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  1. I

    Temperature Related “Touchscreen Unresponsive” Error??? - MCU 2 - 2015 Model S

    2015 Model S 70D with MCU 2 Upgrade - Over the past 3-4 weeks, I’ve noticed a strange correlation between outside temperatures and the dreaded “Touchscreen Unresponsive” error code. After attempting just about every troubleshooting option recommended, I’ve reached the conclusion that the magical...
  2. Radio Kid

    Operate Windshield Wipers When Car is "OFF"?

    I want to troubleshoot a windshield wiper that is "wobbly" when running on the high speed. If I get out of the car, the wipers stop wiping (immediately, or after a few strokes). Is there a way for one person to have the wipers running when not sitting inside the car? Perhaps some special...
  3. R

    iPod Touch no longer connecting via Bluetooth

    My iPod touch (model A1574 version 12.5.7) no longer connects to my 2019 model 3 (version 2023.38.4). Tested and the car connects to my iPhone, and the iPod connects to other devices, including other teslas. Anyone have any fixes?
  4. S

    Gen 3 Wall Connector No Light

    Hi everyone, I am having a reoccurring issue and need some thoughts. I got my Gen 3 wall connector installed by an electrician and after about 2 days of using the charger, the charger would not light up. I assumed it was a power supply issue so my electrician came back and swore that the...
  5. 3peat

    Loud Suspension Thump at Low Speeds or Sharp Turns

    I am having an issue with my Tesla Model 3 where a loud "thunk", "clunk", or "thump" sound is coming from my suspension or wheel area (I think). Whenever I am at relatively low speed and making a sharp turn, or sometimes when I'm at an incline and going up a small ramp (like a parking garage) is...
  6. DirectorDisch

    Charge port issue

    Good Afternoon, I picked up my '21 Model 3 Extended Range AWD last Friday. Up until today, I've used the Superchargers up the road from me, as well as my Mobile Charger at my house with no issues. Today I went to the Supercharger, and the plug wouldn't lock into the car. It just kind of...
  7. B

    Strange ticking and low thud scraping sounds during idle

    Basically when the car is on with AC these strange random rapid ticking sounds can be heard outside. Reminds me of Hardrive discs making tapping noises. Upon closer inspection a audio low thud/scraping sound can also be heard. This reminds of a Mortar and Pestle sound when grinding food...
  8. jamaro

    Can't update SW?

    Hiya all My one-month old Model 3 LR suddenly decided to stop offering up AC on its first roadtrip. This was suboptimal given that it was 105°F out and it was a few hundred miles back to home in what is now a mobile greenhouse. TSLA Roadside assistance had me go through a few reboots...
  9. EclecticCitizen

    Adhesive dripping from under the touchscreen

    Anyone else seen this? 2013 Model S Since it got hot this summer (3 weeks), I have had clear sticky fluid (like an adhesive) dripping from below the screen, into the cubby, and down into my center console. At first I thought it was from the rearview mirror after my windshield had to be...
  10. VelociRabbitt

    Questions on Efficiency

    Hello friends!! About a month ago, i purchased a CPO 2015 P85D. It's been a wild ride (Pun intended) but ultimately an enjoyable one. When i accepted delivery, there were a number of things that i had found, and was scheduled to have the car repaired at my local SC. It's important to...
  11. S

    Mysterious static/hissing noise

    Looking for help troubleshooting: Recently picked up my new Tesla M3 and after a day of driving noticed this sound coming from underneath/behind the glove box. (Link to the sound - ). I notice that it comes on after driving the car for a short amount of time and stays on even if the car is off...
  12. Y

    Front Collision TESLA P85. Repair and Troubleshooting Help Needed.

    Hi everyone. Im pretty new to this forum. I have red a few threats from here and that's about it. Recently I got TESLA P85 which was hit on the front. So the now we are working on the body repairs while doing some troubleshooting on the electric problems. Basically when i received the car, it...
  13. K

    Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Repair--Opportunity or Obstacle?

    Back in the year of George Orwell i bought a brand new car and proceeded to take it apart and investigate the engine control unit. Based upon that study i discovered a design 'feature' that was prone to failure and repaired hundreds of these units for a nominal fee and even provided free...