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  1. spooksman

    New Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive

    Apologies for the possibly dumb questions that follow - I did try searching, but so many things come up with a “what comes with a new Model 3” search that I am a little confused… I have had my M3P since May 2020 (love it), but sadly the lease is coming to an end and I’ll no longer be able to...
  2. K

    How to document packages/features/upgrades on my now crashed/dead 2013 Model S P85

    Unfortunately, I was involved in an accident that significantly damaged my 2013 Model S. The insurance company is requiring documentation for anything their adjuster did not document in their Market Valuation Report. I was able to push back on things they should be able to visually identify...
  3. B

    Spec differences: Standard v Performance

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to buy a Tesla Model 3 and am considering either the Standard rear wheel drive single motor or paying a little more to stretch to the Dual motor Performance. After reviewing the differences on the Tesla website the performance stats are clearly different but I...
  4. B

    Regarding theoretical pack capacity not corresponding with cell specs.

    I have some questions I can’t seem to find specific answers to, and hopefully you can help me understand. Tesla uses heavily customized Panasonic cells for the battery packs based on the 18650 format. More specifically the NCR18650A/B-cells with different rated capacities. I’ve found spec...
  5. CoyoteJim

    Cybertruck design/features

    There seems to be a lot of guesswork over the design and capabilities of the Cybertruck against what was actually stated, so I’ve created this list from the transcript of the presentation, along with any relevant tweets from Musk. After all, even Neil deGrasse Tyson got it wrong when he claimed...
  6. D

    Ground clearance for Model 3P- versus 3P+

    Anyone know this for sure? In the European and US Model 3 manuals, it says there's a ground clearance of 5.5". For the 3P+, I've heard various figures of about 1-2cm lower than that. However, when I phoned up Sales, they said the UK 3P+ has the following ground clearance: P-: 153mm front...
  7. G

    Help on order

    hi, I’m based in the UK and I've ordered a Tesla Model 3. I was part of the reservation and ordered early May. I ordered a Long Range Version with Full Autopilot and Grey Metallic Paint. Shortly after I ordered Musk changed the options and the long range is no longer on offer, but my order...
  8. A

    Hi...and help!

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and Teslas generally. I'll finally be able to justify changing my car later this year and am determined to get a Tesla (ironically moving from an Alpina B3S, probably one of the worth mpg cars)! I do usually very few miles a year - say 5,000 even allowing for more...
  9. R

    Model 3 DOOR Clearance

    I have an 7" (7 inch) wall next to my driveway on the driver's side. What is the ground clearance of the model 3's DOORS when opened? I don't have my model 3 yet, so curious if someone can measure and let me know so I can do something about the wall if need be before I get my car. Thanks.
  10. gaurav91pandey

    Where can I find the full spec sheet

    I have ordered the 70D. I know the important features that I have ordered with the car. But does anyone where can I find the full spec sheet of the car. Like in BMW you can find all sorts of stuff (anti-theft, what type of lights etc).
  11. R

    Full specs posted for reservation holders? What's the turning circle?

    Have the full specs been made available to general reservation holders? I called Tesla Motors, but while they said that recently the reservation holders can now configure a Model X, they wouldn't say whether the full specs were available. I'm not a reservation holder, but have been avidly...
  12. P

    Premium Interior or not?

    I'm just in the process of ordering my model S and the one option I'm stuck on is Premium interior... should I get it or not? So far I've got an 85D in Solid Black with Rear facing seats and Next Gen Seats (Black). The two features I like are the Power life tailgate and Fog lights... but is it...
  13. Todd Burch

    Car Show Poster: Draft

    Hi guys, I'm working on a poster that can be printed and displayed on an easel at car shows. Here's my first draft. Any feedback is appreciated. (Note: Keep in mind this will be printed on a 4 ft. high poster, so keep scale in mind): Edit: From the future of this thread ;), I've added a...