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music app

  1. wideglide

    SiriusXM app on Model S needs an update

    The addition of SiriusXM was very nice add to my 2021 Model S. However, Tesla is not maintaining the app. SXM updated channels several months ago and a number of channels changed locations. One example is the Escape channel which I have listened to for years on Channel 69. SXM moved Escape to...
  2. 2

    Music streaming - Spotify alternatives

    With Spotify in the news for being abandoned by some artists and customers, it seems to me Tesla has us married to Spotify by not offering alternative streaming services.
  3. IronCoffee_Max

    Spotify HiFi

    Spotify just announced HiFi. I'm an Apple Music person and I prefer Apple Music - interface, integration with everything, etc… - but I found this interesting nonetheless: Five Things to Know About Spotify HiFi — Spotify I know Spotify's integration with Tesla in the past has been iffy, but got...
  4. N

    YouTube Music after Spotify?

    After the recent Google announcement about Google Play Music => YouTubeMusic by EOY 2020, Tesla should give serious thoughts about integrating YouTube Music next. Expecting better music search with this addition.
  5. L


    Sounds like we’ll be seeing some updates to TRAX in 2020.20.X. I, for one, am excited. For anyone who uses the current version, how does the save feature work? ‘Has never seemed intuitive to me. How many separate/individual creations can be stored? And are saved creations persistent from...
  6. Beta V

    My First Road Trip

    I drove from Redmond, WA down to Seaside Oregon with a stop to recharge at Centralia--about half-way down. All-in-all it was a fun trip. I got a false start when I realized that my dashcam was not working so I turned around (I had only gone a mile or so) to reformat the USB key. I backed it up...
  7. D

    How does the audio work?

    Getting my 3 in a couple weeks, I think. Yea! Currently have 2013 Leaf, which I've enjoyed for the most part. I listen mostly to XM in it. I understand that's not an option. But browsing the net and here can't figure out what my options will be. I can't quite figure out even what the...
  8. D

    V9 Music App

    Not really liking the changes to the Music App in V9... The minimal view is fine, and the full screen is fine, but the in-between view is really bad. It now takes up half of the screen, when before it was more like 1/3. They moved the Radio/Slacker/TuneIn selector from being a drop-down menu...