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paint chip

  1. Z

    Delivery MS 2023

    I just received my Model S delivery today. I noticed significant chipping of the paint around the rear window panel. Additionally, there seems to be a label affixed behind the rear door, as shown in the picture. I’ve never noticed this before, and it appears as though a label of the same color...
  2. M

    Closed garage door and scratched my bumper - Best way to fix?

    Hello everyone, google searching brought me here with hope all the experts can give me some advices! I closed the garage door and the metal bar sticking out scratch my model 3 in the front middle:(( I really have no idea what’s the best and saving solution to fix this. Please if anyone...
  3. J

    Massive Door Ding - No Sentry

    Hey all - first time poster. Have had my model 3 for four years now and first body damage issue. Left my car parked at the airport and some truck next to me slammed his door into my side. Pretty bad dent/paint came off. Of course I had sentry mode off. Anyone have experience on what this might...
  4. T

    Model 3 - Front bumper paint chipped

    Someone scraped my car while parked. What is the recommendation for fixing this? Just repaint the bumper would be enough? Thank you!
  5. Jasian22

    119 Miles And Paint Chipped Already

    With 2022 seeming to be a huge year for Tesla in the UK, I think a lot of people will be picking up paint chips in their first year... Me unfortunately being one of them. 119 miles on the odometer and somehow I've managed to pick up a paint chip on the rear bumper just below the lip where the...
  6. J

    Paint Repair Kit Deep Blue Metallic (PPSB) - New

    Hello. I sold my Model Y and thankfully did not need to use the oem paint repair kit. I purchased the paint kit from Tesla, which retails it for $60 plus tax. Kit was never used and I am asking for $50 shipped. Thanks
  7. I

    Paint repair advice on front door chip

    So yesterday I got a scratch/chip on my driver's side door (Red 2021 Model 3). Looks like someone just agressively opened their door onto mine at a parking lot (and conveniently left without leaving a note or an apology). The question I have is, would I be able to use some of the available paint...
  8. I

    Correcting MY pearl white paint chip

    Hey Tesla crew, I am loving my new MY but as I washed my car for the first time, I noticed a small paint chip on the back left wheel well. I got PPF for the whole front but not that part, of course. I read about Tesla’s paint kit and a few others. Any recommendations? I know it is just a car...
  9. E

    Fix front bumper chips

    I purchased a used M3 coloured MSM and the previous owner did not put on PPF. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but the front is chewed up from tons of rock chips. Anyone know how I can fix this (and the approximate cost)? I will eventually get PPF for just the front bumper as the rest of...
  10. B

    How picky should I be?

    I just picked up my MY and due to some horror stories I read/watched I decided to download one of the checklists and go over it with a fine tooth comb. I have never done this (at this level) on any other new car as I just assumed they would work/be good to go on delivery. Luckily they seem to be...
  11. W

    Fixing a paint chip costs $1,700??!!!

    I got my new model y on Monday, long range. This morning( two days after delivery), when I tried to open the trunk, it went all the way up to hit the metal piece of the garage door, and a small piece of paint on the back chipped. And then I went to a Tesla certified body shop, they gave me an...
  12. R

    Paint Chips! Now What?

    Just picked up my M3. Already got my 1st couple chips on the hood. Should I get the paint chip repair kit that Tesla sells on their website or go another route? The real problem is that I have the pearl white paint color on my car and I've seen (video's online) that the paint sample they supply...
  13. B

    Best DIY Clear PPF for the front of the Model 3. Please Help

    I have a black model 3 that got its first rock chip on the hood. I want to wrap the front hood and fenders with a clear wrap. What in your opinion is the best option for purchasing a DIY kit? Any links to where to purchase, installation tips would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Brother T

    My A-Z Guide to Model 3

    I am a happy owner of Model 3 Stealth Performance. I found out about the "silent but deadly" nature of EV cars through the movie Stuber. After a little research, I came across Tesla Model 3 and instantly loved it. So, I ordered it on Oct 31, 2019. However, going from order day to the day after...
  15. srs5694

    Beware: Check paint repair kit color!

    A couple weeks ago, I had a little accident unloading some bulky cargo through my rear-seat door and chipped the paint on the door frame. It's not visible when the door is closed, but it was deep enough that I thought it best to paint it to protect it from the elements, so I ordered a paint...
  16. B

    Found paint issues after delivery

    Been lurking for a few weeks and posting for the first time. Picked up the car August 21st in the rain. The Powell Street delivery center isn't covered so it was tough spotting issues. Went on a week long vacation to the UK the day after. When I returned I finally had a chance to wash my new...
  17. idealdreams

    Paint chips on hood after 2,000 miles?

    I've had my LR AWD Model 3 for about 6 weeks now and have put just under 2,000 miles on it. As I was washing my car tonight, I noticed several very small paint chips on the hood in various locations and I can't figure out how they're getting there. My Model 3 is black and the paint chips appear...
  18. M109Rider

    Paint-less Dent Repair Went Well.

    I’ve been lucky enough to acquire 4 dents in the last few months. Two on my hood, (one with a chip in the paint), one just under the charge port, and another on the back left passenger door. Guy from (Straight Edge Dent Repair) came to my office today, and removed all dents in less than 2...
  19. I

    Paint chip on new inventory MX

    Hi Folks, I picked up a new inventory MX 75 last weekend with only 12 miles on it. I noticed some defects with the trim and seal along with a few paint chips and one chip on the wheel. One paint chip exposed the metal underneath. The delivery people agreed to fix trim and seal but was adamant...
  20. S

    Tesla Paint Repair Kit results

    I have a few rock chips on my Model S and decided to give Tesla's Paint Repair Kit a shot. It's basically a re-packaged Dr. Colorchip kit. I followed the instructional video steps on the product page with some minor adjustments. The rock chip and surrounding area was cleaned with alcohol and I...
  21. R

    Paint Crack/Fissure or Road Debris Impact?

    I wanted to get your guys thoughts on some damage I found on the bumper of my white Model 3 today. While I was inspecting my Model 3 I noticed some damage right below the passenger side headlights (photos attached). At first I thought it might have been some sharp object hitting my bumper...
  22. C

    Paint chip

    I'm always careful where I park and everything, but yesterday I was caught by surprise when I opened the trunk. A pipe in the parking garage had a steel holder of some sort and I didn't see it. Now I have a pinhead sized paint chip. For some reason, it's orange. Should I just live with it or...
  23. C

    Paint chip on new delivery, what would you do?

    Hi, so far my X has been great, but I did notice a rough patch when I closed the driver's door on my first exit coming home, and noticed a small paint chip on the edge of the driver's door. Tesla is awesome and states they will call me to repair it when they coordinate with the auto body shop...