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  1. Ks@Kavanic

    Vendor KAVANIC - Model Y & 3 NFC Enabled Siri Shortcut Front & Rear Trunk Logo Emblem Decal Cover

    Never use your frunk because you have to open the app or go in the car first to open it? Checkout our latest product that integrate NFC to the Matt Black Front & Rear Trunk Logo Cover that allows you to not only improve the look of the car, but also use your iPhone to open the frunk with a tap...
  2. jmatero

    Moving from my CarPlay car to new Model 3

    Expecting my new Model 3 soon and while driving to work, realized how much I have come to appreciate Apple CarPlay in my BMW (and past cars). I'm sure AndroidAuto users can relate. The things I've come to appreciate: Can open Garage door from CarPlay... no HomeLink required... even based on...
  3. mnewman

    Model S Bluetooth issues, no Siri responses, v10

    Starting with either 10.1 or 10.2, I'm experiencing Bluetooth issues with my Model S (2013 S60). 1. The volume indicator on the phone frequently pops up, switching from Bluetooth to "regular" volume. 2. Siri responses no longer sound through the car speakers. For example, when I say "Hey Siri...
  4. F

    Phone Mounts in the Model 3;

    Hi All. I was thinking of using a suction cup type of cell phone mount on either the dash or the white interior dash trim, but was wondering if that’d end up damaging the surface. The posts I’ve seen so far put these mounts on the back o the touchscreen, but I’d like it a little more centered...
  5. C

    “Hey Siri”

    Do you think you could command Siri or other assistant to do things like open your trunk or unlock your door if your hands are full? Kind of like I command it to turn on my lights in my home. Haven’t gotten my car yet so I can’t try, delivery and vin were just assigned yesterday!
  6. mhp_

    iOS SiriKit intents work!

    I couldn’t find a previous post about this: Looks like the SiriKit intents for lock/unlock, battery level, visual and audible indicators were added to the Tesla iOS app at some point. None of the release notes mention it. Details if interested Car Commands | Apple Developer Documentation