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  1. ElsDee

    All season tyres for a Model Y - sorry if done to death, still confussed.

    :) hi sorry found relevent posts now, no idea why they would not come up before
  2. M

    MP3 - Model 3 Performance - Winter Delivery - Mt Kisco - Summer Tire Concerns - Swap to 18" setup on Delivery Day

    Model 3 Performance - Mt Kisco delivery. In an effort to prepare for the possibility of freezing temps and or snow, during the long journey home, I’d like an 18” setup for winter ready to go at delivery. Will Tesla accept delivery of aftermarket wheel/tire packages ordered online and shipped...
  3. G

    FS: 20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels, Tires, and TPMS (from New M3P)

    20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels with Stock Summer Tires and Tesla TPMS Wheels and tires were taken off of 2023 Model 3 Performance the day it was purchased (2/9/23). Tires had 38 miles on them when taken off. Basically factory new with only very minor marks from factory. Includes: 4x...
  4. T

    (A hopeful) Beginner's Guide to Wheels/Tires

    The 8 year dream of owning a Tesla is finally coming to fruition, and I'm awaiting delivery of a Model 3 Performance. I then realized I don't know the first thing about wheels/tires. I know that range for the stock tires and wheel sets (at least the previous iteration) suffered as you...
  5. buddhra

    New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

    Set of four, never used, never mounted, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires with all the stickers still on them. These are the well-reviewed OEM tires on the Tesla Model 3 Performance in size 235/35ZR20. Can deliver in the Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo, CA area. They sell for $330 each on tire...
  6. D

    Advice for Summer Tires in Europe 245/45R19

    Sorry to create yet another post on tires but I only seem to find threads about US tire models. In the old continent the offer is quite different and I don't seem to find (at least in Belgium, where I live) any trace of all the hyped models like Bridgestone Quiettracks, Primacy MXM4 and Yokohama...
  7. Tony_YYZ

    You guys ready for summer?

    I FINALLY got around to giving my car its first hand wash of the year. A lot less grime to remove than I thought there would be. It's finally presentable again and the red is popping nicely in the sun. Did you guys get around to cleaning up your cars? Post em up!
  8. Granny’s car

    Sitting idle in garage for 3 months

    We live in South Florida where it gets hellishly hot in the summertime. Every year, we escape the heat and go to where the weather is cooler. What can I do with my model three, which will be garaged and idle for those three months, so that when we return home the car will still have a battery...
  9. EvolutionTeʂla

    Any advantage to upgrade to performance summer tires for 75D?

    I'm wondering what your thoughts are on whether it's worth it to upgrade to a high end summer tire for my Model S 75D. I know the performance models come with Michelin Pilot Super Sports (or 4s?) but I don't seem to have many issues with grip on my non-performance Model S, though tight...
  10. YusufT

    Model 3 Tires

    I’m already doing research on a good set of Winter tires for my Model 3 19” Wheels. Anybody have any recommendations? What tires will you buy for your next set of All Season/Summer tires? If I want staggered tires for the summer, how would I get it done?
  11. M

    Detroit: Summer or All-season Tires?

    Hello everyone, S85 RWD owner in Detroit. Been happy with my winter tires (Pirelli Sottozero), but the factory-installed Michelin Primacy tires are worn. For next spring, would you recommend I purchase all-season tires or summer tires? Mostly city & local highway driving; priorities are...
  12. Xiao ma ge

    Summer Tesla:something you must know about Tesla.

    With the coming of summer, the temperature in cars will even reach to 60 degree after exposing in the sun for long time ,and the heat wave will make you suffer from fidgets. However, now Tesla owners can say goodbye to the heat wave. Details are as follows: Open the Tesla App several...
  13. essmd

    A/C Effectiveness in 5-seat configuration - Predictions?

    I am hoping to get feedback from 5-seat owners regarding predicted cooling and air flow to the rear cargo area when outside temps are over 100 degrees. I was one of those that was heartbroken and whiny when they eliminated the folding 2nd row seats from the original Model X presentation, so I...
  14. B

    Tire sizes

    I have 20 inch OEM wheels and tires. I see a lot of folks talk about 265 front tires. I have Michelin summer tires and the fronts are 255 which matches the label in drivers door. I wonder if they supplied different front tire sizes for summer vs all season?