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Premium Interior or not?

I'm just in the process of ordering my model S and the one option I'm stuck on is Premium interior... should I get it or not?

So far I've got an 85D in Solid Black with Rear facing seats and Next Gen Seats (Black).

The two features I like are the Power life tailgate and Fog lights... but is it really worth the £2,500 extra (or about £60 / month on Contract hire!)
I currently have a loaner P85+ which does not have the premium interior, so for the first time I'm experiencing what it's like without those features.

I definitely notice the missing ambient lighting, the real leather on various of the interior surfaces, etc etc.

But not it's not worth £2500.

None of the Tesla options are good value for money (with the possible exception of pano roof) - they're deliberately priced to maximise profit.
The tailgate opens quite high and if you are less than a medium height ( wife ) that could be a problem when you want to close it down. That for me was enough to order the premium interior. The price is not worth it but Tesla know this, hence the power lift tailgate included.
I've gone for it I can see my kids wanting to go in the back as often as they're allowed .
with the frunk to store the family junk / reusable shopping bags etc the boot will be free of clutter so no excuse for them not to .
Ive got fancy lights etc on my A6 so I'm happy to have them on my Tesla , not so happy about £2500 but I've spent enough on extras on it to buy a VW Polo so in for a penny in for a pound as they say .
my brother and I hope to keep our cars for about 5 years so I'm happy to spend now on the options I can't add later