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  1. R

    Can't erase a sentry video listed as "Online"

    About a week ago I was picking up lunch. A pickup drove past playing really loud music. I heard the sentry alarm go off and found a video record of the event. It was labeled ONLINE. This is the only time I've noticed this label. But when I tried to delete the video, the only option I had was to...
  2. M

    How to see a history of vehicle usage in app or in tesla account?

    I have had my telsa m3 for a bit over 2 weeks but I think I am not able to find some features or they are mysteriously missing. I have another vehicle, plug-in kia optima and I can use the app or online to see trips that the car has made even mark them as leisure or business if I needed to for...
  3. gnuarm

    Can't Order of the Web Site!

    I have bought accessories off the Tesla web site for my model X with no problem. But it seems when you want to buy an upgrade for the car they make it a bit tougher... actually nearly impossible. I wanted to buy the full self driving upgrade for my model X at the reduced price. I tried to...
  4. hmmm

    Online dynamic pricing?

    I searched for the topic but didn't find anything so here goes: I spent way to much time online today looking for an inventory car and noticed that some cars are priced up/down a couple of hundred $$ throughout the day. Any one else noticed that? I am a data nerd and would LOVE to learn how...
  5. Railhawk52

    Discrepancy between test drive age online and in Tesla store

    I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this. I signed up for a test drive online where the form stated you have to be 21 years old to test drive. However, when I got to the store, they informed me that I couldn't test drive because I'm not 25 or older. Luckily, I brought my dad along, so I...
  6. igotzzoom

    Model 3 Online Orders 4/1 at 12:00:01 AM?

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be so "hard core" as to reserve in-person on 3/31, but am considering staying up past midnight to put in an online order early. Based on past experience with the S and X, do the online order banks usually open at midnight, or later in the day? Thanks in advance.
  7. Mark77a

    FULL Roadster manuals on Line (but only in Massachusetts)

    As Roadsters are THE oldest Tesla's, as night follows day, they WILL need more repair/maintenance to keep them on the road. Up to now only Tesla themselves can properly do this - even tho, with the 'right information' others may be just as well qualified and capable. The 'right information'...