfect condition. Purchase Price: $61,835 | Asking Price: $56,800 (Amazing deal for a new Tesla) Vehicle Details: VIN: 5YJ3E1EBXNF318991 Vehicle Location...
  3. I

    For Sale Brand New Model Y Long Range, Irvine CA

    I would like to sell my brand new Model Y Long Range I took delivery last week. Current Mileage 600miles. My interest lies in getting a Model X. Specifications Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White Paint 19’’ Gemini Wheels Black and White Premium Interior Five Seat Interior...
  4. I

    Sell my new Model Y - Irvine CA

    I would like to sell my brand new Model Y Long Range I took delivery last week. Current Mileage 600miles. My interest lies in getting a Model X. Specifications Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White Paint 19’’ Gemini Wheels Black and White Premium Interior Five Seat...
  5. M

    2022 Model Y. 7 Seats. Blk/BLK. 24k miles.

    2022 Model Y. 7 Seats. Blk/BLK. 24k miles. $6999 obo.
  6. B

    2022 Model Y LR 7 Seat White on Black - Actual Car and Title in Hand DMV area or NJ/NY

    Up for sale is a 2022 Model Y Long Range Dual Motor. This one has the third row option, making it a 7 seater. 12.5K miles Clean title in hand and ready to go. One owner, no accidents, no issues. Autopilot All Black Premium Interior Pearl White Multi-Coat (PPSW) Premium Interior 19’’...
  7. T

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD - 23.2K mileage - SF Bay Area

    Amazing condition Model 3 for sale! This is the All-Black Interior Long Range Dual Motor AWD trim with fewer than 23,200 miles on it at the time of this posting. Still drives like the first day I received it and still has 1+ year / 26K miles left of basic warranty, and 5 years / 95k miles left...
  8. 2

    2022 Model 3 Long Range Sep Build $63K

    2022 Model 3 Long Range September Build Midnight Silver Metallic Premium Black Interior Aero Wheels 465 miles Currently garage stored $63K Located in Southern California (Inland Empire) Decided to go with a Model Y purchase. Not planning on driving any further until sold. Will work with...
  9. Leojsayta

    2021 Model S LR, FSD, White, Cream - $94,500 - Excellent Cond., 8500 miles

    2021 Model S Long Range (Refreshed Palladium version), with FSD package included and in near perfect condition inside and out, for sale. Similar configuration currently sells for $121,990 at Tesla.com and does not include the many nice extras included with the purchase of this car. I need to...
  10. S

    Confused between rear wheel vs long range

    Hi everyone, I am currently in a dilemma. I am currently waiting for my 2022 model 3 rear wheel drive to arrive this week on Friday. Now I just saw some new model 3 long range models in the current inventory on the website for around $58-61k. I would have to pay at least 10k or more before taxes...
  11. C

    2022 Model X LR 6 Seater - Austin/San Antonio

    Model X LR September 2022 Build 200 Miles Black Exterior White Interior Swivel Screen Yoke 6 Seater 20'' Cyberstream Wheels $130,000 obo
  12. J

    Tesla Model X LR For Sale

    Hi TMC! This is my 2nd post about my 2021/2022 Tesla Long Range for sale. My reservation has been completed and the car is ready for pickup this Sunday in Stockton, CA (9/25/22). Configurations: Model X Long Range Solid Black 22" Turbine Wheels Cream Premium Interior with Walnut Decor Seven...
  13. F

    2019 Model S Long Range, 21" rims, 38,000 miles Boston Area - $69,000.

    Just finished a 3-year lease and purchased the car from Tesla. Ordered a new 2022 Model S which should be arriving shortly. 2019 Model S Long Range. Midnight Silver Metallic. White Premium Interior with dark ash wood decor. 38,300 miles. Zero mechanical issues. No accidents. Gargared all three...
  14. F

    2019 Model S Long Range, 21" rims, 38,000 miles Boston Area - $69,000.

    Just finished my 3-year lease of a 2019 Model S Long Range and purchased the car from Tesla. I ordered a 2022 Model S which is scheduled to arrive shortly. 38,300 miles. Zero mechanical issues. No accidents. Garaged. Excellent condition! Midnight Silver Metallic. Black and White Premium...
  15. S

    2022 Model 3 Long Range in Red, White Interior, ~3500 ODO, Acceleration Boost, Red Aero Covers, Interior LED Kit, and a couple extras. $65k

    Decided that I want to get the Model S Plaid instead. Everything on the car is in excellent shape. No mechanical issues. Only selling it because I want to upgrade. Delivered Jun 19 2022. Odometer is currently at 3,600. I purchased acceleration boost the day after taking ownership and I have no...
  16. xy4co

    2021 Tesla Model Y (Lease Transfer)

    Greetings, everyone! I'm looking for someone to take over my Model Y lease. I did lots of road-tripping in the last year and have no plans of doing more. Details below! - Located in Oregon. - Black exterior, black interior. - Lease ends May 2024. - Payment to Tesla is $480/month. - Current...
  17. H

    2022 Model 3 LR / Reservation / Delivery in September

    Hello, I have made a reservation for the 2022 Model 3 LR. I have decided that I can't comfortably afford the car atm so I am hoping to sell the reservation. The car is expected to get delivery in September - (VIN's have been assigned before but I asked the tesla agent to put my order on hold...
  18. P

    Ordering a Model S?

    Anyone ordering a Tesla Model S and really don’t want to wait the 5 to 6 months for a delivery? I currently have one on order with a delivery of September / October that I decided not to take delivery of. The price is $5,000 cheaper than ordering one currently, and I’m willing to transfer my RN...
  19. G

    Matrix Headlights on LR Y?

    Has anyone seen this article? Fremont Tesla Model Y Gets New Door Panels, Matrix Headlights on Long Range - TeslaNorth.com More importantly, can anyone confirm if this is accurate? I’m waiting on delivery of a MY LR and getting matrix headlights would be welcome news.
  20. W

    Model X Plaid reservation for 9/1 - 10/6 delivery (Pre hike price & $3000 credit 6 seats upgrade)

    Hello, Summary: looking to sell MX Plaid reservation best offer (registration info not entered yet). Details: - $123,490 base price/config (White exterior, black interior, 20" wheels) It was ordered as 7 seats and Tesla is going to give free upgrade since Plaid only comes with 6 seat now for...
  21. W

    Model X Plaid reservation for 9/1 - 10/6 delivery

  22. SpeedRacerM5

    2021 Model S Long Range - Grey / Black - 3.5k Miles - 21-inch Arachnids

    2021 Model S Long Range with the refreshed interior / exterior, yoke, and horizontal media control unit. I love this car and think the refresh was well worth it, but I'm selling to make room for an electric truck. Call or text: 8 five nine 545-17 thirty-nine (avoiding the bots) 2021 Tesla...
  23. S

    2022 M3 LR white TX

    2022 model 3 long range DFW TX White ext Black Int Tint all windows except windshield Include sunshade and screen protector All weather mat include frunk and trunk 2700mi Excellent condition $64000
  24. B

    2021 Model S (LR) - Real world driving range

    I recently purchased a 2021 (refreshed model) model s LR, tempest wheels. the vehicle is rated at 405 miles, but i cannot get anywhere close to that range. At best i am squeezing 60% of the range ( IE. charged to 324 miles(80%), driven down to 81 miles (20%) = in theory i should of driven...
  25. K

    Got stuck choosing between Model Y Long Range and Performance so I ordered both

    Howdy! I go so stuck choosing between the Model Y Long Range and Performance I ordered both. Now I know it’s on its way and I have more time to decide. My plan is to cancel one order after making the final call. Here’s the factors I’ve been wrestling with. Firstly, I live in Northern Europe...
  26. E

    Model Y longe range Dual motor

    I am selling my brand new tesla model y. 6155227538. Located in Florida near west palm beach. Has 100 miles since i had to drive to tesla and home.
  27. S

    2022 Model X LR reservation for sell (Bay area)

    Selling my 2022 Model X reservation since it's been delayed for so long and we bought something else. LR + six seater + Black and White Premium Interior with Walnut Décor. The delivery is expected sometime in October, may get pushed to Nov. Only has this vehicle on my account so transfer will be...
  28. D

    Reservation Wanted - 2022 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor AWD Long Range with Structural Battery 4680 cell

    ***URGENT**** Looking for a 2022 Tesla Model Y AWD Long Range with Structural Battery 4680 cell reservation that is to land within the next 15-25 days. Exterior color does not matter nor does interior, the important things to me are: AWD Dual Motor Long Range Structural Battery 4680 Cell...
  29. B

    2018 Model 3 Long Range asking $48,900

    Model Y on the way so this baby needs a new home. Physician wife drove it the whole time. Has 38,900 miles. LONG Range NO FSD. Carvana/Cargurus offered mid 40s .. street price is $51- $52k. Looking for a quick sale in between the two. RED with premium wheels and premium Audio.. This car is...
  30. B

    Selling Just Delivered 2022 MY. Seattle, WA

    Hey All - I finally received my 2022 Model Y a couple weekends ago and want to sell. I ordered the vehicle in June of last year and with a baby on the way couldn’t risk waiting any longer so sadly purchased another vehicle instead which I’ve decided to keep. Selling the MY for $75K. Specs &...
  31. F

    Looking To Buy a Clean 2018-2020 Model 3 LR AWD under 52K

    Located in CA, willing to pick up the car anywhere in CA, Nevada, Washington. One owner, clean title, mint condition and mileage under 60K preferred. Cash, looking to buy asap.
  32. OilSucks

    Not Available 2022 Model S Long Range - Red Ext/Cream Int - No FSD - $104K

    Hello everyone! After some back and forth I think I’m going to step out of the S and go with my Model X that I reserved that will be delivered soon. For sale is a red exterior, cream interior 2022 Model S Long Range! Get this car NOW instead of waiting months and also get a car that has had any...
  33. K

    Oct 1st 2021, we ordered a Model Y White LR AWD 20”W. Now have a great August rough delivery date. Where are we in line? Anyone? We live in KCMO.

    Oct 1st 2021, we ordered a Model Y White LR AWD 20”W. We live in KC MO. Now have a great August rough delivery date. Is there a way to know where we are in line? We know we can get FSD or a paint color to get it sooner but we don’t want that.
  34. E

    Model 3 LR FOR SALE

    Hello, I am selling my 2021 Model 3 LR which I purchased new in October 2021. I love the car so much I decided to sell and purchase the Model 3 performance. The car is black and in like new condition with 10,200 miles. No eating, smoking or pets in the car. Black interior and garaged since...
  35. D

    Can Cybertruck Reservation be transferred?

    Hi, I have a day 1 CyberTruck reservation. Checked the reservation number and it looks like its around the 1st 7K reservations. Looking to swap for a Model Y LR reservation (Devlivery between April - June 2022)
  36. H

    Selling two (2) Model Ys - 2021 - 5/7 seats

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  37. E


    EXTREMELY LOW MILEAGE 9700 KM 2018 TESLA MODEL 3 RWD LONG RANGE Multi-Coat Pearl White Exterior Black Interior Accident free Serious buyers only Asking for CAD $ 64750
  38. B

    2021 Model Y long range for sale

    2021 Tesla Model Y LR for sale Black exterior, black interior, Gemini wheels 9750 miles. No FSD Vehicle is in mint condition. Full front and trunk bumper area PPF was done immediately after pickup back in September. I’ll get some pictures together once it’s cleaned up, until then you can also...
  39. R

    Reservation Model S dallas Tx

    I have a 2022 Model S LR reservation that was due in July. All of a sudden I got a call today that it was ready to pick up. I don’t have the funds ready so I’m willing to sell to new buyer for only 2000.
  40. Jet007

    2022 Model S LR for sale

    Hi folks, I'm selling my 2022 Model S Long Range. If you're interested, feel free to message me an offer for what you think might be a mutually agreeable price. Selling this one since I have a white interior MS being delivered next month. Located in San Jose, California. Spec details in images...
  41. J

    For sale: 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range – 131 miles

    Hello and thanks for your interest. Car is mint. Vehicle configuration and photos are attached. No modifications done to vehicle. Per vehicle configuration (attached), total = $64,440.00 Asking $67,500 Located in Washington DC. This is one of two Tesla vehicles which we got for our commute...
  42. M

    2022 Model S Long Range

    Have a 2022 Model S Long Range (Midnight Silver Metallic, White Interior, 19'' Wheels) available between Feb 06 - Mar 06. No VIN assigned yet. Let me know your offer if interested.
  43. M

    2022 Model S Plaid

    Have a 2022 Model S Plaid (Midnight Silver Metallic, White Interior, 19'' Wheels) available between Jan 06-26. No VIN assigned yet. Its before price hike of 10k, let me know if you interested and your offer.
  44. E

    2020 AWD Model 3 White on White with FSD Beta - San Diego

    2020 Model 3 dual motor AWD LR Pearl White exterior White interior 19" rims Full Self Driving Package, currently running FSD Beta v. 10.8 Ceramic tinted windows 35%F/25%R Full front PPF Jeda hub w 3 USB-A & 2 USB-C ports & Samsung SSD RPM Tesla white center console cover (not wrap) 38k miles...
  45. trus

    Selling 2022 Model X LR, EDD: February (Nashville)

    Selling this here reservation for the 2022 Tesla Model X Long Range. The spec sheet as follows: Model X Long Range Midnight Silver Metallic 20'' Cyberstream Wheels All Black Premium Interior with Ebony Décor Five Seat Interior Yoke Steering Wheel Autopilot Full Self-Driving Capability...
  46. A

    Tesla 2022 Model Y Long Range Reservation for Sale

    Hello! I have a reservation for a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD I am unable to take delivery on, which I am happy to sell for $5,000. Pick-up is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Details on the vehicle are below. I can transfer the registration into someone else's name. Cost of Vehicle +...
  47. S

    Does anyone want my mylr order before I cancel?

    I was trying to push my order. But it just jumped from March-April to next week. I’m Bay Area. Delivery set to seaside. Mylr blue black induction with tow If I can’t find someone who wants it I’ll be canceling. I bought a demo unit before thanksgiving and wanted to hold this one as long as...
  48. R

    Should I keep, delay, or cancel my long range reservation?

    I no longer need the M3LR, but my brother might be interested in one next year. Ordered it on 10/28 and EDD is 12/9-12/31. I have 3 options: Cancel Keep and sell Delay Not sure whether the price will be lower next year because of the potential ev tax credit. And CA sales tax is high, so not...
  49. M

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spotrs Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually *Sold*

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spots Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually Pulled off a 2021 Model 3 Long-Range, 3 months old! 2 Rims are immaculate $500 each 1 Rim Has a Visible scratch along the side $250 1 Rim has a big chunk missing from the edge (Ran over brick) Free to...
  50. T

    Buying decision used LR (2019) or refreshed SR+ (2021)

    Hi guys I want to get a Model 3 soon, but i'm having a hard time deciding between a new 2021 SR+ or a used LR. A new SR+ would cost me around 42k. A used LR would cost me roughly the same, with 35k-50k km (21000 - 31000 miles) and EAP (all currently in stock seem to have it). Most of these are...

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