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range mode

  1. Z

    Range mode in cold weather caused ice build up on windshield

    I was driving (MS201875d) at about 80 km/h (50 mph) at -14°C (7°F) with heavy snow. Range mode turned on as recommended by the owners manual for best practise in cold weather. Car was preheated for 45 minutes before departure. After about 30 minutes ice started building up on the windshield so I...
  2. Matias

    Is there some reason NOT to use range mode?

    Range mode disables battery heating which reduces energy usage on short trips. Is there some reason why I should not use it permanently during winter?
  3. dicktump

    Range mode / Winterverbruik

    Ik ben als test nu +/- een week aan het rijden met range mode ingeschakeld en wil dit topic starten om mijn ervaringen te delen en ook ervaringen van anderen te horen. Volgens de informatie in de auto wordt met range mode de koel-/verwarmingscapaciteit verminderd. Het lijkt er op dat dit ook...
  4. SSD420

    Help... range issue

    It's 1 degree Celsius and I'm trying to get home. I have 160 km rated left. I have 102km to go. Model X 90D. I'm using AP, going 5km over the posted limit. No heat (I'm cold!) and my rated range is dropping fast. I've checked and re-checked plug share. Anything on my way either isn't open or...
  5. GasKilla

    Should I charge to 100% (night before trip) if my first supercharger stop is only 80 miles away?

    I understand that you actually supercharge faster the lower your SOC when you arrive at the charger. The first leg of my trip will only be 80 miles, so I'm wondering if it really matters if I charge to 100% the night before or if 90% is better or won't really make a difference. I have a MS 70D.
  6. E

    Weird Supercharger Incident (Reduced Charge)

    I was supercharging at a Service Center late last night. It was about 90 out. It started off great, pulling around 290 Amps, 400 volts. After about 20 minutes (when SOC was like 30-40%) the amps dropped off to 74 (volts remained around 400) and would not exceed 74 for the rest of the charging...
  7. araxara

    Lights Along Lower Rim of Headlights Controlled by Range Mode

    I was wondering why my fancy DLR type lights were not turning on when driving without the headlights on and discovered that you need to turn Range Mode off to get them to come on. I think they need to be controlled separately. I was hoping to have good highway driving range and be visible to...
  8. GasKilla

    Does range mode change your rated range?

    I decided to try driving with range mode on all this time this week, charged to 90% and my rated range was 217. Before my 90% was 214, is that because I have range mode on or due to my 7.1 update?
  9. D

    Evaluating battery condtion on 2008 Roadster - hopeful buyer needs help!

    I am trying to understand the condition of a battery on a 2008 Roadster I am hoping to purchase from a private seller. As background, the car has about 3,000 miles but no warranty. I am working on getting service records, but other than the battery questions below, all indications are that the...
  10. 7racer

    Track day this weekend...charge mode and driving mode question?

    Track day *update* charging, drive mode, suspension,video Unfortunately, my GT-R is stuck in Georgia getting suspension work and won't have it back in time for this weekends track day at MSR so instead will drive the Roadster. I did a search but wanted to double check. Since the limiting...