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  1. rokitnerd

    EZ Pass Green Discount Plan

    Has anyone successfully enrolled in the NJ EZ Pass Green Discount Plan? Sounds like they want you to write them a physical letter requesting to be added to this program (What year is this again?) :: Plan Descriptions and Discounts :: Do you get a new, special tag of some sort? How do they know...
  2. H

    I-Pass Issues - Excessive “Video Tolls”

    Gents, I’m in Chicago, anyone else that uses iPass for Tolls have issues with the transponder not registering going tolls where they manually have to assign a “video toll” to your account? I just received an email from the state any more video tolls this month will result in the full, non...
  3. M

    Washington Good to Go Tag placement

    I made the trek and waited for confirmation and had them wand the location Good to Go office people recommended to install. Leaving this here to save others the trip.
  4. rgedad

    North Texas Toll Tag Type / Placement

    Sooooo - New Model X - and just getting the car all set up for our first journey. Looking to order the North Texas Toll Authority (NTTA) Toll Tag - In reading through the NTTA information they have "Some vehicles have metallic windshields that can interfere with the electronic signal. In those...
  5. NavySWO

    EZ-Pass Problems

    My windshield-mounted EZ-Pass transponder isn't registering when I pass through toll stations. EZ-Pass has been manually charging my account and told me if I don't fix this, they would start charging me a fee (in addition to the normal toll amount). I admit I may have brought this upon myself...
  6. fasteddie7

    Highway or country road driving question

    Hi all! I have around a 82 mile commute each day round trip that I could take one of two routes on my way to work and back home. One is almost entirely highway with tolls costing me $99.86 monthly, the other is single lane, occasional double lane, yellow divided country road with no tolls. I...