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tires model s oem

  1. N

    FS (Vancouver, BC, Canada) - Michelin Primacy MXM4 245/45R19 98W from Model S - $200

    I've got a set of MXM4 with 50% treadlife remaining for sale. Recently bought a used Model S, and popped snows on the rims last week. Local only, as I don't want to deal with shipping. One had been plugged by the previous owner, and seems to be a proper off rim repair which doesn't leak. See...
  2. D

    Tesla Model S 21 inch Arachnid Wheels & Tires —New—

    Tesla Model S Arachnid Wheels Michelin Pilot Tires (Set of 4). Factory new, never used. I am selling a brand new and complete set of four 21" Tesla Arachnid forged flow aluminum wheels, with pre-mounted Michelin tires. Already balanced. With TPMS and valve caps. These forged lightweight set of...
  3. J

    19" Slipstream Model S w/ tires and TPMS

    Set of 4x 19" Slipstreams with tires and TPMS, less than 2,000 miles. Southern California area local pickup preferred, will ship at your expense. $1,200.
  4. aslam

    Deviating from OEM Tire Dimensions

    Hi there, It's time for me to replace the OEM tires on my MS. Because I live in Canada (Vancouver), I've been looking at getting All Weather (not All Season) tires as they are a nice hybrid between winter and all season tires. Plus my local insurer willnto cover winter accidents if I don't have...
  5. aslam

    Deviating Tire Dimensions

    Hi there, It's time for me to replace the OEM tires on my MS. Because I live in Canada (Vancouver), I've been looking at getting All Weather (not All Season) tires as they are a nice hybrid between winter and all season tires. Plus my local insurer willnto cover winter accidents if I don't have...
  6. G

    BRAND NEW***Model S 21” Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels and Tires

    I recently purchased a new Model S with the 21” wheel and tires option. Upon receipt of the vehicle I replaced the wheels and tires. The set has less than 50 miles of wear on them and is in perfect condition. I am selling the set for $3500 OBO. Let me know if you are interested or have any...
  7. B

    Tesla Model S 19" Slipstream Wheels, Tires, TPMS, Caps - 1200

    I am selling my 4 x 19" Wheels from my MS. I upgraded to 21's. Tires (Goodyear Touring) have less than 200 miles on them as they were taken off about 2 weeks after MS delivery. Wheels are perfect - no rash or any visual or other issues. Wheels come with TPMS and Center caps. I am willing to...
  8. O

    FOR SALE: OEM 21” Tesla Model S Arachnid Wheels/Tires (Silver/Set of 4)

    I have a full set of Tesla 21" forged Arachnid staggered wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. These exclusive wheels are only available through Tesla's referral program which is how I received them. The wheels are forged, and are lighter than stock. They fit all Tesla Model S. They are...
  9. P

    Set of 19" Base Wheels and Tires with TPMS

    I recently bought a CPO 2015 MS and then moved from MA to FL. With the move to FL decided to upgrade to 21" wheels. The wheels are 19" base, original to the car, have ~46,000 miles on them and show typical wear and tear for that mileage. The tires are Michelin Primacy MXM4. Two of the...
  10. chibi_kurochan

    Tesla MS 19” OEM Five-Spoke Wheels + Pirelli SottoZero 3 Winter Tires Set

    <5000 miles Pirelli SottoZero 3 Winter Tires ($1100) on 19” OEM Wheels with working TPMS. Please see photos and will add additional photos if needed. Minor chips and rashes. Asking $1400 Prefer pick-up in South Bay Area, might be willing to ship (at buyers cost) Will also give 2 original...
  11. S

    (4) Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tires 245/45/19 - $590 OBO

    (4) Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tires 245/45/19 - $590 OBO - currently $860 new on tirerack.com Only 3k miles on them, bought a CPO Model S and they just put them on. No tire patches or fixes, no damage. I switched them out for Summer tires. Local pickup only I will however drive 30-45mins to meet...
  12. H

    19" NICHE Wheels with Continental SportPlus Tires

    Selling 4 NICHE Wheels with Continental SportPlus Tires (245/45 ZR 19). Perfect conditions and a lot of thread in tires. See pictures. $1,300 (plus shipping; I am in Florida) obo.
  13. E

    New 2017 19" Slipstream Wheels, Sensors, Tires & Caps

    4 Brand new tires and rims all ready to install. Pu in Vancouver Bc 2800.00 Can
  14. P

    2016 Model S OEM 19" Wheels and Tires For Sale

    Please remove if not allowed, I am new to the forum. Nearly factory new. Switched from these to 21" Cyclones about 500 miles in. Tires are Michelin Primacy MXM4 245/45R19 Looking to sell as a set, message for pics if you're interested. Will only send pictures to serious buyers. Thanks in...
  15. N

    21" Wheels & Tires on late 2016 build 90D

    For anyone wondering or interested, my 12/2016 build Model S 90D which I ordered with grey 21" wheels came with the staggered setup. Continental ContiSportContactSP Conti-Silent 245/35ZR21 in front 265/35ZR21 in rear Exactly the same sizes as was on my P85D. I'm a bit surprised as I thought...
  16. MTBHXC

    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Staggered Tire Set 245-265/35/21

    Selling a full set of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires for M-S with staggered 21s. Just over 8/32 tread left on the fronts and 8/32 on the rear, new tires are between 9-10/32 so still plenty of life left. No plugs, patches, or damage whatsoever. Asking $500
  17. O

    2016 90d - Factory Tires?

    Can someone please let me know what company factory tires I SHOULD be getting with my new 90d - estimated delivery late Nov? I have been reading that some Tesla Service centers have placed Good Year and others something else -- i just ordered the standard 19" no upgrades .... Thanks
  18. MTBHXC

    245/45/19 Michelin Primacy MXM4

    I have a set of 4 245/45/19 Michelin Primacy MXM4 with 8/32" tread and 1 with 9/32 that's patched but holds air perfectly, could be used as a spare. Brand new these come with 9/32" and Tesla recommends replacement at 3-4/32". PM me to negotiate price and shipping costs.
  19. MTBHXC

    Michelin, Continental, and Pirelli tires 245/35/21 & 265/35/21

    This is what I have in 245/35/21.. Continental ContiSportContact 5 ContiSilent (foam lined inner) 4 with 8/32" tread 2 with 7/32" tread (1 patched but holds air perfectly fine) Continental ExtremeContact DW (non foam) 1 with 8/32" tread 1 with 10/32" tread Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 5...
  20. N

    FS: 2016 OEM Silver 19" Slipstream Wheels + Tires + Lugs & Caps Complete

    FS: 2016 OEM Silver 19" Slipstream Wheels + Tires - Tesla S60 Series Wheel Sensors not included - Wheels are in perfect condition. - Tires have less than 100 miles. - OEM Goodyear tires - Located in Anaheim, CA. Prefer local pickup. - $1900
  21. C

    2016 Tesla Model S 4 -19" Turbine Silver Wheels & Tires - Lug nuts and silver caps included

    19" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package - Silver Four Tesla Model S Turbine wheels, non-staggered version. Wheels are in excellent condition - Less than 50 miles wear. No TMP sensors, but original lug nuts & caps included. This package includes: · (4) 19" Silver Turbine wheels · (4) New...
  22. M

    For Sale: 4 NEW Tesla 19" Slipstream Wheels in SW Florida

    I received my new Model S on July 13, 2016. The wheels were taken off at the Tesla Service Center in Tampa with 10 (ten) miles driven by the factory and my new custom wheels installed. Wheels consist of: 4 Slipstream 19 inch Silver Rims, 19x8.0", Offset: +40; 4 Tires Goodyear Eagle Touring...
  23. P

    Brand New 19" oem wheels for sale (sensors, Michelin tires & factory center caps)

    Finally getting around to posting these brand new tires and rims. Zero miles on them, they were given to me by the dealership when I had the cyclone wheels put on my new P90 before I drove it. Happy to ship anywhere in continental US. Asking $2000. Thanks - Patrick
  24. S

    Winter Tire Storage - Chicago

    Hi All, I purchased a set of winter tires from Tire Rack, due to the fact that the 19" Wheels Tesla offers were not my cup of tea, and I wanted to match the dark wheels I got on my 22's The shop I sent them to and was planning on using for storage is closing their business (Nortown on North...
  25. N

    Tires - Staggered Size

    ContiSilent Tires Available in Staggered Sizes For the first time I can recall while perusing The Tire Rack this morning I see the Continental ContiSport Silent are available in Tesla OEM 21" staggered tire sizes. The OEM Michelins are all I have ever seen available. The treadwear rating...
  26. GasKilla

    Nitrogen in stock tires

    Has anyone replaced the "normal" air in their stock tires with nitrogen? Was there a noticeable performance difference? I know now places like the Costco tire center put nitrogen in the tires they install, but I doubt the Tesla Factory is using nitrogen. So I'm wondering if any performance...
  27. L

    Wear lifetime / reports on Michelin 19" MXV4?

    Has anyone replaced a set of the OEM Michelins due to wear (i.e. not because you just wanted something else) yet? If so, how many miles did you get out of them, and under what macro level driving conditions?
  28. B

    Bulge in 19" tire - immediate replacement needed? Warranty work?

    Hi, Our Model S with 19" tires has a bulge in the rear passenger tire: I presume this needs to be addressed ASAP. Does anyone know if there will be full or partial warranty coverage for this (we have 9K miles on the car, delivered May 2013)? Would I get this addressed through Tesla...
  29. A

    set of oem 19" with tires for model s

    Los Angeles, Ca area only please. I also have a set of 21" if interested in swap plus cash. Let meknow. Thanks.