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  1. F

    BRAND NEW Model X - OEM 22" Onyx Turbine Wheels (2016-2020) w/ TPMS & Pirelli Scorpion Tires - SF BAY $3000

    *These OEM wheels and tires are in PERFECT condition and have never been put on a car.* They're a referral set I got in 2020 and have been happily sitting in my storage unit for the past three years. Pickup only (Sunnyvale, Cupertino area). $3000 DM if interested.
  2. J

    Tesla Model X - Original 22" Turbine Wheels 2020, Mint condition (Complete Set of 4) - $3500 (Austin, TX area) w/ TPMS & Pirelli Scorpion Tires

    For Sale Full Set of 22" OEM Turbine Black Wheels Set w/ TPMS & Pirelli Scorpion Tires (approx 7,000 miles). Mounted and Balanced by Tesla. Package Includes: 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires (Approx 7,000 miles) 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli...
  3. Jason Bourne

    18" Turbine-style matte black wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 - COMPLETE SET

    For sale: A complete set of 18" Turbine style matte black wheels, mounted with 235/45ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires. This complete set came from my 2018 Model 3, which I have now sold. The rims were purchased in the summer of 2018, and have approximately 22,000 miles on them. I had...
  4. Dapperson

    F/S: (SoCal) Used Set of 20” Black Induction Wheels Model Y

    - $1200 - Located in Eastvale, CA (SoCal) - Local Pickup Only - NO SHIPPING - Off a 2020 Model Y LR - No curb rash - No Tires or TPMS included - SPECS: - 20” x 9.5”, +45 Offset
  5. G

    FS: 20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels, Tires, and TPMS (from New M3P)

    20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels with Stock Summer Tires and Tesla TPMS Wheels and tires were taken off of 2023 Model 3 Performance the day it was purchased (2/9/23). Tires had 38 miles on them when taken off. Basically factory new with only very minor marks from factory. Includes: 4x...
  6. L

    21" Tesla Turbine Wheels + TPMS + New Continental Tires - $2,000 (SoCal)

    Hello, I'm selling a set of 21" Tesla Turbine wheels, originally from my 2013 Model S P85. Located in Westminster, CA. - Wheels have working original factory Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) - 2 of the tires were recently mounted and have near 100% life - Continental Extreme Contact DW -...
  7. S

    Tesla Model X - Original 22" Turbine Wheels 2022 (Complete Set of 4) - $2700 (DFW area)

    Tesla Model X - Original 22" Turbine Wheels 2022. These are Original Tesla Factory (OEM) Mint Condition! No scratches or previous repairs. Also comes with original Aero Clips. **Note ** These wheels (with tires) are $5500.00 from Tesla ($3700 for wheels $ 1800 for tires) Buy these and save...
  8. B

    Tesla 21" wheel factory part numbers

    I have a Model S with the 21 inch turbine wheels. A couple of months ago, a Chicago pothole put a bend in one of the wheels. I have been trying to find a used, straight replacement wheel. The factory part number for my wheel is 6005868-00-E. However, Tesla also has what appears to be the same...
  9. HuhGas

    FS/WTT: 21” Tesla Model S Satin Black Turbine Wheels Staggered

    Model S Performance Powder Coated Satin Matte Black Turbines. I changed my mind last minute and want to get Arachnid instead. Will Swap/Trade anyone who has some. (Only Arachnid 2012-2020) If you have tires installed on them you can keep them and your sensors. I’m just want the wheels. Can...
  10. HuhGas

    FS: Model S 21” Sonic Carbon Turbine Wheels (SoCal)

    Up for sale are my OEM 21” Sonic Carbon Turbine rims. Some curb rash look at pics. I got new wheels so these are just in the garage taking space. (Staggered) $900 Firm Takes Them.
  11. W

    FS: Model S Wheels 21" Grey Turbine, staggered - Full Set (wheels, center caps, tires)

    These came with the 2016.5 MS that I purchased a while back and I'm finally getting around to listing these FS. I immediately swapped these for different wheels the day after I picked up the car. The tires will need to be replaced as 3 out of 4 of them are down to the wear bars. They are in...
  12. T

    FS: Staggered, grey, 21” Model S Turbine wheels and tires

    Hi folks. I’m selling a set of OEM dark grey, staggered, 21” Turbine wheels off my Model S P100DL. -great shape, no curb rash -comes with TPMS and almost new Michelin Pilot Super Sports mounted and balanced -comes with lug nuts, lug caps and center caps -located in Fremont, CA DM me if you’re...
  13. W

    FS: OEM 21" Grey Turbine Wheels, Staggered

    These came with the 2016.5 MS that I purchased a while back and I'm finally getting around to listing these FS. I immediately swapped these for different wheels the day after I picked up the car. The tires will need to be replaced as 3 out of 4 of them are down to the wear bars. They are in...
  14. B

    FS: Custom Powder Coated 21” Turbine Wheels, Come With TPMS Sensors And Tires

    Looking to sell a set of 21” turning wheels, they are powder coated a purple/blue chameleon color. Come with the TPMS sensor and tires that are on it (2 good tires and 2 that will need replaced soon) Used Set, custom powder coated, good condition (Has some curb rash (small areas), NO BENDS...
  15. K

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires!

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires! Asking $1,400. -Fresh Powder Coat, shiny black - 5x120 staggered setup-- 245 and 265, the extra tires are for the front (the 245). -Extra set of front tires included, they are winter tires! -TPMS included Local Pickup in...
  16. Pandamoanium

    FS: Tesla Model X 22" Black Onyx Turbine Wheels $2,500 - OBO (Parker, CO)

    Tesla OEM 22” turbine wheels taken off of a Performance Model X. Tires are measuring 6.5mm - 5.08mm and the lowest measurements are the inside tread of the front two. Asking $2,500.00 - OBO Staggered setup and runs 285 rear and 265 front. Includes: 2x 22X9.0 Turbine Wheels 2x 22X10.0 Turbine...
  17. H

    4 Tesla Model S 21" OEM Gray Turbine Wheels (Nashville TN Pickup Only) - $800

    I pulled these off my Oct 2013 P85 Model S after a tire blew out and I dropped to 19" wheels instead. I honestly don't know if they are 8.5" or 9" depth, but the tires are 245/35/21 if that helps. I can't accurately measure them with the tires installed. This was non-staggered layout before they...
  18. T

    For Sale: Model S 21" Turbine Wheel (5X120)

    Location: Rochester NY Price : Best offer contact: (585) 210-0330 Came off a 2015 Tesla model S. 5x120 bolt pattern. Aggressive 21" Wheels that signify a performance vehicle. Preferred by many car enthusiasts, 21" wheels allow tires with a lower profile to ably fill in the wheel well for a...
  19. M

    21 x 8.5 Turbine Black Wheels For Sale

    Downgraded to 19 wheels, so I am selling my gloss black 21 turbine wheels. They are mostly in good condition with very minor scratches on some of them. One of them had a minor crack, but has been welded (picture attached) it may need additional additional work to prevent leaking. Asking $200 each.
  20. BriAziz

    New Wheels for MS 19” vs 20” EVwheel turbine

    Hi Everyone, I’m contemplating buying new wheels for 2021 MS. I came across EVwheels direct they have incredible pricing but they I just literally got the car and it’s pretty expensive I don’t want to screw anything up. #1) I’ve the stock 19” Tempest wheels and I noticed the car only allows...
  21. B

    FS: 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbines w/ ContiSportContact 5s

    Hello All, I just took these wheels off my Model S today. Once I clean them up I will take detailed photos and post them here. These are the stock 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine staggered wheels for Model S. I've had these wheels for 1 year. I bought them here from a user that had just took...
  22. P

    21” turbines staggered Model S

    Looking to sell my set of 4 staggered 21” turbine wheels for the Model S they take 285s in the back and 245s in the front. They have center caps and gen 1 tpms sensors. They have some curb rash see pictures. Asking $1200.
  23. M

    WTB 21" Grey Turbine Wheels & Tires - Orange County, CA

    Looking to buy complete set of 21" grey turbine wheels and tires for a Model S soon. Please PM me if you're looking to sell! Local preferred.
  24. F

    For Sale in Sunnyvale: New 22" Black Turbine wheels and tires

    I (finally!) got my set of 22" Black Turbine wheels and tires from the referral program and am selling them for $3,700. Local pickup only (Sunnyvale, CA) and I'll check with my service center but I believe I can have them install and balance the wheels on your Model X if we can coordinate a...
  25. E

    Four 21” Tesla Turbine wheels and Continental tires

    Four Tesla 21” Turbine wheels with Continental Extreme Contact 245/35 ZR 21 tires. The tires have a little under 9,000 miles on them. There is light curb rash on the rims, but nothing major and would be easy to repair. One of the tires has a small small divet but is fine to drive on according to...
  26. F

    Wheels & Tires: New Super Sports & Turbine wheels from 13' P85

    Charcoal grey color from factory. Has curb rash on all wheels, see pics for each wheel condition. If I were ok with rash I would have kept them but PO did them in pretty good. Also prefer the 19" wheels over 21". Good candidate for recolor job while you have a set on your car till the job is...
  27. A

    21" slipstream staggered, norcal

    I switched to a different set of wheels and tires one month after I got the vehicle. The tires are almost new and includes gen2 TPMS. This was removed 1 week after the the vehicle was purchased when I changed to 19s price: 1900 Sacramento area, prefer local pickup
  28. M

    For Sale: Tesla Model X 22” Onyx Black Turbine Wheels w/ No Tires Brand New

    BRAND NEW black 22” referral rims without tires for sale. Asking $2,000 obo Never been used and flawless with 0 scratches or marks. I received them from the referral program and then took off the tires to replace my current ones. This is a staggered setup. 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0...
  29. M

    Model X 22" Black Turbine Wheel & Tire Referral Package - $3,000 - NEW

    Selling my referral 22" black turbine wheels & tire package. Never mounted - can be installed (currently at the Atlanta service center) for free or willing to ship at your cost. $3,000
  30. NikolaWasRight

    WTB: 21" Twin Turbine lug nut cover

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for either a path to or someone selling the twin turbine lug covers. All help is appreciated, thank you!
  31. D

    FS: 21" Cyclone Tires/Rims (Chicago West Burbs)

    For sale are a full set of 21" Cyclone tires and rims. These were on my Tesla S when I got it this last June. I switched to 19"s for a softer ride and less chance of issues with potholes (compromise w/wife :) Anyway, the tread is about 1/3 gone. One of the rims had minor road rash which I...
  32. 0

    Model S 21" OEM Turbine Wheels and Tires- Pristine! $4k OBO

    Hi all. These are the summer wheels off our 2016 Model S, and were already in for powder-coating before we decided to trade in the car. Since the powder-coat was finished last week they have not been mounted, and are pristine. Black, includes TPMS, center caps, and if you want them, 4...
  33. E

    FS: 21 inch onyx black turbine wheels

    Hello! I'm looking to sell my onyx black (grey) turbine wheels. Not quite sure if they're called onyx black or grey, please refer to the pictures. Looking for $1,000 for the set. I'm located in Bloomington, Indiana, and can meet at a supercharger nearby! Conditions - Wheel #1 - Good Wheel #2 -...
  34. F

    ISO: Tesla 21" Turbine Wheels GREY (TORONTO & GTA ONLY)

    I'm looking to purchase a set of grey 21" turbine wheels, all the same size. (Square setup) if you have these for sale please reach out to me as I am in the market for them
  35. T

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package

    Hi, I am looking for a set of Turbines for the Model X. Currently located in Mississauga Canada.
  36. B

    Milwaukee for sale 21” satin black turbine wheels/tires/tpms/wheel caps

    For sale is a square set of Tesla OEM 21” satin black turbine wheels. NO CURB RASH, in great condition. They were also ceramic coated by Chicago auto pros for protection. $2500 Comes with center cap, tpms and tires with plenty of tread left. Gen 2 tpms. Pickup in milwaukee. Can meet closer...
  37. I

    Looking to Buy NEW 22" Turbine Wheel/Tire Package in Black

    Looking to buy NEW 22" Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package in Onyx Black. I can pick up in South Florida, or you can ship to SC. $3,500 DM me with your email. Thx
  38. S

    Thoughts on ART Replica 171 wheels

    Hi there, Apparently, there's a new set of 18in replica wheels for the Model 3 with almost identical specs to the OEM aero wheels... Art Replica Wheels - Replica 171 - Gun Metal Unlike the R187, these appear to be lighter (26lbs vs 21lbs) and wider (8in vs 8.5in), respectively. They also seem...
  39. D

    22" Onyx Turbine Model X wheel FOR SALE LOS ANGELES

    For sale: 22" black turbine Model X wheels . BRAND NEW Package includes: 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 4 x tire pressure sensors Asking $3900 obo. Please email: [email protected] thanks
  40. T

    21” Turbine Wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

    21” Turbine Wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires Wheels: 21x8.5 ET 40 (square set). All 4 wheels have small bends in them. Repairable by any reputable tire shop if needed, since they still run fine. Curb rash present mainly on 1 wheel, but others do have a few small nicks here and there...
  41. AutobahnEV

    Gray 21” Turbines w/ Hankook Ventus Evo2 Tires

    I also have a square set of dark gray 21” Turbines with Hankook Ventus Evo2 tires 35k miles on the rims and the tires are basically brand new Center caps and TPMS included Set comes as shown, $2000 Will ship worldwide at buyers expense
  42. AutobahnEV

    Vendor 21” Turbines w/ Michelin Pilot Sports

    I have a fresh square set of silver 21” Turbine rims with Michelin Pilot Sports 26k miles on the rims and the tires have 70-80% tread left. Center caps and TPMS included Set comes as shown, $2000 Will ship worldwide at buyers expense
  43. yearofthedragon

    Model S 20" TST Turbine Wheels (Gloss Black) & Continental DWS06 All Season Tires

    Tesla bought me out of my lease, and I took my wheels off the car. Selling an amazing set of wheels that feel way better than the 21" Factory turbine wheel. T Sportline Model S 20" TST Turbine Gloss Black Wheel & Tire Package Includes: 2 x 20X9.0" T Sportline Gloss Black TST 2 x 20x10.0" T...
  44. DX-MS21

    21" grey turbine OEM wheels for sale, MD/DC/VA area

    I have four 21" grey turbine OEM wheels for sale. Bought them for wife's car but she prefers aluminum finish, not grey. See pics for details. Summer tires are currently installed on wheels are included. Local pickup only. Asking $950.
  45. B

    BRAND NEW Model X 22" Onyx Black Turbine Wheel and Tire set Pirelli Scorpions

    I am selling a brand new (never installed) 22" Onyx Black Turbine Wheel and Tire set. Looking for $4000. Local pickup in CT preferred. 265/35R22 102W A/S PIRELLI SCORPION ZERO PNCS TIRE (1027259-00-B) - 2 285/35R22 106W A/S PIRELLI SCORPION ZERO PNCS TIRE (1027262-00-B) -2 TPMS, WHEEL SENSOR...
  46. D

    FS: 22" Black Onyx Turbine Wheel + Tires (Never used)

    I have a referral set of Model X Black Onyx 22" Turbine wheels with Pirelli Scorpion tires for sale. Located in North/Central NJ. Local pick up preferred, but willing to ship. TPMS included. Never installed on a car, brand new. Asking $3,750
  47. P

    All referral awards got to go! Radio Flyer Sig Connector Arachnid Turbine wheels jacket (LA area)

    Hi all: Had grand plans for the referral awards but I think the easiest is to cash out. Signature Black Wall Connector: available for pick up in Los Angeles area or shipped to you no cost. $500 Founder Series Model S for Kids: I assume code will pop up when I hit select in app. $400 21"...
  48. UberEV1

    21" Turbine Wheels for Sale SF Bay Area

    Full set 21" Tesla Turbine wheels, silver grey Just removed this past week from my 2015 Model S 90D Excellent condition; 14,000 miles; with original tires Continental ContiSportContact tires (also 14,000 miles) 245/35 R21W All tires measure 7/32" tread depth (ranging from 13/64" to 15/64") All...
  49. P

    For Sale: 22 Inch Referral Forged Turbines

    Have a set of 22 inch referral forged turbines ready to ship to your service center. Includes Wheels, tires, center caps, and TPMS. Also includes free installation. Looking for $4000, but willing to negotiate
  50. iSpyLife

    Model X 22” Turbine wheels (Portland, OR)

    22” Turbine wheels for Model X. Set comes with Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires, lugnuts, covers, and Tesla wheel carrying totes. The set is new and never put on my Model X. Wheels & tires retail for $6,800. Local only, willing to drive up to about 2 hours to deliver.