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safety score

  1. H

    Safety Score 2.0 and Hard Braking

    I have a 2018 model S, purchased TSLA insurance 10 days ago, and reside in a North Texas metro. I am enrolled in Tesla insurance with Safety Score 2.0, with a current score of 92, and a zero accident history. All of this context because I believe the safety score calibration is wrong, as I...
  2. A

    Secret "Autopilot Metrics" FSD Criteria?

    I bought FSD with my '19 Model 3, and have been enrolled in the FSD beta queue for some time. I have an excellent safety score (98) with >100 miles of driving, but still haven't been added to the beta, so I contacted support through the app to ask why. Here's there response: This is the first...
  3. S

    Does having a forced autopilot disengagement prevent you from receiving FSD beta?

    Hey- I'm wondering whether with a forced autopilot disengagement I can still receive FSD beta. My safety score is a 96, have over 100+ AP miles, and a random forced disengagement. Is this going to prevent me from receiving FSD Beta in the next 30 days while this is on my record? Anybody received...
  4. G

    Safety Score for Insurance

    Does anyone know if I have to sign up for Tesla insurance and pay for it to see the safety score? Obviously we all start at 90. At that score, my quote for Tesla Insurance is comparable to my current insurance. If it turns out my driving is actually sub-90, then the cost of Tesla insurance...
  5. P

    Safety Score for Tesla Insurance vs FSD beta queue

    So I have Tesla insurance which allows me to view my safety score (doesn’t effect my rate as I am in CA). I also was opted into the queue to be added into the FSD beta queue but had cancelled my subscription and opted out about a week and a half ago. I rebooted back into both the subscription...
  6. R

    Guide To A Perfect Safety Score for the FSD Beta Queue, or Tesla Insurance reasons. (Whether you like it or not)

    There is no TLDR; when it comes to this. there is no one piece of advice. If you're interested, please give my experience and advice a read. I've seen many, many, many, people complain about the safety score program. and most of the time, it's due to just not understanding the process required...
  7. L

    Getting FSD again on a second Tesla.

    I recently sold my 2019 3P with FSD. I passed the Safety Score and used FSD for several months. I now have ordered a 22 Model X Plaid with FSD. Does anyone know if I will need to redo the Safety Score test when I get the X. No one at my local Tesla store had an answer.
  8. T

    How to delete a safety score mistake

    If you are trying to get a high safety score for FSD beta and you make a mistake (i.e. forward collision warning or following too close), pull over, stop, put car in park, go to autopilot, opt out of FSD Beta, then. immediately opt back in by checking the three boxes and submitting. When you...
  9. P

    Safety score in Android App not visible - tried everything. Please help.

    I have the latest Android App version 4.3.0-766 and also subscribed for the FSD. I am not sure how to check if I have FSD beta and still not seeing safety score in the app. Can someone please help verify what's going on with my app?
  10. D

    Has anyone received the FSD Beta software update in between rollouts?

    Although FSD 10.3.1 went out on Monday to the 99s, I achieved my 99 on Tuesday. Now I am, not so, patiently for my software update. Has anyone recieved their FSD Beta software update in between mass rollouts once the target safety score was achieved? If so, how long after achieving the safety...
  11. Dr. M

    No FSD 10.3 last night for me.

    Good morning. I was expecting FSD 10.3 during the night last night. I have a 99 Safety score, which was 100 on Thursday. Anyone out there get their FSD 10.3 last night? Did you have a 100 Safety Score? Elon was pretty clear that 10.3 would be coming Friday, October, 22nd, to all with 99/100...
  12. TicoMcC

    Lost access to my Safety Score 2 days after getting FSD Beta 10.2 (2021.32.25)

    So I was lucky enough to qualify for the download of FSD beta on Monday. Got my first chance to drive on Tuesday, a 85 mile round trip including rural roads, Interstate highway, and some small town roads. During that time, I was still able to see my Safety score and see how it changed, or not...
  13. Vrgs13

    Refreshed LR & Plaid FSD News & Complaint Thread

    Thought I would start a thread regarding all of us with a 2021 LR or plaid that had a perfect score all to be let down and not get the beta. This thread is for anyone to voice their opinions on the matter as well as vent about it and also updates everyone if we hear any news as to why we didn’t...
  14. M

    Where is Request FSD and/or Safety Score - New Model Y

    Greetings, I've been hearing so much about Safety Score and the FSD Beta 10.2, but I haven't seen either the button to click to join the queue and start to get my safety score in the app. I have only had my Model Y for 2 weeks, but have put 1600 miles on it thanks to a road trip. So, I...
  15. A

    Is Safety Score only available to primary owner's account?

    I share my Model 3 with my wife. I use an Android and my wife has iPhone. My email address was used as primary email for registration. Later, I have invited my wife to create her own Tesla account and map her car profile with it for automatic profile selection when she walks into car. This has...
  16. R

    About to give up. Please help :/

    Hey all, I’ve contacted tesla multiple times, posted in here, talked on the phone with Tesla, and tried EVERYTHING humanly possible, and I still can’t see my safety score. I enrolled in the beta queue 2 weeks ago today, and have been driving very safely, but was never able to see my score. Today...