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Phone Mounts in the Model 3;

Hi All.

I was thinking of using a suction cup type of cell phone mount on either the dash or the white interior dash trim, but was wondering if that’d end up damaging the surface. The posts I’ve seen so far put these mounts on the back o the touchscreen, but I’d like it a little more centered. Would regular suction cups or those micro-suction cup pads damage/ stain these dash surfaces?

over time, the plastic in the suction cups break down and could potentially degrade the surface on which it is mounted to, leaving you with a ring stain that may not come off. the texture of the wood trim and area above it isn't really suction cup friendly unless you slap one of those screen protector things on there first to smooth out the surface then suction cup over that.
I still like to run Waze along with in-car navigation and the phone mount I have used in my previous car(vent) unfortunately doesnt work. Has anyone found one that they like? Ideally, i'd like one that keeps the phone within arm's length from drivers seat and have it in portrait mode.
I honestly just put the phone on the charge tray and it works ok for me, but I am so used to a vent mount location higher up that I'm looking as well.

I'm thinking a suction mount on the back of the screen with a bendable arm and magnetic base to the front might work. Not sure if the magnetic piece would interfere with wireless charging though.

Edit: Today Tesla Nav beat Waze surprisingly...
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Edit: Today Tesla Nav beat Waze surprisingly...[/QUOTE]

This has happened to me several times where Tesla maps beats Waze....pretty cool! i still use both....and i use the xvida phone charger and its works great! i place it to the left side of the telsa tablet. there is a whole discussion about this mount on the forum here. just search xvida. I like it because i want to see my phone as i drive and not have to look down. Here is the link: Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Suction Mount for Smartphones
it has a sticky suction cup thing that holds it up. easy to use waze and keeps the clean look of the car (when phone is there). magnet plate goes between phone and thin case..


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I am interested in such a setup where I would use an android phone/small tab primarily for Waze that would open/run Waze when car power on and off when car is off. (on/off is no issue we could do this with android apps) but my current idea is to just put in the phone charge location the car came with it, I did not find any elegant mount yet, all the solutions are ugly and ruins the simplistic design on the M3 dashboard. If I would ever mount, I would choose to hide behind the monitor with something like push/pull slide out like case (I am still searching..)

If someone have ideas of such case please share. thanks.
I prefer to use my phone for Waze (even thought we finally have a browser for waze-for-tesla!) and the console dock is too far out of the driver's scan. I tried a bunch of suction cup mounts on the back of the screen pod and found them all prone to falling off in high temps and unattractive.


I made this out of a piece of brushed aluminium (re-purposed from an Ikea photo frame) and an old Kenu Airframe vent mount. I removed the Kenu's grip fingers and used the original screw and a dab of epoxy to secure it to the aluminum. The whole unit is attached to the back of the center screen with Command picture hanging strips (invisible and removable), and feels very secure and operates smoothly. Sometime I may make another using a Qi charger with a gravity grip if I can find one that looks high quality and has a side input for the cord so I can hide it.

Other than the color mismatch with the rear cover I like it. It disappears when the phone is mounted and it works well with one hand.
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