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  1. T

    People can't hear me easily on the other end of the phone

    Hi, I'm newly driving a Tesla 3 but people I ring on the phone remark that I sound very far away. It's much better when I lean over to the left to be closer to the microphone, but that's not a regular driving position!!! I can hear them clearly and turning up the volume doesn't have any effect...
  2. lUtriaNt

    Those of you using Hotspots in your Model 3...

    wwops wrong forum... :(
  3. Kbra

    Supercharging the Mobile Megapack at Madonna Inn

    Tesla brought the mobile Megapack with Superchargers back to the Madonna Inn Supercharger to help out with Christmas travel. It now has an upgrade where it can recharge from the onsite Superchargers. Unfortunately it was not providing power from it's 8 on board chargers while blocking 2 stalls...
  4. dualmotor44

    14-50 Tesla Corded Mobile Connector Charger *FOR SALE* $350

    Selling my Corded Mobile Connector features a NEMA 14-50 plug and improved charging speeds (versus standard Gen 2 Mobile Connector with NEMA 5-15 adapter). Includes: 1 x NEMA-14-50 corded mobile connector (with 20’ cable) 1 x storage bag CAN SHIP.
  5. SunCharged

    Service in Michigan

    Question for fellow Tesla owners in MI. According to Chat Support, to attempt to schedule a ranger to come out to look at your vehicle you are supposed to schedule an appointment in the app and then note your request for a mobile tech. Has anyone been successful with this? I scheduled a...
  6. D

    WTB: Roadster Mobile Cable (working or non-working)

    I am hoping to get a couple spares (I have a few friends/relatives that have Roadsters too). Pretty much just want as spares, so hoping to not pay too much.. It be for use in the US, but if the mobile connector is for a 230 market, I might be interested too.
  7. AlexanderAF

    Using Mobile Connector Outside When Rainy?

    How many of you have used the Gen 2 mobile connector outside when raining? I’m visiting a friends house in the country and he has an outdoor wall outlet, but as this is in Maryland often rains overnight. I read the manual, and it still unclear to me if the mobile Gen 2 connector is designed...
  8. J

    Group buy for portable charger?

    Just gauging interest for now. Saw all these recent threads about a dash cam group buy, so I thought there were also other essentials we could get at a discount. My other car is a Pacifica Hybrid, so using a Tesla charger exclusively didn't make sense. Despite the local incentives and rebates...
  9. heytae

    My experience with Tesla's new Mobile Service (documented with pictures)

    After a 5 hour road trip (S. Tahoe to home in South Bay Area) in our MX yesterday, we got a low tire pressure warning during the last 15 mins before reaching our home. Thank gawd it happened then and not during our trip in Tahoe or worse, during the drive to or from. We tried out the new Tesla...
  10. Bonaventure

    3D Printed Mobile Charger Mount

    I could not find one of those commercially available, but Thingiverse had some files. I don't have a 3D Printer, so I send the files to kirby's Hub and he did a great job! I thought this might be a nice solution for others in the same boat, and you might even mount them cleaner than I did :-)...
  11. fasteddie7

    Official USB c for center console?

    I've been to the service center several times, and asked about a USB C adapter for my center console that replaces the lightning one that came with my model s. No one seems to know if they even exist. Has anyone successfully had an official one installed? I know there are some non official ones...
  12. SG57

    Vendor Dashboard for Tesla - the better app for your Tesla

    - Hey all, Here is the official TMC forum thread for the Tesla Android app, Dashboard for Tesla, on the Play Store. Background This project was conceived a few months back while waiting for the delivery of my Model S (which I now have and adore ♥). I was excited to learn I could be...
  13. T

    Battery Bank for Mobile Medical Business

    The company I work at operates ~20 30' mobile dental units that treat patients at long term care facilities, we build our units from an empty shell into very nice trailers. We operate in ~10-12 states in various climates and all of our units are powered by noisy unreliable 13kw generators in a...
  14. dwebb66

    Mobile App - What changes are you expecting?

    Curious what changes will be coming to the mobile app. 1) Will be there a separate 'Model X' app? 2) What features are you expecting? I'm thinking that there will be a separate app what allows you to open/close the Falcon wing doors. What at else might be included?
  15. V

    Tesla browser simulator on the Mac

    Hi, I was wondering whether there's a Tesla browser simulator for the Mac. The guys of Tesla Apps | Premier Dashboard Experience For Your Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model III | Powered by Evolved Vehicle Environments did a wonderful job to create a web application that runs in the...
  16. E

    WTB: Mobile Connector for Model S

    Hi I'm looking for mobile connector in the range of $300-$400, depending on condition. Please PM me, if you have an offer. Thanks!