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  1. A

    Looking to rent a Model X for 1 week on a feature film in Burbank, CA for January

    Hey Tesla enthusiasts. My name is AJ Lutsky and I'm directing a feature film titled 'Garlic Parmesan' in the Burbank area this January and we are looking to rent a Tesla X for one week for filming. Garlic Parmesan is a feature film about one man's obsessive quest for the perfect flavour of...

    Here's what my Tesla Ad would look like.

    It's not the movie (yet), but I thought I'd try a slight spin on a common Tesla message. We've heard how the total cost of ownership is similar to a Camry, but here I try to point out that your money is going back into the car and not out to big dirty oil. Imagine this on a billboard in NYC...
  3. S

    Good movies at the theater

    Just came back from seeing "Game Night". Very funny, lots of laughs. This is one of those movies you Want to stay in your seat until the house lights go up!
  4. vfx

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    "Special Thanks, Tesla Motors"
  5. SwedishAdvocate

    Space movies (possible spoilers)

    The Martian (a motion picture) With your fellow Tesla owner: Matt frickin' Damon :wink:
  6. mspohr

    "Pump" on Netflix

    Watched the documentary "Pump" on Netflix the other night. It's a very interesting exploration of how we ended up with oil powered cars and some suggestions on how we can get out of this dilemma. It goes back to the early days of the automobile where there was a wide variety of fuel (electric...
  7. L

    Movies while you recharge? MP4

    Will the system play any kind of movie format. Such as MP4. Since it does not have a CD or DVD player?? On road trips it would be nice to view a movie while you use one of the superchargers.
  8. Gabzqc

    The Prestige - 2006 - Christopher Nolan and Nikola Tesla

    Watched this film again today, wanted to suggest it here. Good story about Magicians that try to one up each other eventually using Nikola Tesla Coil Technology for Teleportation. I dont think he managed this in real life, but perhaps drew up plans for it? "A friendship that became a rivalry...