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mcu replacement

  1. I

    Upgrade MCU1 to MCU2 outside Tesla Service Centre

    Hi guys, I’m looking for someone to upgrade the the MCU1 in my 2015 P85D Model S (AP1, HW1) to MCU2. I figured I could buy a compatible MCU2 from a 2018 car and send that with my MCU1 to someone to copy the data over. My issue is the eMMC has just failed (probs possible to recover the data) and...
  2. L

    MCU2 yellow edges and faded maps

    Just took delivery of a MS 100D from Tesla. It has just over 20K miles and looks fabulous. I sold my M3 the same day. Both cars made in May of 2018. The MS has the newer MCU. When I pointed out the yellow halo on the MCU, the Tesla CSR said that the yellow did not interfere with the operation...
  3. S

    Model S 2013 MCU upgrade pro and cons

    I have 2013 model S that the chip eMMC and LTE have been upgraded (less than a year). Recently, the screen has bubble. I was quoted $834 (tax included) to replace the screen versus to upgrade the entire infotainment/MCU. I was told I will be losing the premium connectivity and FM. However, after...
  4. N

    What to do when the App stops connecting AND my vehicle is in for replacement of the MCU (eMMC recall)

    I've searched this forum and the broader internet, as well as emailing and live chatting with Tesla about this. My 2014 Model S had the center display stop working. We did the VIN number recall search and it was obvious we needed to have the eMMC/MCU replaced. As you all know, you can only...
  5. T

    MCU1 memory issues vs. MCU 2 offer from Tesla Service

    Hello Everyone! I need your help! In brief, since owning in January 2020- my 2016 P100D has been in svc 3 times for screen issues. All 3 times they say the memory is full, clear the cache, and the screen works fine now. This time it was because of saving map tiles when we drove it out West...
  6. D

    eMMC issue? Only the eMMC or more? And can 12volt battery cause issues?

    Hi all, first, I apologize if I failed to search existing threads and find all this info already. I did go pretty deep in the eMMC wiki sticky, which was very helpful. But it didn’t answer all my questions. I have a 2013 Model S 60kwh with about 54,000 miles on it. I did not have the eMMC...
  7. E

    MCU/FSD Upgrade, 12V Battery Dying Repeatedly in 2017 Model X

    I've been scanning Google generally and TMC in particular to see whether or not I'm the only one encountering this issue. I had my MCU (AP 2.0) upgraded when I brought my MX in for the FSD computer upgrade in the middle of June. Everything went fine, my settings were even largely preserved...
  8. P

    MCU1 dood

    Beste liefhebbers, Waarschijnlijk genieten jullie net zo van het rijplezier als ik. Ik heb mijn Model S in december 2016 gekocht, H2.0 en MCU1. Een paar weken geleden deed hij moeilijk. Vreemde geluiden en bij het inschakelen autopilot, kreeg je direct na het inschakelgeluidje ook het...
  9. B

    Yet Another MCU Failure Post

    Well everybody, it just happened to me. I upgraded from my 2014 Black Tesla Model S (which I loved!) to another fantastic 2015 Silver Tesla Model S. Upgrades for me include having autopilot 1, which alone is a huge upgrade, dual motor capability, and updated interior, among many other items...
  10. gmo43

    EMMC preventative failure/repair in Chicago/area.

    Since I am hearing lots of people's MCU going out because of the EMMC failure. Do we have anywhere in Chicago land besides Tesla service centers that can make such repairs or prevent such failure from happening. I guess they are getting full on early 2013 and 2014 models s? I have heard people...
  11. P

    My MCU is dead, cannot turn off heat or close sunroof. Replacement part: "possibly a few weeks"

    I have been having phone app connectivity issues which lead Tesla service team to believe my MCU was dying. It has been months since my app was able to connect to the vehicle. Sure enough, the day before scheduled to take it in, we had the sunroof vented and were poking around at the fireplace...
  12. Maarten

    Neem tijdig actie met je eMMC (en hoe dat te doen).

    De laatste tijd zijn er de nodige berichten verschenen over schermen van 'Classics' die op zwart gingen, airco en muziek die dan niet meer werken etc. Zie bijv. de draadjes: Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1 en: Gebruikers klagen over defecte oudere Tesla's door versleten emmc-chips Flash...
  13. 1

    MCU Flash Memory Wear?

    An interesting read: UPDATE: Tesla Cars Have A Memory Problem That May Cost You A Lot To Repair Has anyone experienced this? My car's a late-2017 MY (Feb-2018 delivery) P100D Model S though I've only driven it 22,000km or so, and thus I don't expect it to happen any time soon. That said, the...
  14. O

    EMMC change troubles

    Hello. My MCU screen after restart become blank. I start to read a lot of information and understood, that my EMMC is die and I need to dump my firmware from old EMMC and write this information to new chip. But I have a problem: my old EMMC was clear. I found firmware and install/write it to my...
  15. A

    Screen replaced...new one reboots at least once a day

    Had my screen replaced a couple weeks ago (Yellow banding) and now the center screen reboots at least once a day (Goes dark, logo show up a minute later and it reboots). Driver display is unaffected. they said they replaced the MCU AND the screen but im pretty sure the service advisor had no...

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