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North Texas Toll Tag Type / Placement

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Sooooo - New Model X - and just getting the car all set up for our first journey. Looking to order the North Texas Toll Authority (NTTA) Toll Tag - In reading through the NTTA information they have "Some vehicles have metallic windshields that can interfere with the electronic signal. In those cases, a customer may request a special TollTag to affix to their vehicle’s license plate."

Has the standard NTTA sticker version been an issue with Model X? Where have people placed it? I do not particularly want to place it next to the Mirror but possibly waaayyyy up at the very top of the windshield - out of our view - in the corner. (We find we are really, really loving the open view of the windshield.)

Only issue with getting the plate version is that it does not work in Kansas or Oklahoma (but have not gone there in 4 years - so not a big deal). My better half will not allow me to go with no front plate as many Tesla owners in the area appear to do (and as I was cogitating).
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The Love Field SC put my tag next to my mirror on my X. It is not noticeable. Works fine. A NTAA employee told me that on all the toll roads in Texas, they use cameras to read your license plate. Only parking areas such as DFW use the tag now. I have used the tag on the Oklahoma toll roads no problem.

I put the front plate on because the car draws a lot of attention and my son got a ticket in Fort Worth for no front plate. You can get a mount that says it requires no drilled holes Search this site and you will find it.
We've switched both our Teslas to the newest toll tag type (we had the license plate "bar" on our S previously) and have used a square, black, rounded corner adhesive patch that are being sold by one of the North Texas Tesla owner's club's Etsy's page. Using this black adhesive patch, we put the toll tag on the outside of the windshield, in the area of the registration sticker, down in the black area below the usable area of the windshield. That way, it's not visible from inside the car and it's virtually invisible from outside the car.
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Just an Update - I decided to place the Texas Toll Tag right next to the Texas Inspection/registration sticker in the lower left side of the front window. I sort of figured if I had to have one sticker there - best to have both. I have now made three trips to DFW airport (They use the sticker transponder for drop-off/parking tolls) and it has worked fine both entering and exiting the airport terminals.
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