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  1. Electric Steve

    Topfit Phone Holder

    I ordered this a little while back, mostly for use with a Dragy. I figured I'd stick the Dragy unit itself in the sunglasses holder while having my phone mounted so that the camera points forward. This hasn't worked out for me, mainly because Topfit screwed up. First, they only sent me the...
  2. GalaxySurfer

    Humidifer in a tesla?

    Considering getting one for my model x, but dunno how i feel about "misting" a tesla with water on the interior. Any concerns?
  3. Craig-Y

    Quick Review of TopFit Wireless Phone Charger for Model X & S

    I just wanted to share a quick review of the TopFit Wireless Phone Charger for the Tesla Model X and Model S. I have typically used the Tesla charger that came with the X for my iPhone X but really wanted a clean, professional looking wireless option. I have been very impressed with TopFit’s...
  4. dhelmly

    (UPDATED) Topfit New floor mats for the Model X

    I'm updating my post from Sept 2016: I changed my Amazon 5 Star rating of the Topfit mats to a 2 Star rating after owning them for 1.5 years (early Model X owner #40XX ). No question these are best looking mats for the X that I've seen to date and I got compliments all the time. With only 14K...
  5. Xiao ma ge

    Tesla life ,enjoy it.

  6. Xiao ma ge

    The Tesla Model S with panoramic sunroof,glittering to appear !

    Tesla super fan Xiao mage,2017,04,15 So lonely just because of the invincible function. I have coveted The Tesla Model S With Glass Panoramic Roof for so long time,finally let me get it today.I can't find words to express how much I like it. Driving the car handily,like a duck to water...
  7. Pony

    My new Hatch back for Tesla.

    Last month,i bought a Hatch back but have no time to install it.Today,i try to install it by myself.It was a bit difficult for a people without any experience.So awkward,it cost me 30 minutes to install.After installing it,i put my bicycles to the hatch back. I was so satisfied with it that i...
  8. dhelmly

    New floor mats for the Model X

    Just a heads up that I received my Model X floor mats from Amazon and Topline today and they fit and look great. Here's a link to the 6 seater and they also make a 7 seater version. Shipping took 4 days. Amazon Link for 246.99 for complete set for Model X...